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      Insight on how fishing bats discern prey and adjust their mechanic and sensorial features during the attack sequence 

      Aizpurua Arrieta, Ostaizka; Alberdi Estibaritz, Antton; Aiartza Azurtza, José Ramón; Garin Atorrasagasti, Ignacio (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-07-21)
      Several insectivorous bats have included fish in their diet, yet little is known about the processes underlying this trophic shift. We performed three field experiments with wild fishing bats to address how they manage to ...
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      Interactions between phasic alerting and consciousness in the fronto-striatal network 

      Chica, Ana B.; Bayle, Dimitri J.; Botta, Fabiano; Bartolomeo, Paolo; Paz-Alonso, Pedro M. (Scientific Reports, 2016)
      Only a small fraction of all the information reaching our senses can be the object of conscious report or voluntary action. Although some models propose that different attentional states (top-down amplification and ...
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      La maternidad en el imaginario de las escritoras vascas 

      Lasarte Leonet, Gema (Universidad de Alicante, Centro de Estudios sobre la Mujer, 2011)
      [ES] Este artículo estudia y analiza la representación de la maternidad en la narrativa vasca desde 1979 hasta el año 2010. La autoría femenina, los personajes femeninos protagonistas y la maternidad como eje temático son ...
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      Modelling Lipid Competition Dynamics in Heterogeneous Protocell Populations 

      Shirt-Ediss, Benjamin John; Ruiz Mirazo, Pedro; Mavelli, Fabio; Solé, Ricard V. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-07-14)
      Recent experimental work in the field of synthetic protocell biology has shown that prebiotic vesicles are able to 'steal' lipids from each other. This phenomenon is driven purely by asymmetries in the physical state or ...
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      New generation of two-dimensional spintronic systems realized by coupling of Rashba and Dirac fermions 

      Eremeev, Sergey V.; Tsirkin, Stepan S.; Nechaev, Ilya A.; Echenique Landiribar, Pedro Miguel; Tchoulkov Savkin, Evgueni Vladimirovich (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-08-04)
      Intriguing phenomena and novel physics predicted for two-dimensional (2D) systems formed by electrons in Dirac or Rashba states motivate an active search for new materials or combinations of the already revealed ones. Being ...
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      Nonperturbative dynamical decoupling with random control 

      Wu, Lianao; Bishop, C.Allen; Jing, Jun (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-08-29)
      Parametric fluctuations or stochastic signals are introduced into the rectangular pulse sequence to investigate the feasibility of random dynamical decoupling. In a large parameter region, we find that the out-of-order ...
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      Parity-dependent State Engineering and Tomography in the ultrastrong coupling regime 

      Felicetti, Simone; Douce, T.; Romero Huenchuñir, Guillermo Esteban; Milman, P.; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-07-08)
      Reaching the strong coupling regime of light-matter interaction has led to an impressive development in fundamental quantum physics and applications to quantum information processing. Latests advances in different quantum ...
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      El pintor navarro Juan Ochoa de Arín (1600-1652) y su producción en Gipuzkoa 

      Bartolomé García, Fernando R.; Calvo García, Laura (Gobierno de Navarra, 2013)
      [SPA] En el presente trabajo abordamos la figura del desconocido pintor-dorador Juan Ochoa de Arín (1600-1652), natural de la localidad de Arbizu (Navarra), y miembro de una importante dinastía de artistas del pincel de ...
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      Quantum Emulation of Gravitational Waves 

      Fernández-Corbaton, Iván; Cirio, Mauro; Büse, Alexander; Lamata Manuel, Lucas; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas; Molina-Terriza, Gabriel (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-07-14)
      Gravitational waves, as predicted by Einstein's general relativity theory, appear as ripples in the fabric of spacetime traveling at the speed of light. We prove that the propagation of small amplitude gravitational waves ...
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      Quantum Simulation of Dissipative Processes without Reservoir Engineering 

      Di Candia, Roberto; Simón Pedernales, Julen Jon; Del Campo, Adolfo; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas; Casanova Marcos, Jorge (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-05-29)
      We present a quantum algorithm to simulate general finite dimensional Lindblad master equations without the requirement of engineering the system-environment interactions. The proposed method is able to simulate both ...
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      Quantum Simulator for Transport Phenomena in Fluid Flows 

      Mezzacapo, Antonio; Sanz Ruiz, Mikel; Lamata Manuel, Lucas; Egusquiza Egusquiza, Iñigo Luis; S. Succi; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-08-17)
      Transport phenomena still stand as one of the most challenging problems in computational physics. By exploiting the analogies between Dirac and lattice Boltzmann equations, we develop a quantum simulator based on ...
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      Scalable quantum memory in the ultrastrong coupling regime 

      Kyaw, T. H.; Felicetti, Simone; Romero Huenchuñir, Guillermo Esteban; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas; Kwek, L. C. (Nature Publishing, 2015-03-02)
      Circuit quantum electrodynamics, consisting of superconducting artificial atoms coupled to on-chip resonators, represents a prime candidate to implement the scalable quantum computing architecture because of the presence ...
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      Spin-helical Dirac states in graphene induced by polar-substrate surfaces with giant spin-orbit interaction: a new platform for spintronics 

      Eremeev, Sergey V.; Nechaev, I. A.; Echenique Landiribar, Pedro Miguel; Tchoulkov Savkin, Evgueni Vladimirovich (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-11-04)
      Spintronics, or spin electronics, is aimed at efficient control and manipulation of spin degrees of freedom in electron systems. To comply with demands of nowaday spintronics, the studies of electron systems hosting giant ...
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      Symmetry restoration and quantumness reestablishment 

      Zeng, Guo-Mo; Wu, Lianao; Xing, Hai-Jun (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-09-18)
      A realistic quantum many-body system, characterized by a generic microscopic Hamiltonian, is accessible only through approximation methods. The mean field theories, as the simplest practices of approximation methods, ...
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      The Forbidden Quantum Adder 

      Álvarez Rodríguez, Unai; Sanz Ruiz, Mikel; Lamata Manuel, Lucas; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-07-08)
      Quantum information provides fundamentally different computational resources than classical information. We prove that there is no unitary protocol able to add unknown quantum states belonging to different Hilbert spaces. ...
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      The proactive bilingual brain: Using interlocutor identity to generate predictions for language processing 

      Martin, Clara D.; Molnar, Monika; Carreiras, Manuel (Scientific Reports, 2016)
      The present study investigated the proactive nature of the human brain in language perception. Specifically, we examined whether early proficient bilinguals can use interlocutor identity as a cue for language prediction, ...
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      Time-dependent electron phenomena at surfaces 

      Díez Muiño, Ricardo; Sánchez Portal, Daniel; Silkin, Viatcheslav M.; Tchoulkov Savkin, Evgueni Vladimirovich; Echenique Landiribar, Pedro Miguel (US National Academy of Sciences, 2011-01)
      Femtosecond and subfemtosecond time scales typically rule electron dynamics at metal surfaces. Recent advance in experimental techniques permits now remarkable precision in the description of these processes. In particular, ...
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      Two-magnon bound state causes ultrafast thermally induced magnetisation switching 

      Barker, J.; Atxitia Macizo, Unai; Ostler, T. A.; Hovorka, O.; Chubykalo-Fesenko, O.; Chantrell, R. W. (Nature Publishing Group, 2013-11)
      There has been much interest recently in the discovery of thermally induced magnetisation switching using femtosecond laser excitation, where a ferrimagnetic system can be switched deterministically without an applied ...