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      A volatility spillover analysis with realized semi(co)variances in Australian electricity markets 

      Chanatásig-Niza, Evelyn; Ciarreta Antuñano, Aitor ORCID; Zárraga Alonso, Ainhoa ORCID (Elsevier, 2022-07)
      [EN] Volatility spillovers are a characteristic of interconnected electricity markets. We use high-frequency prices to analyze the transmission of volatility across five Australian regional electricity markets. We propose ...
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      An Economic Analysis of the European Space Economy 

      Eiriz Gervás, Ignacio María (2021-03-30)
      Esta tesis examina las actividades espaciales en cooperación en Europa y se enfocada en las instituciones supranacionales e intergubernamentales implicadas en la promoción del la explotación y exploración del Espacio ...
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      Asset pricing: analysis of multi-factor models using Fama and French factors 

      Goicoechea Piélago, Maider (2021)
      The present paper considers the five factors proposed by Fama and French (1992, 2015), plus the factor proposed by Carhartt (1997): market premium, size, book-to-market ratio, profitabil- ity, investment, and momentum. The ...
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      Caracterización de los Crashes bursátiles como procesos estructurales: Un análisis desde los Sistemas Complejos Adaptativos 

      Carmona Muñoz, Diana Milena (2022-05-06)
      El propósito de la tesis es caracterizar el comportamiento de los mercados financieros durante los crashes bursátiles con una visión desde los sistemas complejos adaptativos. Esta investigación experimental aporta métodos ...
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      Competitiveness among Nandi female husbands 

      Palacios Huerta, Ignacio (National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2022-04-26)
      In the Nandi society in Kenya, custom establishes that a woman's "house property" can only be transmitted to male heirs. As not every woman gives birth to a male heir, the Nandi solution to sustain the family lineage is ...
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      Diffusion and games in social and economic networks. 

      Ruiz Palazuelos, Sofía (2021-01-12)
      El ser humano es un ser social: las elecciones de las personas y su bienestar dependen en buena medida de las acciones de sus contactos. Las redes sociales son una importante fuente de recursos para sus integrantes: a ...
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      Distributional impact of COVID-19: regional inequalities in cases and deaths in Spain during the first wave 

      Gutiérrez Huerta, María José; Inguanzo Lorenzo, Belén; Orbe Mandaluniz, Susan (Taylor & Francis, 2021-07-03)
      Spain is being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the first wave, from mid-March to early June 2020, the disease caused nearly 30,000 deaths in a population of 47 million. This article quantifies the unevenness in ...
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      Dynamic Integrated Model for Assessing Fisheries: Discard Bans as an Implicit Value-Added Tax 

      Da Rocha, José María; Garcia-Cutrin, Javier; Gutiérrez Huerta, María José; Prellezo Iguarán, Raúl; Sánchez, Eduardo (Springer, 2021-09-21)
      Integrated economic models have become popular for assessing climate change. In this paper we show how these methods can be used to assess the impact of a discard ban in a fishery. We state that a discard ban can be ...
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      Environmental policies with consumer-friendly firms and cross-ownership 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos ORCID; Sagasta Elorza, Amagoia (Elsevier, 2021-10)
      This paper analyzes what environmental policy is implemented by governments when there is cross-ownership between polluting firms that care about social concerns. We compare the equilibrium outcomes under environmental ...
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      Estimation of costs and benefits of debris mitigation 

      Boukabouy, Chaimaa (2021)
      Space debris is an ever escalating problem that is increasing the orbital scarcity and threatening its sustainability. In this document, we present a model for the market of satellite services where firms’ activity imposes ...
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      Exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic environment and generosity 

      Brañas Garza, Pablo; Jorrat, Diego; Alfonso Costillo, Antonio; Espín, Antonio M.; García Muñoz, Teresa María; Kovarik, Jaromir (Royal Society, 2022-01-12)
      [EN] We report data from an online experiment which allows us to study how generosity changed over a 6-day period during the initial explosive growth of the COVID-19 pandemic in Andalusia, Spain, while the country was under ...
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      From CBA to decision trees and cognitive maps: Supplementing costs and benefits to acknowledge uncertainties and complexity in decision making 

      Tepes Bila, Alina Ioana (2021-10-28)
      Decision making has always been di¿cult due to uncertainty about the future, but humans invented strategies to overcome these di¿culties. Climate change, however, has brought new challenges: on the one hand, many of these ...
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      Gender gap in the energy sector. Evidence from Spain 

      Ewa Mlodawska, Agata (2021)
      The energy transition is at the heart of the current energy debate and its social dimension is becoming more relevant in the latest policy developments. This Master Thesis aims to develop the research on one of the ...
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      Geometry of Diffusion: structure of connectivity and systemic risk in financial networks. 

      Clavero Jover, Ion Cernin (2021)
      Ever since the 2008 global financial crises, both scholars and practitioners have argued that the interconnectivity of financial and banking networks is a key determinant of global systemic risk. Employing a simple diffusion ...
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      Heritage Engagement and Subjective Well-Being in the European Union 

      Ateca Amestoy, Victoria María ORCID; Villarroya, Anna; Wiesand, Andreas Joh. (MDPI, 2021-08-26)
      In this paper, we explore the relationship between different ways of getting engaged with cultural heritage and life satisfaction. Using data from a representative sample of the population of the 28 members of the European ...
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      Hyper-altruistic behavior vanishes with high stakes 

      Brañas Garza, Pablo; Jorrat, Diego; Kovarik, Jaromir; López, María C. (Public Library Of Science, 2021-08-25)
      Using an incentivized experiment with statistical power, this paper explores the role of stakes in charitable giving of lottery prizes, where subjects commit to donate a fraction of the prize before they learn the outcome ...
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      Information frictions and policy in DSGE models 

      Aguilar García, Pablo Alberto (2021-06-17)
      Esta tesis presenta un análisis de las implicaciones de las principales hipótesis de los modelos de equilibrio general, ampliamente usados tanto en los ámbitos de investigación económica como en las decisiones de políticas ...
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      Measuring economic segregation in the US-Metropolitan areas 

      Kurtz, Robert (2021)
      This paper aims to provide empirical evidence on “Income Ethnical Segregation” by constructing an index that analyses US Census Data from 1990 until 2010. Following the groundwork of the “SSI” the results can be considered ...
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      Metastasis, an Example of Evolvability 

      Laruelle, Annick; Manini, Claudia; Iñarra García, María Elena; López Fernández de Villaverde, José Ignacio (MDPI, 2021-06-21)
      This overview focuses on two different perspectives to analyze the metastatic process taking clear cell renal cell carcinoma as a model, molecular and ecological. On the one hand, genomic analyses have demonstrated up to ...
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      Opportunity bias in Spain: empirical evidence, drivers and trends 

      Curull Sentís, Marta (2021)
      The aim of this study is to measure opportunity bias in Spain. This purpose requires to analyse current outcomes as a function of opportunities, and how the latter affect the first. Opportunities are defined in terms of ...