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      A Computational Analysis of Protein-Protein Interaction Networks in Neurodegenerative Diseases 

      Goñi Cortés, Joaquín; Esteban Ruiz, Francisco J.; Vélez de Mendizábal, Nieves; Sepulcre, Jorge; Ardanza Trevijano, Sergio; Agirrezabal, Ion; Villoslada, Pablo (Biomed Central, 2008-06-20)
      Background: Recent developments have meant that network theory is making an important contribution to the topological study of biological networks, such as protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks. The identification of ...
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      A detailed investigation of classification methods for vowel speech imagery recognition 

      Santana Hermida, Roberto (2013-12-18)
      Accurate and fast decoding of speech imagery from electroencephalographic (EEG) data could serve as a basis for a new generation of brain computer interfaces (BCIs), more portable and easier to use. However, decoding of ...
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      A Featureless Approach to 3D Polyhedral Building Modeling from Aerial Images 

      Hammoudi, Karim; Dornaika, Fadi (MDPI, 2011)
      This paper presents a model-based approach for reconstructing 3D polyhedral building models from aerial images. The proposed approach exploits some geometric and photometric properties resulting from the perspective ...
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      A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Remote Sensing through Low-Cost UAVs 

      Calvario, Gabriela; Sierra Araujo, Basilio; Alarcón, Teresa E.; Hernández Gómez, María del Carmen; Dalmau, Oscar (MDPI, 2017-06)
      The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) based on remote sensing has generated low cost monitoring, since the data can be acquired quickly and easily. This paper reports the experience related to agave crop analysis with ...
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      A Preprocessing Procedure for Haplotype Inference by Pure Parsimony 

      Irurozki, Ekhine; Calvo Molinos, Borja; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio (2010)
      Haplotype data is especially important in the study of complex diseases since it contains more information than genotype data. However, obtaining haplotype data is technically difficult and expensive. Computational methods ...
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      A quantitative analysis of estimation of distribution algorithms based on Bayesian networks 

      Echegoyen Arruti, Carlos; Mendiburu Alberro, Alexander; Santana Hermida, Roberto; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio (2009)
      The successful application of estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs) to solve different kinds of problems has reinforced their candidature as promising black-box optimization tools. However, their internal behavior is ...
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      A Review of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms in Bioinformatics 

      Armañanzas Arnedillo, Rubén; Inza Cano, Iñaki; Santana Hermida, Roberto; Saeys, Yvan; Flores Barroso, Jose Luis; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio; Van de Peer, Yves; Blanco, Rosa; Robles Forcada, Víctor; Bielza, Concha; Larrañaga Múgica, Pedro (Biomed Central, 2008-09-11)
      Evolutionary search algorithms have become an essential asset in the algorithmic toolbox for solving high-dimensional optimization problems in across a broad range of bioinformatics problems. Genetic algorithms, the most ...
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      A review on Estimation of Distribution Algorithms in Permutation-based Combinatorial Optimization Problems 

      Ceberio Uribe, Josu; Irurozki, Ekhine; Mendiburu Alberro, Alexander; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio (2011)
      Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (EDAs) are a set of algorithms that belong to the field of Evolutionary Computation. Characterized by the use of probabilistic models to represent the solutions and the dependencies ...
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      A sensitivity study of bias and variance of k-fold cross-validation in prediction error estimation 

      Rodríguez Fernández, Juan Diego; Pérez Martínez, Aritz; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio (2009)
      In the machine learning field the performance of a classifier is usually measured in terms of prediction error. In most real-world problems, the error cannot be exactly calculated and it must be estimated. Therefore, it’s ...
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      Advances towards behaviour-based indoor robotic exploration 

      Jauregi Iztueta, Ekaitz (Servicio Editorial de la Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatearen Argitalpen Zerbitzua, 2011-09-05)
      The main contributions of this research work remain in object recognition by computer vision, by one side, and in robot localisation and mapping by the other. The first contribution area of the research address object ...
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      An R package for permutations, Mallows and Generalized Mallows models 

      Irurozki, Ekhine; Calvo Molinos, Borja; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio (2014-01-22)
      [EN]Probability models on permutations associate a probability value to each of the permutations on n items. This paper considers two popular probability models, the Mallows model and the Generalized Mallows model. We ...
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      Analysis of Spanish text-thesaurus as a complex network 

      Moujahid, Abdelmalik; Cases Gutiérrez, Blanca Rosa (2014-02-06)
      [EN]Based on the theoretical tools of Complex Networks, this work provides a basic descriptive study of a synonyms dictionary, the Spanish Open Thesaurus represented as a graph. We study the main structural measures of the ...
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      Analyzing limits of effectiveness in different implementations of estimation of distribution algorithms 

      Echegoyen Arruti, Carlos; Zhang, Qingfu; Mendiburu Alberro, Alexander; Santana Hermida, Roberto; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio (2011)
      Conducting research in order to know the range of problems in which a search algorithm is effective constitutes a fundamental issue to understand the algorithm and to continue the development of new techniques. In this ...
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      Application of machine learning techniques to weather forecasting 

      Rozas Larraondo, Pablo (2019-02-11)
      El pronóstico del tiempo es, incluso hoy en día, una actividad realizada principalmente por humanos. Si bien las simulaciones por computadora desempeñan un papel importante en el modelado del estado y la evolución de la ...
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      Application-driven visual computing towards industry 4.0 2018 

      Díez McCready, Helen Victoria (2018-10-05)
      La Tesis recoge contribuciones en tres campos: 1. Agentes Virtuales Interactivos: autónomos, modulares, escalables, ubicuos y atractivos para el usuario. Estos IVA pueden interactuar con los usuarios de manera natural.2. ...
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      Approaching Sentiment Analysis by Using Semi-supervised Learning of Multidimensional Classifiers 

      Ortigosa Hernández, Jonathan; Rodríguez Fernández, Juan Diego; Alzate, Leandro; Lucania, Manuel; Inza Cano, Iñaki; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio (2011)
      Sentiment Analysis is defined as the computational study of opinions, sentiments and emotions expressed in text. Within this broad field, most of the work has been focused on either Sentiment Polarity classification, ...
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      Bertso transformation with pattern-based sampling 

      Goienetxea Urkizu, Izaro; Conklin, Darrell (2015-08-07)
      This paper presents a method to generate new melodies, based on conserving the semiotic structure of a template piece. A pattern discovery algorithm is applied to a template piece to extract significant segments: those ...
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      Bertsobot: gizaki-robot arteko komunikazio eta elkarrekintzarako portaerak 

      Astigarraga Pagoaga, Aitzol (2017-07-19)
      Bertsobot: Robot-Portaerak Gizaki-Robot Arteko Komunikazio eta ElkarrekintzanBertsotan aritzeko gaitasuna erakutsiko duen robot autonomoa garatzeada gure ikerketa-lanaren helburu behinena. Bere egitekoa, bertsoa ...
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      Camera perspective distortion in model-based visual localisation. 

      Barrena Orueechebarria, Nagore (2019-02-22)
      This thesis starts with a proposal for a collaborative global visual localization system. Then, it centres in a specific visual localisation problem: perspective distortion in template matching.The thesis enriches 3D point ...
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      Classification of neocortical interneurons using affinity propagation 

      Santana Hermida, Roberto; McGarry, Laura M.; Bielza, Concha; Larrañaga, Pedro; Yuste, Rafel (Frontiers Reseach Foundation, 2013-12)
      In spite of over a century of research on cortical circuits, it is still unknown how many classes of cortical neurons exist. Neuronal classification has been a difficult problem because it is unclear what a neuronal cell ...