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      Fine mapping and functional analysis of the multiple sclerosis risk gene CD6 

      Swaminathan, Bhairavi; Cuapio, Angélica; Alloza Moral, Iraide; Matesanz, Fuencisla; Alcina, Antonio; García-Barcina, María; Fedetz, María; Fernández, Óscar; Órpez, Teresa; Pinto-Medel, Mº Jesús; Otaegui Bichot, David; Olascoaga, Javier; Urcelay, Elena; Ortiz, Miguel A.; Arroyo, Rafael; Oksenberg, Jorge R.; Rodríguez-Antigüedad Zarranz, Alfredo; Tolosa, Eva; Vandenbroeck, Koen (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      CD6 has recently been identified and validated as risk gene for multiple sclerosis (MS), based on the association of a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), rs17824933, located in intron 1. CD6 is a cell surface scavenger ...
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      Human Endogenous Retrovirus HERV-Fc1 Association with Multiple Sclerosis Susceptibility: A Meta-Analysis 

      De la Hera, Belén; Varadé, Jezabel; García-Montojo, Marta; Alcina, Antonio; Fedetz, María; Alloza Moral, Iraide; Astobiza Pérez, Janire; Leyva, Laura; Fernández, Óscar; Izquierdo, Guillermo; Rodríguez-Antigüedad Zarranz, Alfredo; Arroyo, Rafael; Álvarez-Lafuente, Roberto; Vandenbroeck, Koen; Matesanz, Fuencisla; Urcelay, Elena (Public Library Science, 2014-03-03)
      Background: Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) are repetitive sequences derived from ancestral germ-line infections by exogenous retroviruses and different HERV families have been integrated in the genome. HERV-Fc1 in ...