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      Maternal DNA lineages at the gate of Europe in the 10th century AD 

      Rusu, Ioana; Modi, Alessandra; Vai, Stefania; Pilli, Elena; Mircea, Cristina; Radu, Claudia; Urduzia, Claudia; Pinter, Zeno Karl; Bodolica, Vitalie; Dobrinescu, Catalin; Hervella Afonso, Montserrat; Popescu, Octavian; Lari, Martina; Caramelli, David; Kelemen, Beatrice (Public Library of Science, 2018-03-14)
      Given the paucity of archaeogenetic data available for medieval European populations in comparison to other historical periods, the genetic landscape of this age appears as a puzzle of dispersed, small, known pieces. In ...