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      Altruism and Social Integration 

      Brañas Garza, Pablo; Cobo Reyes, Ramón; Espinosa Alejos, María Paz; Jiménez, Natalia; Kovarik, Jaromir; Ponti, Giovanni (2009)
      We report on a two-stage experiment in which i) we first elicit the social network within a section of undergraduate students and ii) we then measure their altruistic attitudes by means of a standard Dictator game. We ...
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      La creciente importancia de las redes sociales online para la compra-venta de productos y servicios. 

      Martínez Barañano, Joseba Mirena (2014-10-06)
      En este proyecto se plantea un modelo que relacione directamente la popularidad o actividad de las empresas en redes sociales con su facturación. Español
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      Experimental Economics Meets Language Choice 

      Barañano Mentxaka, Ilaski; Kovarik, Jaromir; Uriarte Ayo, José Ramón (Departamento de Fundamentos del Ánálisis Económico I, 2014-10-08)
      Roughly one half of World's languages are in danger of extinction. The endangered languages, spoken by minorities, typically compete with powerful languages such as En- glish or Spanish. Consequently, the speakers of ...
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      How central are clients in sexual networks created by commercial sex? 

      Hsieh, Chih-Sheng; Kovarik, Jaromir; Logan, Trevon (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-12-18)
      Sex workers are traditionally considered important vectors of transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI). The role of clients is commonly overlooked, partially due to the lack of evidence on clients' position ...
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      Learning in Network Games 

      Kovarik, Jaromir; Mengel, Friederike; Romero, José Gabriel (Departamento de Fundamentos dle Análisis Económico I, 2012-11-23)
      We report the findings of an experiment designed to study how people learn and make decisions in network games. Network games offer new opportunities to identify learning rules, since on networks (compared to e.g. random ...
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      Natural Disasters and Indicators of Social Cohesion 

      Calo Blanco, Aitor; Kovarik, Jaromir; Mengel, Friederike; Romero, José Gabriel (Public Library Science, 2017-06-07)
      Do adversarial environmental conditions create social cohesion? We provide new answers to this question by exploiting spatial and temporal variation in exposure to earthquakes across Chile. Using a variety of methods and ...
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      Prosocial behavior and gender 

      Espinosa Alejos, María Paz; Kovarik, Jaromir (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2015-04-14)
      This study revisits different experimental data sets that explore social behavior in economic games and uncovers that many treatment effects may be gender-specific. In general, men and women do not differ in "neutral" ...
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      Prosocial norms and degree heterogeneity in social networks 

      Kovarik, Jaromir; Brañas Garza, Pablo; Cobo-Reyes, Ramón; Espinosa Alejos, María Paz; Jiménez, Natalia; Ponti, Giovanni (University of the Basque Country, Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis II, 2012)
      We provide empirical evidence to support the claims that social diversity promotes prosocial behavior. We elicit a real-life social network and its members’ adherence to a social norm, namely inequity aversion. The data ...
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      Second-to-Fourth Digit Ratio Has a Non-Monotonic Impact on Altruism 

      Brañas Garza, Pablo; Kovarik, Jaromir; Neyse, Levent (PLoS ONE, 2013-05-10)
      Gene-culture co-evolution emphasizes the joint role of culture and genes for the emergence of altruistic and cooperative behaviors and behavioral genetics provides estimates of their relative importance. However, these ...
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      Social Preferences - Literature Survey 

      Kovarik, Jaromir (2009)
      This paper surveys the theories of social preferences. Social preferences are based on that people not only care about their own well-being, but they have a certain concern with payoffs and/or actions of others. We classify ...
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      Strategic Interaction and Conventions 

      Espinosa Alejos, María Paz; Kovarik, Jaromir; Ponti, Giovanni (University of the Basque Country, Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis II, 2010-06)
      The scope of the paper is the literature that employs coordination games to study social norms and conventions from the viewpoint of game theory and cognitive psychology. We claim that those two alternative approaches are ...
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      Three essays on behavioral game theory 

      García Pola, Bernardo (2018-10-22)
      Esta tesis presenta tres estudios sobre teoría de juegos del comportamiento, estudiando las desviaciones del comportamiento racional, utilizando técnicas experimentales y econométricas.El primer capítulo estudia el ...