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      The 2018 biomembrane curvature and remodeling roadmap 

      Bassereau, Patricia; Jin, Rui; Baumgart, Tobias; Deserno, Markus; Dimova, Rumiana; Frolov, Vadim; Bashkirov, Pavel V.; Grubmüller, Helmut; Jahn, Reinhard; Risselada, H. Jelger; Johannes, Ludger; Kozlov, Michael M.; Lipowsky, Reinhard; Pucadyil, Thomas J.; Zeno, Wade F.; Stachowiak, Jeanne C.; Stamou, Dimitrios; Breuer, Artù; Lauritsen, Line; Simon, Camille; Sykes, Cécile; Voth, Gregory A.; Weikl, Thomas R. (IOP Publishing, 2018-08-30)
      The importance of curvature as a structural feature of biological membranes has been recognized for many years and has fascinated scientists from a wide range of different backgrounds. On the one hand, changes in membrane ...