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      Reconciling global-model estimates and country reporting of anthropogenic forest CO 2 sinks 

      Grassi, G.; House, J.; Kurz, W.A.; Cescatti, A.; Houghton, R.A.; Peters, G.P.; Sanz, M.J.; Viñas, R.A.; Alkama, R.; Arneth, A.; Bondeau, A.; Dentener, F.; Fader, M.; Federici, S.; Friedlingstein, P.; Jain, A.K.; Kato, E.; Koven, C.D.; Lee, D.; Nabel, J.E.M.S.; Nassikas, A.A.; Perugini, L.; Rossi, S.; Sitch, S.; Viovy, N.; Wiltshire, A.; Zaehle, S. (Springer, 2018)
      Achieving the long-term temperature goal of the Paris Agreement requires forest-based mitigation. Collective progress towards this goal will be assessed by the Paris Agreement s Global stocktake. At present, there is a ...