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      Human dependence on natural resources in rapidly urbanising South African regions 

      Balbi, S.; Selomane, O.; Sitas, N.; Blanchard, R.; Kotzee, I.; O'Farrell, P.; Villa, F. (IOP Publishing, 2019)
      Enhancing the governance of social-ecological systems for more equitable and sustainable development is hindered by inadequate knowledge about how different social groups and communities rely on natural resources. We used ...
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      Plural valuation of nature for equity and sustainability: Insights from the Global South 

      Zafra-Calvo, N.; Balvanera, P; Pascual, U.; Merçon, J.; Martín-López, B; van Noordwijk, M.; Mwampamba, T.H.; Ifejika Speranza, C.; Arias-Arévalo, P; Cabrol, D.; Cáceres, D.M.; O'Farrell, P.; Subramanian, S.M; Devy, S.; Krishnan, S.; Carmenta, R.; Guibrunet, L.; Kraus-Elsin, Y; Moersberger, H.; Cariño, J.; Díaz, S. (Elsevier, 2020)
      Plural valuation is about eliciting the diverse values of nature articulated by different stakeholders in order to inform decision making and thus achieve more equitable and sustainable outcomes. We explore what approaches ...