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      Assessment of Biomass Energy Potential and Forest Carbon Stocks in Biscay (Spain) 

      Mateos Sánchez, Esperanza; Garrido Uriarte, Florencio; Ormaetxea Butrón, Leyre (MDPI, 2016-03)
      The aim of this research is to identify, quantify and characterize the potential available forest biomass of Pinus radiata D. Don and Eucalyptus globulus Labill. across Biscay province in northern Spain. In order to do ...
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      Global Self-Organization of the Cellular Metabolic Structure 

      Martínez de la Fuente Martínez, Ildefonso Abel; Martínez Fernández, Luis; Pérez Samartín, Alberto Luis; Ormaetxea Butrón, Leyre; Amezaga, Cristian; Vera López, Antonio (Public Library Science, 2008-08)
      Background: Over many years, it has been assumed that enzymes work either in an isolated way, or organized in small catalytic groups. Several studies performed using "metabolic networks models'' are helping to understand ...
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      Soil Erosion and Forests Biomass as Energy Resource in the Basin of the Oka River in Biscay, Northern Spain 

      Mateos Sánchez, Esperanza; Edeso Fito, José Miguel; Ormaetxea Butrón, Leyre (MDPI, 2017-07)
      The aim of this work has been the development of a methodology for the evaluation of residual forest biomass in Biscay, a province in northern Spain. The study area is located in the Oka river basin, an area of great ...
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      Spatial Distribution of Biomass and Woody Litter for Bio-Energy in Biscay (Spain) 

      Mateos Sánchez, Esperanza; Ormaetxea Butrón, Leyre (MDPI, 2018-05)
      Forest management has been considered a subject of interest, because they act as carbon (C) sinks to mitigate CO2 emissions and also as producers of woody litter (WL) for bio-energy. Overall, a sustainably managed system ...
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      Sustainable Renewable Energy by Means of Using Residual Forest Biomass 

      Mateos Sánchez, Esperanza; Ormaetxea Butrón, Leyre (MDPI, 2018-12-21)
      The substitution of energy based on fossil fuel by bioenergy could be an effective solution to reduce external energy dependency, thereby promoting sustainable development. This article details a study of the use of biomass ...