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    Pitch Based Wind Turbine Intelligent Speed Setpoint Adjustment Algorithms 

    González-González, Asier; Etxeberria Agiriano, Ismael; Zulueta Guerrero, Ekaitz; Oterino Echavarri, Fernando; López Guede, José Manuel (MDPI, 2014-06)
    This work is aimed at optimizing the wind turbine rotor speed setpoint algorithm. Several intelligent adjustment strategies have been investigated in order to improve a reward function that takes into account the power ...
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    Adaptive Scalable SVD Unit for Fast Processing of Large LSE Problems 

    Bildosola Agirregomezkorta, Iñaki; Martínez Corral, Unai; Basterrechea Oyarzabal, Koldobika (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 2014-06-18)
    Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is a key linear algebraic operation in many scientific and engineering applications. In particular, many computational intelligence systems rely on machine learning methods involving high ...
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    Proof of Concept of Impact Detection in Composites Using Fiber Bragg Grating Arrays 

    Gómez, Javier; Jorge, Iagoba; Durana Apaolaza, Gaizka; Arrue Aramburu, Juan Antonio; Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni; Aranguren Aramendia, Gerardo; Montero, Ander; López, Ion (MDPI, 2013-09)
    Impact detection in aeronautical structures allows predicting their future reliability and performance. An impact can produce microscopic fissures that could evolve into fractures or even the total collapse of the structure, ...