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      QoE-Oriented Mobile Edge Service Management Leveraging SDN and NFV 

      Peng, Shuping; Fajardo Portillo, José Oscar; Khodashenas, Pouria Sayyad; Blanco Jauregui, Begoña; Liberal Malaina, Fidel; Ruiz, Cristina; Turyagyenda, Charles; Wilson, Mick; Vadgama, Sunil (Hindawi, 2017)
      5G envisages a "hyperconnected society" where trillions of diverse entities could communicate with each other anywhere and at any time, some of which will demand extremely challenging performance requirements such as ...
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      Quantum crystal structure in the 250-kelvin superconducting lanthanum hydride 

      Errea Lope, Ion; Belli, Francesco; Monacelli, Lorenzo; Sanna, Antonio; Koretsune, Takashi; Tadano, Terumasa; Bianco, Raffaello; Calandra, Matteo; Arita, Ryotaro; Mauri, Francesco; Flores-Livas, Jose A. (Springer Nature, 2020-02-05)
      The discovery of superconductivity at 200 kelvin in the hydrogen sulfide system at high pressures demonstrated the potential of hydrogen-rich materials as high-temperature superconductors. Recent theoretical predictions ...
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      Quantum Memristors in Frequency-Entangled Optical Fields 

      González Raya, Tasio; Lukens, Joseph M.; Céleri, Lucas C.; Sanz Ruiz, Mikel (MDPI, 2020-02-14)
      A quantum memristor is a passive resistive circuit element with memory, engineered in a given quantum platform. It can be represented by a quantum system coupled to a dissipative environment, in which a system–bath ...
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      Quantum Simulation of Dissipative Processes without Reservoir Engineering 

      Di Candia, Roberto; Simón Pedernales, Julen Jon; Del Campo, Adolfo; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas; Casanova Marcos, Jorge (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-05-29)
      We present a quantum algorithm to simulate general finite dimensional Lindblad master equations without the requirement of engineering the system-environment interactions. The proposed method is able to simulate both ...
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      Quantum Simulator for Transport Phenomena in Fluid Flows 

      Mezzacapo, Antonio; Sanz Ruiz, Mikel; Lamata Manuel, Lucas; Egusquiza Egusquiza, Iñigo Luis; S. Succi; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-08-17)
      Transport phenomena still stand as one of the most challenging problems in computational physics. By exploiting the analogies between Dirac and lattice Boltzmann equations, we develop a quantum simulator based on ...
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      Real space manifestations of coherent screening in atomic scale Kondo lattices 

      Moro Lagares, María; Korytár, Richard; Piantek, Marten; Robles Rodríguez, Roberto; Lorente Palacios, Nicolás; Pascual Chico, José Ignacio; Ibarra García, Manuel Ricardo; Serrate Donoso, David (Nature Publishing, 2019-06-17)
      The interaction among magnetic moments screened by conduction electrons drives quantum phase transitions between magnetically ordered and heavy-fermion ground states. Here, starting from isolated magnetic impurities in the ...
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      Real-Time Dynamics in U(1) Lattice Gauge Theories with Tensor Networks 

      Pichler, T.; Dalmonte, M.; Rico Ortega, Enrique; Zoller, P.; Montangero, S. (American Physical Society, 2016-03-03)
      Tensor network algorithms provide a suitable route for tackling real-time-dependent problems in lattice gauge theories, enabling the investigation of out-of-equilibrium dynamics. We analyze a U(1) lattice gauge theory in ...
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      Real-Time Propagation TDDFT and Density Analysis for Exciton Coupling Calculations in Large Systems 

      Jornet Somoza, Joaquim; Lebedeva, Irina V. (American Chemical Society, 2019-06)
      Photoactive systems are characterized by their capacity to absorb the energy of light and transform it. Usually, more than one chromophore is involved in the light absorption and excitation transport processes in complex ...
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      Regularized Neural User Model for Goal-Oriented Spoken Dialogue Systems 

      Serras, Manex; Torres Barañano, María Inés; Del Pozo, Arantza (Springer, 2018-08-02)
      User simulation is widely used to generate artificial dialogues in order to train statistical spoken dialogue systems and perform evaluations. This paper presents a neural network approach for user modeling that exploits ...
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      Relevance of the Quadratic Diamagnetic and Self-Polarization Terms in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics 

      Schaf̈er, Christian; Ruggenthaler, Michael; Rokaj, Vasil; Rubio Secades, Angel (American Chemical Society, 2020-04-15)
      Experiments at the interface of quantum optics and chemistry have revealed that strong coupling between light and matter can substantially modify the chemical and physical properties of molecules and solids. While the ...
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      Reusable Ionogel-based Photo-actuators in a Lab-on-a-disc 

      Saez Castaño, Janire; Glennon, Thomas; Czugala, Monika; Tudor, Aleksandru; Ducree, Jens; Florea, Larisa; Benito López, Fernando (Elsevier, 2017-11-04)
      This paper describes the design, fabrication and performance of a reusable ionogel-based photo-actuator, in-situ photopolymerised into a lab-on-a-disc microfluidic device, for flow control. The ionogel provides an effective ...
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      Review of Intermediate Strain Rate Testing Devices 

      Bhujangrao, Trunal; Froustey, Catherine; Iriondo Plaza, Edurne; Veiga Suárez, Fernando; Darnis, Philippe; Girot Mata, Franck Andrés (MDPI, 2020-07-05)
      Materials undergo various loading conditions during different manufacturing processes, including varying strain rates and temperatures. Research has shown that the deformation of metals and alloys during manufacturing ...
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      Review of Systems Engineering (SE) Methods and Their Application to Wave Energy Technology Development 

      RuizMinguela, Pablo; Nava, Vincenzo; Hodges, Jonathan; Blanco Ilzarbe, Jesús María (MDPI, 2020-10-20)
      The design of effective and economically viable wave energy devices involves complex decision-making about the product based on conceptual design information, including stakeholder requirements, functions, components and ...
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      Risk and Protective Factors for Bullying at 11 Years of Age in a Spanish Birth Cohort Study 

      Babarro Vélez, Izaro; Andiarena Villaverde, Ainara; Fano Ardanaz, Eduardo; Lertxundi Iribar, Nerea; Vrijheid, Martine; Julvez, Jordi; Barreto Zarza, Florencia Belén; Fossati, Serena; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María (MDPI, 2020-06-19)
      (1) Background: Bullying affects a large number of children worldwide. This study has two objectives, to provide data on the prevalence of bullying in Spain, and to identify risk and protective factors associated with ...
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      Room temperature synthesis of non-isocyanate polyurethanes (NIPUs) using highly reactive N-substituted 8-membered cyclic carbonates 

      Yuen, Alexander; Bossion, Amaury; Gómez Bengoa, Enrique; Ruiperez Cillán, Fernando; Isik, Mehmet; Hedrick, James; Mecerreyes Molero, David; Yi, Yan Yang; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz (RSC, 2016-02-16)
      There is a growing interest to develop green synthetic pathways towards industrially relevant polymers such as polyurethanes without the use of toxic and dangerous isocyanate monomers. The most promising route towards ...
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      ROP and crystallization behaviour of partially renewable triblock aromaticaliphatic copolymers derived from L-lactide 

      Flores, Irma; Martínez de Ilarduya, Antxon; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús; Muñoz-Guerra, Sebastian (Elsevier, 2019-10-26)
      Two series of partially biobased ABA triblock copolyesters were successfully prepared by ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of L-lactide initiated by two telechelic polyester polyols using an organic catalyst. B blocks were ...
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      Scalable quantum memory in the ultrastrong coupling regime 

      Kyaw, T. H.; Felicetti, Simone; Romero Huenchuñir, Guillermo Esteban; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas; Kwek, L. C. (Nature Publishing, 2015-03-02)
      Circuit quantum electrodynamics, consisting of superconducting artificial atoms coupled to on-chip resonators, represents a prime candidate to implement the scalable quantum computing architecture because of the presence ...
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      Sea trial results of a predictive algorithm at the Mutriku Wave power plant and controllers assessment based on a detailed plant model 

      Faÿ, François Xavier; Robles Sestafe, Eider; Marcos Muñoz, Margarita; Aldaiturriaga, Endika; Farnández Camacho, Eduardo (Pergamon-Elsevier, 2020-02)
      Improving the power production in wave energy plants is essential to lower the cost of energy production from this type of installations. Oscillating Water Column is among the most studied technologies to convert the wave ...
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      Segmental Dynamics Govern the Cold Crystallization of Poly(lactic acid) in Nanoporous Alumina 

      Shi, Guangyu; Guan, Yu; Liu, Guoming; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús; Wang, Dujin (ACS Publications, 2019-09-04)
      How segmental mobility influences the crystallization behavior of polymers in confined spaces is still not fully understood. In the present work, a systematic study of the segmental dynamics was carried out by dielectric ...
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      Selective ultrasensitive optical fiber nanosensors based on plasmon resonance energy transfer 

      Barroso, Javier; Ortega Gómez, Ängel; Calatayud Sánchez, Alba; Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni; Benito López, Fernando; Villatoro Bernardo, Agustín Joel; Basabe Desmonts, Lourdes (American Chemical Society, 2020-04-03)
      The facet of optical fibers coated with nanostructures enable the development of ultraminiature and sensitive (bio)chemical sensors. The reported sensors until now lack of specificity and the fabrication methods offer poor ...