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      Specific Hippocampal Interneurons Shape Consolidation of Recognition Memory 

      Oliveira da Cruz, Jose F.; Busquets Garcia, Arnau; Zhao, Zhe; Varilh, Marjorie; Lavanco, Gianluca; Bellocchio, Luigi; Robin, Laurie; Cannich, Astrid; Julio Kalajzić, Francisca; Lesté Lasserre, Thierry; Maître, Marlène; Drago, Filippo; Marsicano, Giovanni; Soria Gómez, Edgar (Cell Press, 2020-08-18)
      A complex array of inhibitory interneurons tightly controls hippocampal activity, but how such diversity specifically affects memory processes is not well understood. We find that a small subclass of type 1 cannabinoid ...