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      Biosulfidogenesis Mediates Natural Attenuation in Acidic Mine Pit Lakes 

      Van der Graaf, Charlotte M.; Sánchez España, Javier; Yusta Arnal, Iñaki; Ilin Moskalenko, Andrey; Shetty, Sudarshan A.; Bale, Nicole J.; Villanueva, Laura; Stams, Alfons J. M.; Sánchez Andrea, Irene (MDPI, 2020-08-21)
      Acidic pit lakes are abandoned open pit mines filled with acid mine drainage (AMD)—highly acidic, metalliferous waters that pose a severe threat to the environment and are rarely properly remediated. Here, we investigated ...
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      Enhanced mass sensitivity in novel magnetoelastic resonators geometries for advanced detection systems 

      González Saiz, Paula; Gandía Aguado, David; Lasheras Aransay, Andoni; Sagasti Sedano, Ariane; Quintana, Iban; Fernández Gubieda Ruiz, María Luisa; Gutiérrez Etxebarria, Jon; Arriortua Marcaida, María Isabel; Lopes, Ana Catarina (Elsevier, 2019-10-01)
      Acoustic wave based sensors have a major impact in the detection of low concentration of biological and chemical agents. Magnetoelastic resonator platforms are particularly interesting due to their low cost and wireless ...