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      Polycyclic aromatic chains on metals and insulating layers by repetitive [3+2] cycloadditions 

      Riss, Alexander; Richter, Marcus; Pérez Paz, Alejandro; Wang, Xiao-Ye; Raju, Rajesh; He, Yuanqin; Ducke, Jacob; Corral, Eduardo; Wuttke, Michael; Seufert, Knud; Garnica, Manuela; Rubio Secades, Angel; Barth, Johannes V.; Narita, Akimitsu; Muellen, Klaus; Berger, Reinhard; Feng, Xinliang; Palma, Carlos Andres; Auwaerter, Willi (Nature Publishing, 2020-03-20)
      The vast potential of organic materials for electronic, optoelectronic and spintronic devices entails substantial interest in the fabrication of -conjugated systems with tailored functionality directly at insulating ...