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      Twisted Aromatic Frameworks: Readily Exfoliable and Solution-Processable Two-Dimensional Conjugated Microporous Polymers 

      Marco, A. Belen; Cortizo Lacalle, Diego; Pérez Miqueo, Iñigo; Valenti, Giovanni; Boni, Alessandro; Plas, Jan; Strutynski, Karol; De Feyter, Steven; Paolucci, Francesco; Montes Ramírez, Mario; Khlobystov, Andrei N.; Melle Franco, Manuel; Mateo Alonso, Aurelio (Wiley VCH, 2017)
      Twisted two-dimensional aromatic frameworks have been prepared by overcrowding the nodes with bulky and rigid substituents. The highly distorted aromatic framework with alternating out-of-plane substituents results in ...