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      Electronic and spintronic devices using two-dimensional materials 

      Oliveira Ribeiro, Mario Alberto (2017-05-30)
      Ever since in 2004 atomically-thin two-dimensional van der Waals materials became available to the scientific community, at the reach of manual microexfoliation techniques, their implementation in novel device structures ...
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      In-device spectroscopy at metal/organic semiconductor interfaces. 

      Atxabal Arrasate, Ainhoa (2018-11-09)
      En esta tesis doctoral nos hemos basado en el estudio de las barreras energéticas presentes en lasinterfaces entre el nivel de Fermi de los metales y los niveles orbitales de semiconductores orgánicos.Este estudio se ha ...
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      Self-assembled mixed-stacks of acene derivatives for organic electronics 

      Gozálvez Martínez, Cristian (2017-11-13)
      La electrónica orgánica estudia materiales semiconductores basados en carbono para su implementación en dispositivos electrónicos. Los usos de materiales orgánicos en comparación con los inorgánicos presentan una serie de ...
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      Spin-to-charge current conversion in systems with spin-orbit coupling 

      Sagasta Urrutia, Edurne (2019-07-09)
      This thesis is based on the experimental study of spin-to-charge current conversion (SCC) phenomena that occur in systems with spin-orbit coupling: spin Hall effect (SHE) and anomalous Hall effect (AHE). The main objective ...