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    On the Stability and Equilibrium Points of Multistaged SI (n) R Epidemic Models 

    Nistal Riobello, Raúl; De la Sen Parte, Manuel; Alonso Quesada, Santiago; Ibeas Hernández, Asier; Garrido Hernández, Aitor Josu (Hindawi Publishing, 2015)
    This paper relies on the concept of next generation matrix defined ad hoc for a new proposed extended SEIR model referred to as SI(n)R-model to study its stability. The model includes n successive stages of infectious ...
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    An approach version of fuzzy metric spaces including an ad hoc fixed point theorem 

    Roldán-López-de-Hierro, Antonio Francisco; De la Sen Parte, Manuel; Martínez-Moreno, Juan; Roldán-López-de-Hierro, Concepción (Springer, 2015-02-27)
    In this paper, inspired by two very different, successful metric theories such us the real view-point of Lowen's approach spaces and the probabilistic field of Kramosil and Michalek's fuzzymetric spaces, we present a family ...
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    Stability analysis and observer design for discrete-time SEIR epidemic models 

    Ibeas Hernández, Asier; De la Sen Parte, Manuel; Alonso Quesada, Santiago; Zamani, Iman (Springer International Publishing, 2015-04-17)
    This paper applies Micken's discretization method to obtain a discrete-time SEIR epidemic model. The positivity of the model along with the existence and stability of equilibrium points is discussed for the discrete-time ...
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    A New Type of Coincidence and Common Fixed Point Theorem with Applications 

    Singh, Shyam Lal; Kamal, Raj; De la Sen Parte, Manuel; Chugh, Renu (Hindawi Publishing, 2014)
    Coincidence and common fixed point theorems for a class of 'Ciric-Suzuki hybrid contractions involving a multivalued and two single-valued maps in a metric space are obtained. Some applications including the existence of ...

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