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      Early-warning signals of individual tree mortality based on annual radial growth 

      Cailleret, M.; Dakos, V.; Jansen, S.; Robert, E.M.R.; Aakala, T.; Amoroso, M.M.; Antos, J.A.; Bigler, C.; Bugmann, H.; Caccianaga, M.; Camarero, J.-J.; Cherubini, P.; Coyea, M.R.; Cufar, K.; Das, A.J.; Davi, H.; Gea-Izquierdo, G.; Gillner, S.; Haavik, L.J.; Hartmann, H.; Heres, A.-M.; Hultine, K.R.; Janda, P.; Kane, J.M.; Kharuk, V.I.; Kitzberger, T.; Klein, T.; Levanic, T.; Linares, J.-C.; Lombardi, F.; Mäkinen, H.; Mészáros, I.; Metsaranta, J.M.; Oberhuber, W.; Papadopoulos, A.; Petritan, A.M.; Rohner, B.; Sangüesa-Barreda, G.; Smith, J.M.; Stan, A.B.; Stojanovic, D.B.; Suarez, M.-L.; Svoboda, M.; Trotsiuk, V.; Villalba, R.; Westwood, A.R.; Wyckoff, P.H.; Martínez-Vilalta, J. (Frontiers, 2019)
      Tree mortality is a key driver of forest dynamics and its occurrence is projected to increase in the future due to climate change. Despite recent advances in our understanding of the physiological mechanisms leading to ...
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      Ecological economics in the age of fear 

      Muradian, R; Pascual, U. (Elsevier, 2020)
      Far right political movements are rising and seizing power in many influential countries, affecting not only the governance of democratic regimes but also the science-policy relationship and the global environmental agenda. ...
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      Economic viability of the national-scale forestation program: The case of success in the Republic of Korea 

      Lee, J.; Lim, C.-H.; Kim, G.S.; Markandya, A.; Chowdhury, S.; Kim, S.J.; Lee, W.-K.; Son, Y. (Elsevier, 2018)
      The forests in the Republic of Korea (ROK) successfully recovered through the national forestation program as did the ecosystem services associated with them. With this positive experience, it is instructive to investigate ...
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      Ecosystem services and nature's contribution to people: negotiating diverse values and trade-offs in land systems 

      Ellis, E.C.; Pascual, U.; Mertz, O. (Elsevier, 2019)
      Land is increasingly managed to serve multiple societal demands. Beyond food, fiber, habitation, and recreation, land is now being called on to meet demands for carbon sequestration, water purification, biodiversity ...
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      Ecosystem-based management planning across aquatic realms at the Ria de Aveiro Natura 2000 territory 

      Lillebø, A.I.; Teixeira, H.; Morgado, M.; Martínez-López, J.; Marhubi, A.; Delacámara, G.; Strosser, P.; Nogueira, A.J.A. (Elsevier, 2019)
      Ria de Aveiro represents a coastal territory, in which its natural capital, mostly classified under a Natura 2000 network of protected areas, is of paramount importance for the regional and national economy, supporting ...
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      Edge disturbance drives liana abundance increase and alteration of liana host tree interactions in tropical forest fragments 

      Campbell, M.J.; Edwards, W.; Magrach, A.; Alamgir, M.; Porolak, G.; Mohandass, D.; Laurance, W.F. (John Wiley and Sons, 2018)
      Closed-canopy forests are being rapidly fragmented across much of the tropical world. Determining the impacts of fragmentation on ecological processes enables better forest management and improves species-conservation ...
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      Editorial overview: Relational values: what are they, and what's the fuss about? 

      Chan, K.M; Gould, R.K; Pascual, U. (Elsevier, 2018)
      Relational values as preferences, principles and virtues about human-nature relationships have attracted a great deal of attention in recent years. The term has been used to include concepts and knowledge from a wide range ...
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      Effects of climate change and management policies on marine fisheries productivity in the north-east coast of India 

      Das I, I.; Lauria, V.; Kay, S.; Cazcarro, I.; Arto, I.; Fernandes, J.A; Hazra, S. (Elsevier, 2020)
      The study covers two important deltaic systems of the north-east coast of India, viz. the Bengal and Mahanadi delta that support about 1.25 million people. The changes in potential marine fish production and socio-economic ...
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      Elevated CO2 did not affect the hydrological balance of a mature native Eucalyptus woodland 

      Gimeno, T.E.; McVicar, T.R.; O'Grady, A.P.; Tissue, D.T.; Ellsworth, D.S. (John Wiley and Sons, 2018)
      Elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration (eCa) might reduce forest water-use, due to decreased transpiration, following partial stomatal closure, thus enhancing water-use efficiency and productivity at low water availability. ...
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      Emergence of new knowledge for climate change adaptation 

      Olazabal, M.; Chiabai, A.; Foudi, S.; Neumann, M.B. (Elsevier, 2018)
      Decision-making for climate change adaptation requires an integrated and cross-sectoral approach to adequately capture the complexity of interconnected systems. More meaningful decisions can be taken in an arena where ...
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      Empirical and dynamic approaches for modelling the yield and N content of European grasslands 

      Dellar, M.; Topp, C.; Pardo, G.; del Prado, A.; Fitton, N.; Holmes, D.; Banos, G.; Wall, E. (Elsevier, 2019)
      We applied two approaches to model grassland yield and nitrogen (N) content. The first was a series of regression equations; the second was the Century dynamic model. The regression model was generated from data from ...
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      Ensembles of ecosystem service models can improve accuracy and indicate uncertainty 

      Willcock, S.; Hooftman, D.A.P.; Blanchard, R.; Dawson, T.P.; Hickler, T.; Lindeskog, M.; Martinez-Lopez, J.; Reyers, B.; Watts, S.M.; Eigenbrod, F.; Bullock, J.M. (Elsevier, 2020)
      Many ecosystem services (ES) models exist to support sustainable development decisions. However, most ES studies use only a single modelling framework and, because of a lack of validation data, rarely assess model accuracy ...
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      Estimation of the significance of the Foster's wavelet spectrum by means of the permutation test, and applications to paleoclimate records 

      Polanco-Martínez, J.M.; Faria, S.H. (Instituto Geologico y Minero de Espana, 2018)
      Here we propose a permutation test-a non-parametric computing-intensive test-to evaluate the statistical significance of the Foster s wavelet spectrum by means of Monte Carlo simulations. A procedure (algorithm) is introduced ...
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      Evaluating integrated impacts of low-emission transitions in the livestock sector 

      Spijker, E.; Anger-Kraavi, A.; Pollitt, H.; van de Ven, D.-J. (Elsevier, 2020)
      This paper provides the results of a combined qualitative and quantitative assessment of key impacts for two low-emission transition pathways for the Dutch livestock sector. These impacts or side-effects can be positive ...
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      Evaluating social learning in participatory mapping of ecosystem services 

      García-Nieto, A.P.; Huland, E.; Quintas-Soriano, C.; Iniesta-Arandia, I.; García-Llorente, M.; Palomo, I.; Martín-López, B. (Taylor and Francis, 2019)
      Recent studies have shown the opportunities and limitations of participatory mapping for ecosystem services management, although it is an incipient research area. One of the research questions yet to be addressed is whether ...
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      Evaluation of habitat protection under the European Natura 2000 conservation network The example for Germany 

      Friedrichs, M.; Hermoso, V.; Bremerich, V.; Langhans, S.D. (PLoS One, 2018)
      The world´s largest network of protected areas Natura 2000 (N2000) has been implemented to protect Europe´s biodiversity. N2000 is built upon two cornerstones, the Birds Directive, which lists 691 bird species (plus one ...
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      Exploring low-carbon futures: A web service approach to linking diverse climate-energy-economy models 

      Belete, G.F.; Voinov, A.; Arto, I.; Dhavala, K.; Bulavskaya, T.; Niamir, L.; Moghayer, S.; Filatova, T. (MDPI, 2019)
      The use of simulation models is essential when exploring transitions to low-carbon futures and climate change mitigation and adaptation policies. There are many models developed to understand socio-environmental processes ...
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      Exploring the usefulness of scenario archetypes in science-policy processes: Experience across IPBES assessments 

      Sitas, N.; Harmácková, Z.V.; Anticamara, J.A.; Arneth, A.; Badola, R.; Biggs, R.; Blanchard, R.; Brotons, L.; Cantele, M.; Coetzer, K.; Dasgupta, R.; Den, Belder, E.; Ghosh, S.; Guisan, A.; Gundimeda, H.; Hamann, M.; Harrison, P.A.; Hashimoto, S.; Hauck, J.; Klatt, B.J.; Kok, K.; Krug, R.M.; Niamir, A.; O'farrell, P.J.; Okayasu, S.; Palomo, I.; Pereira, L.M.; Riordan, P.; Santos-Martín, F.; Selomane, O.; Shin, Y.-J.; Valle, M. (The Resilience Alliance, 2019)
      Scenario analyses have been used in multiple science-policy assessments to better understand complex plausible futures. Scenario archetype approaches are based on the fact that many future scenarios have similar underlying ...
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      Exposure to green areas: Modelling health benefits in a context of study heterogeneity 

      Chiabai, A.; Quiroga, S.; Martinez-Juarez, P.; Suárez, C.; García de Jalón, S.; Taylor, T. (Elsevier, 2020)
      Although the beneficial health effects of green areas are gaining recognition, epidemiological studies show mixed results with significance varying considerably by study and context, indicating that there is no unique and ...
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      Farmers vulnerability to global change in Navarre, Spain: large-scale irrigation as maladaptation 

      Albizua, A.; Corbera, E.; Pascual, U. (Springer, 2019)
      Agricultural landscapes are dynamic environments which change in response to cropping and trade opportunities, available technologies and climatic conditions. In this article, we investigate farmers vulnerability to ...