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      Taxing air pollutants and carbon individually or jointly: results from a CGE model enriched by an emission abatement sector 

      Kiuila, O.; Markandya, A.; Casný, M. (The International Input Output Association, 2019)
      We analyse the separate and collective impacts of emissions taxation to understand the internalisation effects of externalities. The analysis is carried out using a static computable general equilibrium model, with ...
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      Ten lessons for good practice for the INHERIT triple win: Health, equity, and environmental sustainability 

      Bell, R.; Khan, M.; Romeo-Velilla, M.; Stegeman, I.; Godfrey, A.; Taylor, T.; Morris, G.; Staatsen, B.; Van der, Vliet, N.; Kruize, H.; Anthun, K.S.; Lillefjell, M.; Espnes, G.A.; Chiabai, A.; de Jalón, S.G.; Quiroga, S.; Martinez-Juarez, P.; Máca, V.; Zverinová, I.; Scasny, M.; Marques, S.; Craveiro, D.; Westerink, J.; Spelt, H.; Karnaki, P.; Strube, R.; Merritt, A.-S.; Friberg, M.; Bélorgey, N.; Vos, M.; Gjorgjev, D.; Upelniece, I.; Costongs, C. (MDPI, 2019)
      The world s challenges of climate change, damage to ecosystems, and social and health inequalities require changes in human behaviours at every level of organisation, among governments, business, communities, and individuals. ...
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      Testing the SDG targets on water and sanitation using the world trade model with a waste, wastewater, and recycling framework 

      Dilekli, N; Cazcarro, I. (Elsevier, 2019)
      In this article, we employ an extended world trade model and rectangular choice of technology (WTM/RCOT) framework, which minimizes global factor costs subject to satisfying final demand and respecting region-specific ...
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      The Costs of Sea-Level Rise: Coastal Adaptation Investments vs. Inaction in Iberian Coastal Cities 

      Abadie, Luis María; Sainz de Murieta Zugadi, Elisa; Galarraga Gallastegui, Ibon (MDPI, 2020-04-24)
      Iberian coastal cities are subject to significant risks in the next decades due to climate change-induced sea-level rise. These risks are quite uncertain depending on several factors. In this article, we estimate potential ...
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      The ecosystem carbon sink implications of mountain forest expansion into abandoned grazing land: The role of subsoil and climatic factors 

      Pellis, G.; Chiti, T.; Rey, A.; Curiel Yuste, J.; Trotta, C.; Papale, D. (Elsevier, 2019)
      Woody encroachment is a widespread phenomenon resulting from the abandonment of mountain agricultural and pastoral practices during the last century. As a result, forests have expanded, increasing biomass and necromass ...
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      The effect of area based urban regeneration policies on fuel poverty: Evidence from a natural experiment in Northern Ireland 

      Mohan, G.; Longo, A.; Kee, F. (Elsevier, 2018)
      This paper studies the effect of the most extensive area based regeneration policy in Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Renewal (NR) on fuel poverty using a natural experiment approach. NR was launched in 2003 in Northern ...
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      The energy requirements of a developed world 

      Arto Olaizola, Ignacio; Capellán-Pérez, Iñigo; Lago Aurrecoechea, Rosa María; Bueno Mendieta, Gorka; Bermejo Gómez de Segura, Roberto Juan (Elsevier, 2016-08)
      Through history, special attention has been paid to the study of the relationship between the energy use of a country and its level of development. While the interest of this research area is unquestionable, the energy ...
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      The fate of carbon in a mature forest under carbon dioxide enrichment 

      Jiang, M.; Medlyn, B.E.; Drake, J.E.; Duursma, R.A.; Anderson, I.C.; Barton, C.V.M.; Boer, M.M.; Carrillo, Y.; Castañeda-Gómez, L.; Collins, L.; Crous, K.Y.; De Kauwe, M.G.; Dos Santos, B.M.; Emmerson, K.M.; Facey, S.L.; Gherlenda, A.N.; Gimeno, T.E.; Hasegawa, S.; Johnson, S.N.; Kännaste, A.; Macdonald, C.A.; Mahmud, K.; Moore, B.D.; Nazaries, L.; Neilson, E.H.J.; Nielsen, U.N.; Niinemets, Ü.; Noh, N.J.; Ochoa-Hueso, R.; Pathare, V.S.; Pendall, E.; Pihlblad, J.; Piñeiro, J.; Powell, J.R.; Power, S.A.; Reich, P.B.; Renchon, A.A.; Riegler, M.; Rinnan, R.; Rymer, P.D.; Salomón, R.L.; Singh, B.K.; Smith, B.; Tjoelker, M.G.; Walker, J.K.M.; Wujeska-Klause, A.; Yang, J.; Zaehle, S.; Ellsworth, D.S. (Springer Nature, 2020)
      Atmospheric carbon dioxide enrichment (eCO2) can enhance plant carbon uptake and growth1 5, thereby providing an important negative feedback to climate change by slowing the rate of increase of the atmospheric CO2 ...
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      The future of agriculture and food: Evaluating the holistic costs and benefits 

      Sandhu, Harpinder; Müller, Alexander; Sukhdev, Pavan; Merrigan, Kathleen; Tenkouano, Abdou; Markandya, Anil (SAGE, 2019)
      Inadequacies of the current agriculture and food systems are recognised globally in the form of damages to environment and human health. In addition, the prevailing economic and policy systems do not reflect these damages ...
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      The global economic costs of substituting dietary protein from fish with meat, grains and legumes, and dairy 

      Cazcarro, I.; López-Morales, C.A.; Duchin, F. (Yale University, 2019)
      This paper estimates the costs to replace fish by protein from meat, from grains and legumes, or from dairy products. We apply the World Trade Model, an input output model of the interactions among major world regions based ...
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      The handbook for standardized field and laboratory measurements in terrestrial climate change experiments and observational studies (ClimEx) 

      Halbritter, A.H.; De, Boeck, H.J.; Eycott, A.E.; Reinsch, S.; Robinson, D.A.; Vicca, S.; Berauer, B.; Christiansen, C.T.; Estiarte, M.; Grünzweig, J.M.; Gya, R.; Hansen, K.; Jentsch, A.; Lee, H.; Linder, S.; Marshall, J.; Peñuelas, J.; Kappel, Schmidt, I.; Stuart-Haëntjens, E.; Wilfahrt, P.; Vandvik, V.; Abrantes, N.; Almagro, M.; Althuizen, I.H.J.; Barrio, I.C.; Te, Beest, M.; Beier, C.; Beil, I.; Carter, Berry, Z.; Birkemoe, T.; Bjerke, J.W.; Blonder, B.; Blume-Werry, G.; Bohrer, G.; Campos, I.; Cernusak, L.A.; Chojnicki, B.H.; Cosby, B.J.; Dickman, L.T.; Djukic, I.; Filella, I.; Fuchslueger, L.; Gargallo-Garriga, A.; Gillespie, M.A.K.; Goldsmith, G.R.; Gough, C.; Halliday, F.W.; Hegland, S.J.; Hoch, G.; Holub, P.; Jaroszynska, F.; Johnson, D.M.; Jones, S.B.; Kardol, P.; Keizer, J.J.; Klem, K.; Konestabo, H.S.; Kreyling, J.; Kröel-Dulay, G.; Landhäusser, S.M.; Larsen, K.S.; Leblans, N.; Lebron, I.; Lehmann, M.M.; Lembrechts, J.J.; Lenz, A.; Linstädter, A.; Llusià, J.; Macias-Fauria, M.; Malyshev, A.V.; Mänd, P.; Marshall, M.; Matheny, A.M.; McDowell, N.; Meier, I.C.; Meinzer, F.C.; Michaletz, S.T.; Miller, M.L.; Muffler, L.; Oravec, M.; Ostonen, I.; Porcar Castell, Albert; Preece, C.; Prentice, I.C.; Radujkovic, D.; Ravolainen, V.; Ribbons, R.; Ruppert, J.C.; Sack, L.; Sardans, J.; Schindlbacher, A.; Scoffoni, C.; Sigurdsson, B.D.; Smart, S.; Smith, S.W.; Soper, F.; Speed, J.D.M.; Sverdrup-Thygeson, A.; Sydenham, M.A.K.; Taghizadeh-Toosi, A.; Telford, R.J.; Tielbörger, K.; Töpper, J.P.; Urban, O.; Van der, Ploeg, M.; Van Langenhove, L.; Vecerová, K.; Ven, A.; Verbruggen, E.; Vik, U.; Weigel, R.; Wohlgemuth, T.; Wood, L.K.; Zinnert, J.; Zurba, K.; the, ClimMani, Working, Group (John Wiley and Sons, 2020)
      Climate change is a world-wide threat to biodiversity and ecosystem structure, functioning and services. To understand the underlying drivers and mechanisms, and to predict the consequences for nature and people, we urgently ...
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      The natural capital accounting opportunity: Let s really do the numbers 

      Boyd, J.W.; Bagstad, K.J.; Ingram, J.C.; Shapiro, C.D.; Adkins, J.E.; Frank, Casey C.; Duke, C.S.; Glynn, P.D.; Goldman, E.; Grasso, M.; Hass, J.L.; Johnson, J.A.; Lange, G.-M.; Matuszak, J.; Miller, A.; Oleson, K.L.L.; Posner, S.M.; Rhodes, C.; Soulard, F.; Vardon, M.; Villa, F.; Voigt, B.; Wentland, S. (Oxford University Press, 2018)
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      The nexus between climate change, ecosystem services and human health: Towards a conceptual framework 

      Chiabai, A.; Quiroga, S.; Martinez-Juarez, P.; Higgins, S.; Taylor, T. (Elsevier, 2018)
      This paper addresses the impact that changes in natural ecosystems can have on health and wellbeing focusing on the potential co-benefits that green spaces could provide when introduced as climate change adaptation measures. ...
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      The nexus between climate change, ecosystem services and human health: Towards a conceptual framework 

      Chiabai, A; Quiroga, S.; Martinez-Juarez, P.; Higgins, S.; Taylor, T. (Science of the Total Environment, 2018)
      This paper addresses the impact that changes in natural ecosystems can have on health and wellbeing focusing on the potential co-benefits that green spaces could provide when introduced as climate change adaptation measures. ...
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      The potential of behavioural change for climate change mitigation: a case study for the European Union 

      van de Ven, D.-J.; González-Eguino, M.; Arto, I. (Springer, 2018)
      Mainstream literature on climate change concentrates overwhelmingly on technological solutions for this global long-term problem, while a change towards climate-friendly behaviour could play a role in emission reduction ...
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      The Role and Need for Space-Based Forest Biomass-Related Measurements in Environmental Management and Policy 

      Herold, M.; Carter, S.; Avitabile, V.; Espejo, A.B.; Jonckheere, I.; Lucas, R.; McRoberts, R.E.; Næsset, E.; Nightingale, J.; Petersen, R.; Reiche, J.; Romijn, E.; Rosenqvist, A.; Rozendaal, D.M.A.; Seifert, F.M.; Sanz, M.J.; De, Sy, V. (Springer, 2019)
      The achievement of international goals and national commitments related to forest conservation and management, climate change, and sustainable development requires credible, accurate, and reliable monitoring of stocks and ...
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      The role of artificial intelligence in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 

      Vinuesa, R.; Azizpour, H.; Leite, I.; Balaam, M.; Dignum, V.; Domisch, S.; Felländer, A.; Langhans, S.D.; Tegmark, M.; Fuso, Nerini, F. (Springer Nature, 2020)
      The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its progressively wider impact on many sectors requires an assessment of its effect on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Using a consensus-based expert ...
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      The role of flexible biofuel policies in meeting biofuel mandates 

      Markandya, A.; Dhavala, K.; Palma, A. (AIMS Press, 2018)
      The paper analyzes the role of biofuel sector in three major regions (USA, European Union and Brazil). It focuses on the links between volatility in the yields of feedstock and how these yields feed through to changes in ...
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      The socioeconomic future of deltas in a changing environment 

      Arto, I.; García-Muros, X.; Cazcarro, I.; González, M.; Markandya, A.; Hazra, S. (Elsevier, 2019)
      Deltas are especially vulnerable to climate change given their low-lying location and exposure to storm surges, coastal and fluvial flooding, sea level rise and subsidence. Increases in such events and other circumstances ...
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      Three sides to every story: Gender perspectives in energy transition pathways in Canada, Kenya and Spain 

      Lieu, J.; Sorman, A.H.; Johnson, O.W.; Virla, L.D; Resurrección, B.P. (Elsevier, 2020)
      Transitions toward a low-carbon future are not only technical and economical, but also deeply social and gendered. The gendered nature of energy transitions is often implicit and unexplored. As a corrective, this paper ...