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    Generation of the database gurekddcup 

    Perona, Iñigo; Arbelaitz, Olatz; Gurrutxaga, Ibai; Martín, José Ignacio; Muguerza, Javier; Pérez, Jesús María (2017-02-10)
    The database gureKDDCup has been generated within the UADI project (Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Intrusion detection system) in which a classifier that detects intrusions or attacks in network based systems was ...
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    An update of the J48Consolidated WEKA’s class: CTC algorithm enhanced with the notion of coverage 

    Ibarguren, Igor; Pérez, Jesús M.; Muguerza, Javier; Gurrutxaga, Ibai; Arbelaiz Gallego, Olatz (2016-02-12)
    This document aims to describe an update of the implementation of the J48Consolidated class within WEKA platform. The J48Consolidated class implements the CTC algorithm [2][3] which builds a unique decision tree based on ...
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    J48Consolidated: an implementation of CTC algorithm for WEKA 

    Arbelaiz Gallego, Olatz; Gurrutxaga, Ibai; Lozano, Fernando; Muguerza, Javier; Pérez, Jesús M. (2016-02-12)
    The CTC algorithm, Consolidated Tree Construction algorithm, is a machine learning paradigm that was designed to solve a class imbalance problem, a fraud detection problem in the area of car insurance [1] where, besides, ...