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      Converging evidence for functional and structural segregation within the left ventral occipitotemporal cortex in reading 

      Lerma-Usabiaga, Garikoitz; Carreiras, Manuel; Paz-Alonso, Pedro M. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 2018)
      The ventral occipitotemporal cortex (vOTC) is crucial for recognizing visual patterns, and previous evidence suggests that there may be different subregions within the vOTC involved in the rapid identification of word ...
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      Correction of Fat-Water Swaps in Dixon MRI 

      Glocker, Ben; Konukoglu, Ender; Lavdas, Ioannis; Iglesias, Juan Eugenio; Aboagye, Eric O.; Rockall, Andrea G.; Rueckert, Daniel (Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention − MICCAI 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2016)
      The Dixon method is a popular and widely used technique for fat-water separation in magnetic resonance imaging, and today, nearly all scanner manufacturers are offering a Dixon-type pulse sequence that produces scans with ...
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      Cortical tracking of speech in noise accounts for reading strategies in children 

      Destoky, Florian; Bertels, Julie; Niesen, Maxime; Wens, Vincent; Vander Ghinst, Marc; Leybaert, Jacqueline; Lallier, Marie; Ince, Robin A. A.; Gross, Joachim; De Tiège, Xavier; Bourguignon, Mathieu (PLOS BIOLOGY, 2020)
      Humans’ propensity to acquire literacy relates to several factors, including the ability to understand speech in noise (SiN). Still, the nature of the relation between reading and SiN perception abilities remains poorly ...
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      Cortical Tracking of Speech-in-Noise Develops from Childhood to Adulthood 

      Vander Ghinst, Marc; Bourguignon, Mathieu; Niesen, Maxime; Wens, Vincent; Hassid, Sergio; Choufani, Georges; Jousmäki, Veikko; Hari, Riitta; Goldman, Serge; De Tiège, Xavier (The Journal of Neuroscience,, 2019)
      In multitalker backgrounds, the auditory cortex of adult humans tracks the attended speech stream rather than the global auditory scene. Still, it is unknown whether such preferential tracking also occurs in children whose ...
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      Corticokinematic coherence as a new marker for somatosensory afference in newborns 

      Smeds, Eero; Vanhatalo, Sampsa; Piitulainen, Harri; Bourguignon, Mathieu; Jousmäki, Veikko; Hari, Riitta (Clinical Neurophysiology, 2017)
      Objective Somatosensory evoked potentials have high prognostic value in neonatal intensive care, but their recording from infants is challenging. Here, we studied the possibility to elicit cortical responses in newborns ...
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      Coupling between human brain activity and body movements: Insights from non-invasive electromagnetic recordings 

      Bourguignon, Mathieu; Jousmäki, Veikko; Dalal, Sarang S.; Jerbi, Karim; De Tiège, Xavier (NeuroImage, 2019)
      Electroencephalographic and magnetoencephalographic data have characterized two types of brain–body interactions observed during various types of motor actions, “corticokinematic” and “corticomuscular” coupling. Here, we ...
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      Cross-language and cross-modal activation in hearing bimodal bilinguals 

      Villameriel, Saúl; Dias, Patricia; Costello, Brendan; Carreiras, Manuel (Journal of Memory and Language, 2016)
      This study investigates cross-language and cross-modal activation in bimodal bilinguals. Two groups of hearing bimodal bilinguals, natives (Experiment 1) and late learners (Experiment 2), for whom spoken Spanish is their ...
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      Cross-Language Modulation of Visual Attention Span: An Arabic-French-Spanish Comparison in Skilled Adult Readers 

      Awadh, Faris H.R.; Phénix, Thierry; Antzaka, Alexia; Lallier, Marie; Carreiras, Manuel; Valdois, Sylviane (Frontiers in Psychology, 2016)
      In delineating the amount of orthographic information that can be processed in parallel during a single fixation, the visual attention (VA) span acts as a key component of the reading system. Previous studies focused on ...
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      Cross-linguistic adaptations of The Comprehensive Aphasia Test: Challenges and solutions 

      Fyndanis, Valantis; Lind, Marianne; Varlokosta, Spyridoula; Kambanaros, Maria; Soroli, Efstathia; Ceder, Klaudia; Grohmann, Kleanthes K.; Rofes, Adrià; Gram Simonsen, Hanne; Bjekić, Jovana; Gavarró, Anna; Kuvač Kraljević, Jelena; Martínez-Ferreiro, Silvia; Munarriz, Amaia; Pourquie, Marie; Vuksanović, Jasmina; Zakariás, Lilla; Howard, David (Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 2017)
      Comparative research on aphasia and aphasia rehabilitation is challenged by the lack of comparable assessment tools across different languages. In English, a large array of tools is available, while in most other languages, ...
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      Cross-Linguistic Differences in Bilinguals’ Fundamental Frequency Ranges 

      Ordin, Mikhail; Mennen, Ineke (Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 2017)
      Purpose We investigated cross-linguistic differences in fundamental frequency range (FFR) in Welsh-English bilingual speech. This is the first study that reports gender-specific behavior in switching FFRs across languages ...
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      Cross-linguistic differences in the use of durational cues for the segmentation of a novel language 

      Ordin, Mikhail; Polyanskaya, Leona; Laka Mugarza, Itziar; Nespor, Marina (Memory & Cognition, 2017)
      It is widely accepted that duration can be exploited as phonological phrase final lengthening in the segmentation of a novel language, i.e., in extracting discrete constituents from continuous speech. The use of final ...
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      Cross-linguistic interactions influence reading development in bilinguals: a comparison between early balanced French-Basque and Spanish-Basque bilingual children 

      Lallier, Marie; Acha, Joana; Carreiras, Manuel (Developmental Science, 2016)
      This study investigates whether orthographic consistency and transparency of languages have an impact on the development of reading strategies and reading sub-skills (i.e. phonemic awareness and visual attention span) in ...
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      Cross-linguistic transfer in bilinguals reading in two alphabetic orthographies: The grain size accommodation hypothesis 

      Lallier, Marie; Carreiras, Manuel (Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 2018)
      Reading acquisition is one of the most complex and demanding learning processes faced by children in their first years of schooling. If reading acquisition is challenging in one language, how is it when reading is acquired ...
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      Cross-modal noise compensation in audiovisual words 

      Baart, Martijn; Armstrong, Blair C.; Martin, Clara D.; Frost, Ram; Carreiras, Manuel (Scientific Reports, 2017)
      Perceiving linguistic input is vital for human functioning, but the process is complicated by the fact that the incoming signal is often degraded. However, humans can compensate for unimodal noise by relying on simultaneous ...
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      Data-science ready, multisite, human diffusion MRI whitematter- tract statistics 

      Lerma-Usabiaga, Garikoitz; Mukherjee, Pratik; Perry, Michael L.; Wandell, Brian A. (Scientific Data, 2020)
      The white matter tracts in the living human brain are critical for healthy function, and the diffusion MRI measured in these tracts is correlated with diverse behavioral measures. The technical skills required to analyze ...
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      Deaf readers benefit from lexical feedback during orthographic processing 

      Gutierrez-Sigut, Eva; Vergara-Martínez, Marta; Perea, Manuel (Scientific Reports, 2019)
      It has been proposed that poor reading abilities in deaf readers might be related to weak connections between the orthographic and lexical-semantic levels of processing. Here we used event related potentials (ERPs), known ...
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      Decoding and encoding models reveal the role of mental simulation in the brain representation of meaning 

      Soto, David; Sheikh, Usman Ayub; Mei, Ning; Santana, Roberto (Royal Society Open Science, 2020)
      How the brain representation of conceptual knowledge varies as a function of processing goals, strategies and task-factors remains a key unresolved question in cognitive neuroscience. In the present functional magnetic ...
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      Decoding fMRI Events in Sensorimotor Motor Network Using Sparse Paradigm Free Mapping and Activation Likelihood Estimates 

      Tan, Francisca M.; Caballero Gaudes, César; Mullinger, Karen J.; Cho, Siu-Yeung; Zhang, Yaping; Dryden, Ian L.; Francis, Susan T.; Gowland, Penny A. (Human Brain Mapping, 2017)
      Most functional MRI (fMRI) studies map task-driven brain activity using a block or event-related paradigm. Sparse paradigm free mapping (SPFM) can detect the onset and spatial distribution of BOLD events in the brain without ...
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      Decoding the Meaning of Unconsciously Processed Words Using fMRI-based MVPA 

      Sheikh, Usman Ayub; Carreiras, Manuel; Soto, David (NeuroImage, 2019)
      Does the human brain elicit patterns of activity associated with the meaning of words in the absence of conscious awareness? Do such non-conscious semantic representations generalize across languages? This study aimed to ...
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      Delayed development of phonological constancy in toddlers at family risk for dyslexia 

      Kalashnikova, Marina; Goswami, Usha; Burnham, Denis (Infant Behavior and Development, 2019)
      Phonological constancy refers to infants’ ability to disregard variations in the phonetic realisation of speech sounds that do not indicate lexical contrast, e.g., when listening to accented speech. In typically-developing ...