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      Directional asymmetries reveal a universal bias in adult vowel perception 

      Masapollo, Matthew; Polka, Linda; Molnar, Monika; Ménard, Lucie (The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2017)
      Research on cross-language vowel perception in both infants and adults has shown that for many vowel contrasts, discrimination is easier when the same pair of vowels is presented in one direction compared to the reverse ...
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      Discourse Expectations Are Sensitive to the Question Under Discussion: Evidence From ERPs 

      Delogu, Francesca; Jachmann, Torsten; Staudte, Maria; Vespignani, Francesco; Molinaro, Nicola (Discourse Processes, 2020)
      Questions under Discussion (QUDs) have been suggested to influence the integration of individual utterances into a discourse-level representation. Previous work has shown that processing ungrammatical ellipses is facilitated ...
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      Disentangling meaning in the brain: Left temporal involvement in agreement processing 

      Mancini, Simona; Quiñones, Ileana; Molinaro, Nicola; Hernandez-Cabrera, Juan A.; Carreiras, Manuel (Cortex, 2017)
      Sentence comprehension is successfully accomplished by means of a form-to-meaning mapping procedure that relies on the extraction of morphosyntactic information from the input and its mapping to higher-level semantic–discourse ...
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      Disparate semantic ambiguity effects from semantic processing dynamics rather than qualitative task differences 

      Plaut, David C. (Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 2016)
      A core challenge in the semantic ambiguity literature is understanding why the number and relatedness among a word’s interpretations are associated with different effects in different tasks. An influential account (Hino ...
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      Disrupted salience network dynamics in Parkinson's disease patients with impulse control disorders 

      Navalpotro-Gomez, Irene; Kim, Jinhee; Paz-Alonso, Pedro M.; Delgado-Alvarado, Manuel; Quiroga-Varela, Ana; Jimenez-Urbieta, Haritz; Carreiras, Manuel; Strafella, Antonio P.; Rodriguez-Oroz, Maria Cruz (Parkinsonism and Related Disorders, 2020)
      Background: Dynamic functional network analysis may add relevant information about the temporal nature of the neurocognitive alterations in PD patients with impulse control disorders (PD-ICD). Our aim was to investigate changes ...
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      Do alternating-color words facilitate reading aloud text in Chinese? Evidence with developing and adult readers 

      Perea, Manuel; Wang, Xiaoyun (Memory & Cognition, 2017)
      Prior research has shown that colors induce perceptual grouping and, hence, colors can be used as word dividers during reading (Pinna & Deiana, 2014). This issue is particularly important for those writing systems that do ...
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      Do Diacritical Marks Play a Role at the Early Stages of Word Recognition in Arabic? 

      Perea, Manuel; Abu Mallouh, Reem; Mohammed, Ahmed; Khalifa, Batoul; Carreiras, Manuel (Frontiers in Psychology, 2016)
      A crucial question in the domain of visual word recognition is whether letter similarity plays a role in the early stages of visual word processing. Here we focused on Arabic because in this language there are various ...
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      Do handwritten words magnify lexical effects in visual word recognition? 

      Perea, Manuel; Gil-López, Cristina; Beléndez, Victoria; Carreiras, Manuel (The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 2016)
      An examination of how the word recognition system is able to process handwritten words is fundamental to formulate a comprehensive model of visual word recognition. Previous research has revealed that the magnitude of ...
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      Does bilingualism shape inhibitory control in the elderly? 

      Antón Ustaritz, Eneko; Fernández García, Yuriem; Carreiras, Manuel; Duñabeitia, Jon Andoni (Journal of Memory and Language, 2016)
      Bilingualism has been argued to benefit executive functioning. However, recent research suggests that this advantage may stem from uncontrolled factors or incorrectly matched samples. In this study we test the effects of ...
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      Does consonant–vowel skeletal structure play a role early in lexical processing? Evidence from masked priming 

      Perea, Manuel; Marcet, Ana; Acha, Joana (Applied Psycholinguistics, 2018)
      Is the specific consonant–vowel (CV) letter combination of a word a basic source of information for lexical access in the early stages of processing? We designed two masked priming lexical decision experiments to respond ...
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      Does incidental sequence learning allow us to better manage upcoming conflicting events? 

      Jiménez, Luis; Abrahamse, Elger; Méndez, Cástor; Braem, Senne (Psychological Research, 2020)
      Recent proposals emphasize the role of learning in empirical markers of conflict adaptation. Some of these proposals are rooted in the assumption that contingency learning works not only on stimulus–response events but ...
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      Does learning a language in the elderly enhance switching ability? 

      Ramos, Sara; Fernández García, Yuriem; Antón Ustaritz, Eneko; Casaponsa, Aina; Duñabeitia, Jon Andoni (Journal of Neurolinguistics, 2017)
      The bilingual advantage has been subject of research repeatedly over the last decade. Many studies have supported the idea of the existence of a higher functioning in domain general cognitive abilities among bilingual ...
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      Does letter rotation slow down orthographic processing in word recognition? 

      Perea, Manuel; Marcet, Ana; Fernández-López, María (Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 2018)
      Leading neural models of visual word recognition assume that letter rotation slows down the conversion of the visual input to a stable orthographic representation (e.g., local detectors combination model; Dehaene, Cohen, ...
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      Does Location Uncertainty in Letter Position Coding Emerge Because of Literacy Training? 

      Perea, Manuel; Jiménez, María; Gómez, Pablo (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 2016)
      In the quest to unveil the nature of the orthographic code, a useful strategy is to examine the transposed-letter effect (e.g., JUGDE is more confusable with its base word, JUDGE, than the replacement-letter nonword ...
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      Does seeing an Asian face make speech sound more accented? 

      Zheng, Yi; Samuel, Arthur G. (Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 2017)
      Prior studies have reported that seeing an Asian face makes American English sound more accented. The current study investigates whether this effect is perceptual, or if it instead occurs at a later decision stage. We ...
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      Does the Visual Attention Span Play a Role in Reading in Arabic? 

      Lallier, Marie; Abu Mallouh, Reem; Mohammed, Ahmed M.; Khalifa, Batoul; Perea, Manuel; Carreiras, Manuel (Scientific Studies of Reading, 2018)
      It is unclear whether the association between the visual attention (VA) span and reading differs across languages. Here we studied this relationship in Arabic, where the use of specific reading strategies depends on the ...
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      Does the visual attention span play a role in the morphological processing of orthographic stimuli? 

      Antzaka, Alexia; Acha, Joana; Carreiras, Manuel; Lallier, Marie (Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 2019)
      We investigated whether the link between visual attention (VA) span and reading is modulated by the presence of morphemes. Second and fourth grade children, with Basque as their first language, named morphologically complex ...
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      Does visual letter similarity modulate masked form priming in young readers of Arabic? 

      Perea, Manuel; Abu Mallouh, Reem; Mohammed, Ahmed; Khalifa, Batoul; Carreiras, Manuel (Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 2018)
      We carried out a masked priming lexical decision experiment to study whether visual letter similarity plays a role during the initial phases of word processing in young readers of Arabic (fifth graders). Arabic is ideally ...
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      Domain-general and domain-specific computations in single word processing 

      Klimovich-Gray, Anastasia; Bozic, Mirjana (NeuroImage, 2019)
      Language comprehension relies on a multitude of domain-general and domain-specific cognitive operations. This study asks whether the domain-specific grammatical computations are obligatorily invoked whenever we ...
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      Dorsal anterior cingulate-brainstem ensemble as a reinforcement meta-learner 

      Silvetti, Massimo; Vassena, Eliana; Abrahamse, Elger L.; Verguts, Tom (PLOS Computational Biology, 2018)
      Optimal decision-making is based on integrating information from several dimensions of decisional space (e.g., reward expectation, cost estimation, effort exertion). Despite considerable empirical and theoretical efforts, ...