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      Cortical Tracking of Speech-in-Noise Develops from Childhood to Adulthood 

      Vander Ghinst, Marc; Bourguignon, Mathieu; Niesen, Maxime; Wens, Vincent; Hassid, Sergio; Choufani, Georges; Jousmäki, Veikko; Hari, Riitta; Goldman, Serge; De Tiège, Xavier (The Journal of Neuroscience,, 2019)
      In multitalker backgrounds, the auditory cortex of adult humans tracks the attended speech stream rather than the global auditory scene. Still, it is unknown whether such preferential tracking also occurs in children whose ...
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      Corticokinematic coherence as a new marker for somatosensory afference in newborns 

      Smeds, Eero; Vanhatalo, Sampsa; Piitulainen, Harri; Bourguignon, Mathieu; Jousmäki, Veikko; Hari, Riitta (Clinical Neurophysiology, 2017)
      Objective Somatosensory evoked potentials have high prognostic value in neonatal intensive care, but their recording from infants is challenging. Here, we studied the possibility to elicit cortical responses in newborns ...
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      Left Superior Temporal Gyrus Is Coupled to Attended Speech in a Cocktail-Party Auditory Scene 

      Ghinst, Marc Vander; Bourguignon, Mathieu; Op de Beeck, Marc; Wens, Vincent; Marty, Brice; Hassid, Sergio; Choufani, Georges; Jousmäki, Veikko; Hari, Riitta; Bogaert, Patrick Van; Goldman, Serge; De Tiège, Xavier (The Journal of Neuroscience, 2016)
      Using a continuous listening task, we evaluated the coupling between the listener’s cortical activity and the temporal envelopes of different sounds in a multitalker auditory scene using magnetoencephalography and ...
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      Sensorimotor activation related to speaker vs. listener role during natural conversation 

      Mandel, Anne; Bourguignon, Mathieu; Parkkonen, Lauri; Hari, Riitta (Neuroscience Letters, 2016)
      Although the main function of speech is communication, the brain bases of speaking and listening are typically studied in single subjects, leaving unsettled how brain function supports interactive vocal exchange. Here ...