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    Brainhack: Developing a culture of open, inclusive, community-driven neuroscience 

    Gau, Rémi; Noble, Stephanie; Heuer, Katja; Bottenhorn, Katherine L.; Bilgin, Isil P.; Yang, Yu-Fang; Huntenburg, Julia M.; Bayer, Johanna M.M.; Bethlehem, Richard A.I.; Rhoads, Shawn A.; Vogelbacher, Christoph; Borghesani, Valentina; Levitis, Elizabeth; Wang, Hao-Ting; Van Den Bossche, Sofie; Kobeleva, Xenia; Legarreta, Jon Haitz; Guay, Samuel; Atay, Selim Melvin; Varoquaux, Gael P.; Huijser, Dorien C.; Sandström, Malin S.; Herholz, Peer; Nastase, Samuel A.; Badhwar, AmanPreet; Dumas, Guillaume; Schwab, Simon; Moia, Stefano; Dayan, Michael; Bassil, Yasmine; Brooks, Paula P.; Mancini, Matteo; Shine, James M.; O’Connor, David; Xie, Xihe; Poggiali, Davide; Friedrich, Patrick; Heinsfeld, Anibal S.; Riedl, Lydia; Toro, Roberto; Caballero-Gaudes, César; Eklund, Anders; Garner, Kelly G.; Nolan, Christopher R.; Demeter, Damion V.; Barrios, Fernando A.; Merchant, Junaid S.; McDevitt, Elizabeth A.; Oostenveld, Robert; Craddock, R. Cameron; Rokem, Ariel; Doyle, Andrew; Ghosh, Satrajit S.; Nikolaidis, Aki; Stanley, Olivia W.; Uruñuela, Eneko; Community, The Brainhack (Neuron, 2021)
    Brainhack is an innovative meeting format that promotes scientific collaboration and education in an open, inclusive environment. This NeuroView describes the myriad benefits for participants and the research community and ...
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    Probing Lexical Ambiguity: Word Vectors Encode Number and Relatedness of Senses 

    Beekhuizen, Barend; Armstrong, Blair C.; Stevenson, Suzanne (Cognitive Science, 2021)
    Lexical ambiguity—the phenomenon of a single word having multiple, distinguishable senses —is pervasive in language. Both the degree of ambiguity of a word (roughly, its number of senses) and the relatedness of those ...
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    The Deployment of Young Readers´ Visual Attention across Orthographic Strings: The Influence of Stems and Suffixes 

    Antzaka, Alexia; Acha, Joana; Carreiras, Manuel; Lallier, Marie (Scientific Studies of Reading, 2021)
    The goal of the paper was to investigate whether morphological units – stems and suffixes – influence orthographic processing by modulating visual attention demands to the task. Orthographic processing was measured with ...
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    Gradient Activation of Speech Categories Facilitates Listeners’ Recovery From Lexical Garden Paths, But Not Perception of Speech-in-Noise 

    Kapnoula, Efthymia C.; Edwards, Jan; McMurray, Bob (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 2021)
    Listeners activate speech-sound categories in a gradient way, and this information is maintained and affects activation of items at higher levels of processing (McMurray et al., 2002; Toscano et al., 2010). Recent ...