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      Graphs and Groups 

      Cidoncha Markiegui, Ainize (2015-04-01)
      This project is a combination of graphs and group theory in which the aim is to describe the automorphism group of some specific families of graphs. Finally, an example of the application of automorphism groups in reaction ...
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      Groups of Piecewise Linear Homeomorphisms 

      Merladet Urigüen, Jon (2020-12-23)
      [ES] El objetivo de esta disertación es estudiar los grupos libres, las leyes de grupo y la relación entre estos dos conceptos algebraicos.
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      Local Fields and their Abelian Extensions 

      Fariña Asategui, Jorge (2020-12-15)
      [EN] In this work we will be working thoroughly with topological groups, profinite groups and character groups. Thus, we present briefly the basics, mostly without proofs, just for the reader to be more familiar with these ...
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      The Cohen structure theorem 

      Zozaya Ursuegui, Andoni (2018-04-18)
      [EN] The Cohen structure theorem describes the structure of complete Noetherian local rings. The goal of this dissertation is to prove Cohen's theorem in the equicharacteristic case, and to give an overview of the proof ...