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    Proteomic Analysis of the Ubiquitin Landscape in the Drosophila Embryonic Nervous System and the Adult Photoreceptor Cells 

    Ramírez Sánchez, Juan Manuel; Martínez, Aitor; Lectez, Benoit; Lee, So Young; Franco, Maribel; Barrio, Rosa; Dittmar, Gunnar; Mayor Martínez, Ugo (Public Library Science, 2015-10-13)
    Background Ubiquitination is known to regulate physiological neuronal functions as well as to be involved in a number of neuronal diseases. Several ubiquitin proteomic approaches have been developed during the last ...
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    Seroprevalence of Triatoma virus (Dicistroviridae: Cripaviridae) antibodies in Chagas disease patients 

    Querido, Jailson F. B.; Echeverría, María G.; Martí, Gerardo A.; Medina Costa, Rita; Susevich, María L.; Rabinovich, Jorge E.; Copa, Aydee; Montaño, Nair A.; Garcia, Lineth; Cordova, Marisol; Torrico, Faustino; Sánchez Eugenia, Rubén; Sánchez Magraner, Lissete; Muñiz Trabudua, Xabier; López Marijuan, Ibai; Rozas-Dennis, Gabriela S.; Diosque, Patricio; de Castro, Ana M.; Robello, Carlos; Rodríguez, Julio S.; Altcheh, Jaime; Salazar-Schettino, Paz M.; Bucio, Marta I.; Espinoza, Bertha; Guérin Silva, Diego M. A. (Biomed Central, 2015-01-17)
    Background: Chagas disease is caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, and humans acquire the parasite by exposure to contaminated feces from hematophagous insect vectors known as triatomines. Triatoma virus (TrV) is the sole viral ...
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    Sphingomyelinase D/Ceramide 1-Phosphate in Cell Survival and Inflammation 

    Rivera Líbano, Io Guané; Ordóñez Zaragoza, Marta; Presa Torre, Natalia; Gómez Larrauri, Ana; Simón Martín, Jorge Julio; Trueba Conde, Miguel Ángel; Gómez Muñoz, Antonio (MDPI, 2015-05)
    Sphingolipids are major constituents of biological membranes of eukaryotic cells. Many studies have shown that sphingomyelin (SM) is a major phospholipid in cell bilayers and is mainly localized to the plasma membrane of ...
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    Adenylate Cyclase Toxin promotes bacterial internalisation into non phagocytic cells 

    Martín Plágaro, César Augusto; Etxaniz Iriondo, Asier; Uribe, Kepa B.; Etxebarria Gallego, Aitor; González Bullón, David; Arlucea de Jaureguizar, Jon Andoni; Goñi Urcelay, Félix María; Arechaga Martínez, Juan Miguel; Ostolaza Echabe, Elena Amaya (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-09-08)
    Bordetella pertussis causes whooping cough, a respiratory infectious disease that is the fifth largest cause of vaccine-preventable death in infants. Though historically considered an extracellular pathogen, this bacterium ...

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