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    ES21: Un Modelo de Simulación de la Economía Española 

    Di Nola, Maria Federica; Martinez Valderrama, Jaime (2017)
    El Modelo de Simulación de la Economía Española proporciona una herramienta para la representación de la realidad socioeconómica española y para el análisis de los impactos asociados tanto a las modificaciones en las ...
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    Prosocial behavior and gender 

    Espinosa Alejos, María Paz; Kovarik, Jaromir (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2015-04-14)
    This study revisits different experimental data sets that explore social behavior in economic games and uncovers that many treatment effects may be gender-specific. In general, men and women do not differ in "neutral" ...
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    ADAPTECC: A Role-Play Game about Adapting to Climate Change 

    Lucas, Josu; Galarraga, Ibon; Escapa García, Marta (2016-04-19)
    The ADAPTECC Climate Change Adaptation Game is a role-play game designed to enable players to experience the difficulties that arise at local and regional levels when authorities have to implement adaptation measures. ...
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    The use of role-play games in teaching: The International Climate Negotiation Game 

    Lucas, Josu; Escapa García, Marta; González-Eguino, Mikel (2016-04-13)
    This paper presents a role-play game designed by the authors, which focuses on international climate negotiations. The game has been used at a university with students all drawn from the same course and at summer schools ...

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