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    Proliferative multifocal leukoplakia better name that proliferative verrucous leukoplakia 

    Aguirre Urizar, José Manuel (BioMed Central, 2011-10)
    In this letter I propose the name "Proliferative Multifocal Leukoplakia" with the goal of reducing under-diagnosis of this disease, improve the early diagnosis, try to make an early therapy and control, and prevent its ...
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    DNA methylation epigenotypes in breast cancer molecular subtypes 

    García Bediaga, Naiara; Acha Sagredo, Amelia; Guerra, Isabel; Viguri, Amparo; Albaina, Carmen; Ruiz Díaz, Irune; Rezola, Ricardo; Alberdi, María Jesús; Dopazo, Joaquín; Montaner, David; Renobales Scheifler, María Mercedes de; Fernández Fernández, Agustín; Field, John K.; Fraga, Mario F.; Liloglou, Liloglou; Martínez de Pancorbo Gómez, María de los Angeles (BioMed Central, 2010-09-29)
    Introduction: Identification of gene expression-based breast cancer subtypes is considered a critical means of prognostication. Genetic mutations along with epigenetic alterations contribute to gene-expression changes ...