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      Creating stable Floquet–Weyl semimetals by laser-driving of 3D Dirac materials 

      Hübener, Hannes; Sentef, Michael A.; De Giovannini, Umberto; Kemper, Alexander F.; Rubio Secades, Angel (Nature Publishing, 2017-01-17)
      Tuning and stabilizing topological states, such as Weyl semimetals, Dirac semimetals or topological insulators, is emerging as one of the major topics in materials science. Periodic driving of many-body systems offers a ...
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      Data on interleukin (IL)-2- and IL-15-dependent changes in IL-2Rβ and IL-2Rγ complexes 

      Osinalde Moraleja, Nerea; Sánchez-Quiles, Virginia; Blagoev, Blagoy; Kratchmarova, Irina (Elsevier, 2017-04)
      We provide detailed datasets from our analysis of the proteins that associate with IL-2Rbeta and IL-2Rgamma in T-cells stimulated with IL-2 or IL-15 compared with resting T-cells, as identified by SILAC-based quantitative ...
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      Data on Links Between Structural and Functional Prokaryotic Diversity in Long-Term Sewage Sludge Amended Soil 

      Urra Ibañez de Sendadiano, Julen; Alcorta Calvo, Miren Itziar; Mijangos Amezaga, Iker; Garbisu Crespo, Carlos (Elsevier, 2018-09-12)
      The application of sewage sludge to agricultural soil induces co-exposure of prokaryotic populations to antibiotics and heavy metals, thus exerting a selection pressure that may lead to the development of antibiotic ...
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      Dermal Delivery of the High-Molecular-Weight Drug Tacrolimus by Means of Polyglycerol-Based Nanogels 

      Rancan, Fiorenza; Volkmann, Hildburg; Giulbudagian, Michael; Schumacher, Fabian; Stanko, Jessica Isolde; Kleuser, Burkhard; Blume Peytavi, Ulrike; Calderón, Marcelo; Vogt, Annika (MDPI, 2019-08)
      Polyglycerol-based thermoresponsive nanogels (tNGs) have been shown to have excellent skin hydration properties and to be valuable delivery systems for sustained release of drugs into skin. In this study, we compared the ...
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      DNA methylation epigenotypes in breast cancer molecular subtypes 

      García Bediaga, Naiara; Acha Sagredo, Amelia; Guerra, Isabel; Viguri, Amparo; Albaina, Carmen; Ruiz Díaz, Irune; Rezola, Ricardo; Alberdi, María Jesús; Dopazo, Joaquín; Montaner, David; Renobales Scheifler, María Mercedes de; Fernández Fernández, Agustín; Field, John K.; Fraga, Mario F.; Liloglou, Liloglou; Martínez de Pancorbo Gómez, María de los Angeles (BioMed Central, 2010-09-29)
      Introduction: Identification of gene expression-based breast cancer subtypes is considered a critical means of prognostication. Genetic mutations along with epigenetic alterations contribute to gene-expression changes ...
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      Dynamic constriction andfission of endoplasmicreticulum membranes by reticulon 

      Espadas Moreno, Javier; Pendin, Diana; Bocanegra, Rebeca; Escalada Massanés, Artur; Misticoni, Giulia; Trevisan, Tatiana; Velasco del Olmo, Ariana; Montagna, Aldo; Bova, Sergio; Ibarra, Borja; Kuzmin, Peter I.; Bashkirov, Pavel V.; Shnyrova Zhadan, Anna; Frolov, Vadim; Daga, Andrea (Nature, 2019-11-22)
      The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is a continuous cell-wide membrane network. Network formation has been associated with proteins producing membrane curvature and fusion, such as reticulons and atlastin. Regulated network ...
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      Exome sequencing in multiple sclerosis families identifies 12 candidate genes and nominates biological pathways for the genesis of disease 

      Vilariño Güell, Carles; Zimprich, Alexander; Martinelli Boneschi, Filippo; Herculano, Bruno; Wang, Zhe; Matesanz, Fuencisla; Urcelay, Elena; Vandenbroeck, Koen; Leyva, Laura; Gris, Denis; Massaad, Charbel; Quandt, Jacqueline A.; Traboulsee, Anthony L.; Encarnacion, Mary; Bernales, Cecily Q.; Follett, Jordan; Yee, Irene M.; Criscuoli, Maria G.; Deutschlander, Angela; Reinthaler, Eva M.; Zrzavy, Tobias; Mascia, Elisabetta; Zauli, Andrea; Esposito, Federica; Alcina, Antonio; Izquierdo, Guillermo; Espino Paisan, Laura; Mena Lucía, Jorge; Rodríguez-Antigüedad Zarranz, Alfredo; Urbaneja Romero, Patricia; Ortega Pinazo, Jesús; Song, Weihong; Sadovnick, A. Dessa (Public Library Science 15(6) : (2019) // Article ID e1008180, 2019-06-06)
      Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system characterized by myelin loss and neuronal dysfunction. Although the majority of patients do not present familial aggregation, Mendelian forms ...
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      Exploring The Role Of Genome And Structural Ions In Preventing Viral Capsid Collapse During Dehydration 

      Martín González, Natalia; Guerin Darvas, Sofia Marina; Durana, Aritz; Marti, Gerardo A.; Guerín Aguilar, Diego Marcelo A.; De Pablo, Pedro J. (IOP Publishing, 2018-03-14)
      Even though viruses evolve mainly in liquid milieu, their horizontal transmission routes often include episodes of dry environment. Along their life cycle, some insect viruses, such as viruses from the Dicistroviridae ...
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      Familial Hypercholesterolemia: The Most Frequent Cholesterol Metabolism Disorder Caused Disease 

      Benito Vicente, Asier; Belloso Uribe, Kepa; Jebari Benslaiman, Shifa; Galicia García, Unai; Ostolaza Echabe, Elena Amaya; Martín Plágaro, César Augusto (MDPI, 2018-11-01)
      Cholesterol is an essential component of cell barrier formation and signaling transduction involved in many essential physiologic processes. For this reason, cholesterol metabolism must be tightly controlled. Cell cholesterol ...
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      Fluorescence Microscopy of the HIV-1 Envelope 

      Carravilla, Pablo; Nieva Escandón, José Luis; Eggeling, Christian (MDPI, 2020-03-21)
      Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection constitutes a major health and social issue worldwide. HIV infects cells by fusing its envelope with the target cell plasma membrane. This process is mediated by the viral Env ...
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      Folding Status Is Determinant over Traffic-Competence in Defining CFTR Interactors in the Endoplasmic Reticulum 

      Santos, João D.; Canato, Sara; Carvalho, Ana S.; Botelho, Hugo M.; Aloria Escolastico, Kerman; Amaral, Margarida D.; Matthiesen, Rune; Falcao, Andre O.; Farinha, Carlos M. (MDPI, 2019-04-14)
      The most common cystic fibrosis-causing mutation (F508del, present in ~85% of CF patients) leads to CFTR misfolding, which is recognized by the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) quality control (ERQC), resulting in ER retention ...
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      Functional Analysis of LDLR (Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor) Variants in Patient Lymphocytes to Assess the Effect of Evinacumab in Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia Patients With a Spectrum of LDLR Activity 

      Banerjee, Poulabi; Chan, Kuo-Chen; Tarabocchia, Michel; Benito Vicente, Asier; Alves, Ana C.; Belloso Uribe, Kepa; Bourbon, Mafalda; Skiba, Paul J.; Pordy, Robert; Gipe, Daniel A.; Gaudet, Daniel; Martín, Cesar (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2019-10-03)
      Objective: Homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia is a rare disease usually caused by LDLR (low-density lipoprotein receptor) mutations. Homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia is characterized by markedly elevated LDL-C ...
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      Highlights of the 2nd International Symposium on Tribbles and Diseases: Tribbles Tremble in Therapeutics for Immunity, Metabolism, Fundamental Cell Biology and Cancer 

      Cui, Bing; Eyers, Patrick A.; Dobens, Leonard L.; Tan, Nguan Soon; Mace, Peter D.; Link, Wolfgang A.; Kiss Toth, Endre; Keeshan, Karen; Nakamura, Takuro; Pear, Warren S.; Feseha, Yodit; Johnston, Jessica; Carracedo Pérez, Arkaitz; Scheideler, Marcel; llyas, Zabran; Bauer, Robert C.; Erusalimsky, Jorge D.; Grzesik, Dominika; Salamanca Viloria, Juan; Lv, Xiaoxi; Jin, Yishi; Li, Ke; Velasco, Guillermo; Shang, Shuang; Lizcano de Vega, José Miguel; Zhang, Xiaowei; Zhou, Jichao; Yu, Jiaojiao; Hua, Fang; Wang, Feng; Liu, Shanshan; Yu, Jinmei; Hu, Zhuowei (Institute of Materia Medica, 2019-03)
      The Tribbles (TRIB) family of pseudokinase proteins has been shown to play key roles in cell cycle, metabolic diseases, chronic inflammatory disease, and cancer development. A better understanding of the mechanisms of TRIB ...
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      HIV-1 Capture and Transmission by Dendritic Cells: The Role of Viral Glycolipids and the Cellular Receptor Siglec-1 

      Izquierdo-Useros, Nuria; Lorizate Nogales, Maier; McLaren, Paul J.; Telenti, Amalio; Kräusslich, Hans-Georg; Martinez-Picado, Javier (Public Library Science, 2014-07)
      Dendritic cells (DCs) are essential in order to combat invading viruses and trigger antiviral responses. Paradoxically, in the case of HIV-1, DCs might contribute to viral pathogenesis through trans-infection, a mechanism ...
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      Human ATG3 binding to lipid bilayers: role of lipid geometry, and electric charge 

      Hervás Hidalgo, Javier; Landajuela Larma, Ane; Antón Helas, Zuriñe; Shnyrova Zhadan, Anna; Goñi Urcelay, Félix María; Alonso Izquierdo, Alicia (Nature Publishing, 2017-11-15)
      Specific protein-lipid interactions lead to a gradual recruitment of AuTophaGy-related (ATG) proteins to the nascent membrane during autophagosome (AP) formation. ATG3, a key protein in the movement of LC3 towards the ...
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      Human LDL Structural Diversity Studied by IR Spectroscopy 

      Fernández Higuero, José Ángel; Salvador, Ana M.; Martín Plágaro, César Augusto; González Milicua, José Carlos; Rodríguez Arrondo, José Luis (Public Library Science, 2014-03-18)
      Lipoproteins are responsible for cholesterol traffic in humans. Low density lipoprotein (LDL) delivers cholesterol from liver to peripheral tissues. A misleading delivery can lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. ...
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      ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile:PolycipiviridaeIngrida 

      Olendraite, Ingrida; Brown, Katherine; Valles, Steven M.; Firth, Andrew E.; Chen, Yanping; Guerín Aguilar, Diego Marcelo A.; Hashimoto, Yoshifumi; Herrero, Salvador; Rodrigues de Miranda, Joachim; Ryabov, Eugene; ICTV Report Consortium (Microbiology Society, 2019-04)
      Polycipiviridae is a family of picorna-like viruses with non-segmented, linear, positive-sense RNA genomes of approximately 10-12 kb. Unusually for viruses within the order Picornavirales, their genomes are polycistronic, ...
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      In-Depth Proteomic Characterization of Classical and Non-Classical Monocyte Subsets 

      Segura, Victor; Valero, M. Luz; Cantero, Laura; Muñoz, Javier; Zarzuela, Eduardo; García, Fernando; Aloria Escolastico, Kerman; Beaskoetxea Lejarzegi, Javier; Arizmendi Bastarrika, Jesús María; Navajas, Rosana; Paradela, Alberto; Díez, Paula; Degano, Rosa M.; Fuentes, Manuel; Orfao, Alberto; García Montero, Andrés; Garin-Muga, Alba; Corrales, Fernando J.; Sánchez del Pino, Manuel M. (MDPI, 2018-02-05)
      Monocytes are bone marrow-derived leukocytes that are part of the innate immune system. Monocytes are divided into three subsets: classical, intermediate and non-classical, which can be differentiated by their expression ...
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      Inoculation of Triatoma Virus (Dicistroviridae: Cripavirus) elicits a non-infective immune response in mice 

      Querido, Jailson F. B.; Agirre, Jon; Martí, Gerardo A.; Guerín Aguilar, Diego Marcelo A.; Silva, Marcelo Sousa (Biomed Central, 2013-03)
      Background: Dicistroviridae is a new family of small, non-enveloped, +ssRNA viruses pathogenic to both beneficial arthropods and insect pests. Little is known about the dicistrovirus replication mechanism or gene function, ...
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      Integration Through Separation - The Role of Lateral Membrane Segregation in Nutrient Uptake 

      Busto Gamero, Jon V.; Wedlich Soeldner, Roland (Frontiers Media, 2019-06-25)
      Nutrient transporters are prominent and ubiquitous components of the plasma membrane in all cell types. Their expression and regulation are tightly linked to the cells' needs. Environmental factors such as nutrient starvation ...