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      Hospitalization rates for human metapneumovirus infection among 0- to 3-year-olds in Gipuzkoa (Basque Country), Spain 

      Cilla, G.; Oñate, E.; González Pérez-Yarza, Eduardo; Montes, M.; Vicente, D.; Pérez Trallero, Emilio (Cambridge University Press, 2009-01)
      Numerous studies have been published on human metapneumovirus (HMPV) infection, but few have been population based. The main aim of this study was to estimate the incidence rate of hospitalization for community-acquired ...
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      How central are clients in sexual networks created by commercial sex? 

      Hsieh, Chih-Sheng; Kovarik, Jaromir; Logan, Trevon (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-12-18)
      Sex workers are traditionally considered important vectors of transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI). The role of clients is commonly overlooked, partially due to the lack of evidence on clients' position ...
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      How cyclic chain topology can reduce the crystallization rate of Poly(3- hexylthiophene) and promote the formation of liquid crystalline phases in comparison with linear analogue chains 

      Maiz, Jon; Liu, Guoming; Ruiperez Cillán, Fernando; Delbosc, Nicolas; Coulembier, Olivier; Wang, Dujin; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019-06-14)
      We have studied how cyclic topology affects the crystallization and morphology of π-conjugated poly(3- hexylthiophene) (P3HT) molecules by comparing linear and cyclic analogues for the first time, with three different ...
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      How Do We Create Experiences for Students That Connect with What They Care About? 

      Legarreta Solaguren, Leire; Gutiérrez García, Francisco Javier; Malaina Celada, Iker; Mardones Pérez, Iraide; Martínez Fernández, Luis (MDPI, 2018-10-26)
      The main aim of this work is to describe the process by which some students, participating in a teaching experiment, recreate with guidance material and personal attendance some advanced concepts at the doctoral level. ...
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      How Does the Ball Influence the Performance of Change of Direction and Sprint Tests in Para-Footballers with Brain Impairments? Implications for Evidence-Based Classification in CP-Football 

      Reina, Raúl; Sarabia, José Manuel; Caballero, Carla; Yanci Irigoyen, Javier (Public Library Science, 2017-11-03)
      The aims of this study were: i) to analyze the reliability and validity of three tests that require sprinting (10 m, 25 m, 40 m), accelerations/decelerations (Stop and Go Test) and change of direction (Illinois Agility ...
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      Human ATG3 binding to lipid bilayers: role of lipid geometry, and electric charge 

      Hervás Hidalgo, Javier; Landajuela Larma, Ane; Antón Helas, Zuriñe; Shnyrova Zhadan, Anna V.; Goñi Urcelay, Félix María; Alonso Izquierdo, Alicia (Nature Publishing, 2017-11-15)
      Specific protein-lipid interactions lead to a gradual recruitment of AuTophaGy-related (ATG) proteins to the nascent membrane during autophagosome (AP) formation. ATG3, a key protein in the movement of LC3 towards the ...
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      Human DenPulp Stem Cells Grown in Neurogenic Media Differentiate Into Endothelial Cells and Promote Neovasculogenesis in the Mouse Brain 

      Luzuriaga González, Jon; Pastor Alonso, Oier; Encinas, Juan Manuel; Unda Rodríguez, Fernando José; Ibarretxe Bilbao, Gaskon; Pineda Martí, José Ramón (Frontiers Media, 2019-03-28)
      Dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) have the capacity to give rise to cells with neuronal-like phenotypes, suggesting their use in brain cell therapies. In the present work, we wanted to address the phenotypic fate of adult ...
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      Human Early Life Exposome (HELIX) study: a European population-based exposome cohort 

      Maitre, Léa; De Bont, Jeroen; Casas, Maribel; Robinson, Oliver; Aasvang, Gunn Marit; Agier, Lydiane; Andrušaitytė, Sandra; Ballester, Ferrán; Basagaña, Xavier; Borrás, Eva; Brochot, Céline; Bustamante, Mariona; Carracedo, Angel; De Castro, Montserrat; Dedele, Audrius; De Castro, Montserrat; Dedele, Audrius; Donaire González, David; Estivill, Xavier; Evandt, Jorunn; Fossati, Serena; Giorgis Allemand, Lise; Granum, Berit; Grazuleviciene, Regina; Gützkow, Kristine Bjerve; Småstuen Haug, Line; Hernández Ferrer, Carles; Heude, Barbara; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Julvez, Jordi; Karachaliou, Marianna; Keun, Hector C; Hjertager Krog, Norun; Lau, Chung-Ho E.; Leventakou, Vasiliki; Lyon Caen, Sarah; Manzano, Cyntia; Mason, Dan; McEachan, Rosemary; Meltzer, Helle Margrete; Petraviciene, Inga; Quentin, Joane; Roumeliotaki, Theano; Sabido, Eduard; Saulnier, Pierre-Jean; Siskos, Alexandros P; Siroux, Valérie; Sunyer, Jordi; Tamayo, Ibon; Urquiza, Jose; Vafeiadi, Marina; Van Gent, Diana; Vives Usano, Marta; Waiblinger, Dagmar; Warembourg, Charline; Chatzi, Leda; Coen, Muireann; Van den Hazel, Peter; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J; Slama, Rémy; Thomsen, Cathrine; Wright, John; Vrijheid, Martine (BMJ, 2018-09)
      Purpose Essential to exposome research is the collection of data on many environmental exposures from different domains in the same subjects. The aim of the Human Early Life Exposome (HELIX) study was to measure and describe ...
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      Human Endogenous Retrovirus HERV-Fc1 Association with Multiple Sclerosis Susceptibility: A Meta-Analysis 

      De la Hera, Belén; Varadé, Jezabel; García-Montojo, Marta; Alcina, Antonio; Fedetz, María; Alloza Moral, Iraide; Astobiza Pérez, Janire; Leyva, Laura; Fernández, Óscar; Izquierdo, Guillermo; Antigüedad, Alfredo; Arroyo, Rafael; Álvarez-Lafuente, Roberto; Vandenbroeck, Koen; Matesanz, Fuencisla; Urcelay, Elena (Public Library Science, 2014-03-03)
      Background: Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) are repetitive sequences derived from ancestral germ-line infections by exogenous retroviruses and different HERV families have been integrated in the genome. HERV-Fc1 in ...
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      Human LDL Structural Diversity Studied by IR Spectroscopy 

      Fernández Higuero, José Ángel; Salvador, Ana M.; Martín Plágaro, César Augusto; González Milicua, José Carlos; Rodríguez Arrondo, José Luis (Public Library Science, 2014-03-18)
      Lipoproteins are responsible for cholesterol traffic in humans. Low density lipoprotein (LDL) delivers cholesterol from liver to peripheral tissues. A misleading delivery can lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. ...
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      Human Papillomavirus (HPV) genotype 18 variants in patients with clinical manifestations of HPV related infections in Bilbao, Spain 

      Arroyo, Sara L.; Basaras Ibarzabal, Miren; Arrese Arratibel, Miren Elixabete; Hernáez, Silvia; Andia Ortiz, Daniel; Esteban, Valetín; García Etxebarria, Koldo; Jugo Orrantia, Begoña Marina; Cisterna Cáncer, Ramón (BioMed Central, 2012)
      Background:Human papillomavirus (HPV) variants differ in their biological and chemical properties, and therefore, may present differences in pathogenicity. Most authors classified variants based on the phylogenetic analysis ...
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      Human Sperm Testicular Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Helps Determine Human Embryo Quality 

      Gianzo Citores, Marta; Urizar Arenaza, Itziar; Muñoa Hoyos, Iraia; Larreategui, Zaloa; Garrido, Nicolás; Casis Sáenz, Luis; Irazusta Astiazaran, Jon; Subirán Ciudad, Nerea (Wolters Kluwer Medknow, 2018-06-05)
      Angiotensin-converting enzyme functions in the male reproductive system, but the extent of its function in reproduction is not fully understood. The primary objective of this work was to investigate the relationship between ...
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      Humanism after the Spanish Civil War: Gernika (1945-53), a Humanities and Social Sciencesbasque magazine 

      Ortiz de Pinedo, Aitor (2016-01-20)
      Espainiako Gerra Zibilaren eta II. Mundu Gerrarren ostean Gerra Hotza heldu zen. Testuinguru larri horretan humanismoan ikusi zuten hainbatek zibilizazio-krisiari irtenbidea topatzeko bidea. Gernika aldizkariak (1945-53) ...
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      Humoral Immunity Links Candida albicans Infection and Celiac Disease 

      Corouge, Marion; Loridant, Severine; Fradin, Chantal; Salleron, Julia; Damiens, Sebastien; Moragues Tosantos, María Dolores; Souplet, Vianney; Jouault, Thierry; Robert, Raymond; Dubucquoi, Sylvain; Sendid, Boualem; Poulain, Danie; Colombel, Jean Frederic (Public Library of Science, 2015-03-20)
      Objective The protein Hwp1, expressed on the pathogenic phase of Candida albicans, presents sequence analogy with the gluten protein gliadin and is also a substrate for transglutaminase. This had led to the suggestion ...
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      Hutsune bizkarroiak eta sasi-A’-kateak 

      Duguine Haristoy, Maia (IKER UMR 5478, 2013)
      Gehienetan arrunt bereizirik aztertzen diren bi espresio isil, argumentu isilak eta nz-mugimenduaren aztarnak (hots, kopia isilduak), modu bateratuan aztertzearen alde egiten dut lan honetan. Horretarako, bi kategoria hauen ...
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      Hvad de skrifva i tidningare i Stockholm” Prensa y opinión pública en Suecia ante la emigración temprana a América (1861-1865) 

      Álvarez Gila, Óscar (Universidade Federal de São Paulo, 2017-12)
      Este artículo analiza el modo en el que la prensa sueca presentó la emigración a América en el periodo comprendido entre 1861 y 1865, es decir, en los años de la Guerra Civil en Estados Unidos. Este país comenzaba a ser, ...
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      Hyaluronic Acid Combined with Serum Rich in Growth Factors in Corneal Epithelial Defects 

      Suárez Barrio, Carlota; Etxebarria, Jaime; Hernáez Moya, Raquel; Del Val Alonso, Marina; Rodríguez Astigarraga, Maddalen; Urkaregi Etxepare, Arantza; Freire Vallejo, Vanesa; Morales González, María Celia; Durán de la Colina, Juan Antonio; Vicario, Marta; Molina, Irene; Herrero Vanrell, Rocío; Andollo Victoriano, María Noelia (MDPI, 2019-04-03)
      The aim of this study is to assess if an adhesive biopolymer, sodium hyaluronate (NaHA), has synergistic effects with s-PRGF (a serum derived from plasma rich in growth factors and a blood derivative that has already shown ...
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      Hybrid Neural Fuzzy Design-Based Rotational Speed Control of a Tidal Stream Generator Plant 

      Ghefiri, Khaoula; Garrido Hernández, Izaskun; Bouallègue, Soufiene; Haggège, Joseph; Garrido Hernández, Aitor Josu (MDPI, 2018-10-17)
      Artificial Intelligence techniques have shown outstanding results for solving many tasks in a wide variety of research areas. Its excellent capabilities for the purpose of robust pattern recognition which make them suitable ...
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      Hydrotalcite and Hydrocalumite in Mortar Binders from the Medieval Castle of Portilla (Álava, North Spain): Accurate Mineralogical Control to Achieve More Reliable Chronological Ages 

      Ponce Antón, Graciela; Ortega Cuesta, Luis Ángel; Zuluaga Ibargallartu, María Cruz; Alonso Olazabal, Ainhoa; Solaun Bustinza, José Luis (MDPI, 2018-08)
      Mortars from different stratigraphic units at Portilla Castle (Alava, North Spain) have been analyzed for mineralogical characterization before radiocarbon dating. The mortar binder at Portilla Castle is composed not only ...
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      Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability of Functional Differential Systems with Point and Distributed Delays 

      De la Sen Parte, Manuel (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2015)
      This paper investigates stability and asymptotic properties of the error with respect to its nominal version of a nonlinear time-varying perturbed functional differential system subject to point, finite-distributed, and ...