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      Heterotopien als existenziale Heimat bei Herta Müller 

      Iztueta Goizueta, Garbiñe (Universidad de Sevilla, 2014)
      [DEU] Herta Müllers Figuren betrifft die Motivik der Ausreise und Ankunft, da sie vor der vom Autoritarismus manipulierten rumäniendeutschen Heimat fliehen. 'Heimat' wird von diesen Figuren als autoritares, befremdendes, ...
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      El héroe Odiseo en la poesía neohelénica 

      Omatos, Olga (Instituto de Ciencias de la Antigüedad, Universidad del País Vasco / Aintzinate-Zientzien Institutua, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, 1993)
      [ES] El destino del héroe de "La Odisea" ha servido de inspiración en diferentes manifestaciones artísticas de la cultura occidental. Los avatares de Odiseo han dado lugar a desarrollos literarios muy diversos con una gran ...
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      La hidalguía universal en el País Vasco: sus orígenes y causas de su desigual generalización 

      Díaz de Durana Ortiz de Urbina, José Ramón (Fundación Pablo Iglesias, 2004)
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      Hidroxicloroquina en el tratamiento de las enfermedades autoinmunes sistémicas 

      Danza, Álvaro; Graña, Diego; Goñi, Mabel; Vargas, Andrea; Ruiz-Irastorza, Guillermo (Sociedad Médica Santiago, 2016-02)
      Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is by far the most frequently used antimalarial for the management of Systemic Autoimmune Diseases. It has immunomodulatory, hypolipidemic, hypoglycemic and antithrombotic properties and it diminishes ...
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      High conductance values in p -folded molecular junctions 

      Carini, Marco; Ruiz, Marta P.; Usabiaga Gutiérrez, Imanol; Fernández González, José Andrés; Cocinero Pérez, Emilio José; Melle Franco, Manuel; Diez-Perez, Ismael; Mateo-Alonso, Aurelio (Nature Publishing, 2017-05-18)
      Folding processes play a crucial role in the development of function in biomacromolecules. Recreating this feature on synthetic systems would not only allow understanding and reproducing biological functions but also ...
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      High Expression of Endogenous Retroviral Envelope Gene in the Equine Fetal Part of the Placenta 

      Stefanetti, Valentina; Marenzoni, Maria Luisa; Passamonti, Fabrizio; Cappelli, Katia; García Etxebarria, Koldo; Coletti, Mauro; Capomaccio, Stefano (Public Library Science, 2016-05-13)
      Endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) are proviral phases of exogenous retroviruses that have co-evolved with vertebrate genomes for millions of years. Previous studies have identified the envelope (env) protein genes of retroviral ...
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      High fat diet-induced non alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats is associated with hyperhomocysteinemia caused by down regulation of the transsulphuration pathway 

      Bravo, Elena; Palleschi, Simonetta; Aspichueta Celaá, Patricia; Buqué García, Xabier; Rossi, Bárbara; Cano San José, Ainara; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; Ochoa Olascoaga, Begoña; Botham, Kathleen M. (BioMed Central, 2011)
      Background Hyperhomocysteinemia (HHcy) causes increased oxidative stress and is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Oxidative stress is now believed to be a major contributory factor in the development ...
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      High Mitochondrial DNA Stability in B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 

      Cerezo, María; Bandelt, Hans-Jürgen; Martín Guerrero, Idoia; Ardanaz, Maite; Vega, Ana; Carracedo, Angel; García-Orad Carles, África; Salas, Antonio (Public Library Science, 2009-11-18)
      Background: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) leads to progressive accumulation of lymphocytes in the blood, bone marrow, and lymphatic tissues. Previous findings have suggested that the mtDNA could play an important role ...
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      High temperature internal friction in a Ti–46Al–1Mo–0.2Si intermetallic, comparison with creep behaviour 

      Castillo Rodríguez, Miguel; Nó Sánchez, María Luisa; Jiménez, J. A.; Ruano, O. A.; San Juan Núñez, José María (Elsevier, 2016-01-15)
      Advanced gamma-TiAl based intermetallics Mo-bearing have been developed to obtain the fine-grained microstructure required for superplastic deformation to be used during further processing. In the present work we have ...
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      High Thyrotropin Is Critical for Cardiac Electrical Remodeling and Arrhythmia Vulnerability in Hypothyroidism 

      Fernández Ruocco, Julieta; Gallego Muñoz, Mónica; Rodríguez de Yurre, Ainhoa; Zayas Arrabal, Julian; Echeazarra Escudero, Leire; Alquiza Etxabe, Amaia; Fernández López, Víctor; Rodríguez Robledo, Juan Manuel; Brito, Oscar; Schleier, Ygor; Sepúlveda, Marisa; Oshiyama, Natalia F.; Vila Petroff, Martin; Bassani, Rosana A.; Medei, Emiliano; Casis Sáenz, Oscar (Mary Ann Liebert, 2019-07-17)
      Background: Hypothyroidism, the most common endocrine disease, induces cardiac electrical remodeling that creates a substrate for ventricular arrhythmias. Recent studies report that high thyrotropin (TSH) levels are related ...
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      High Voltage Mg-Doped Na 0.67 Ni 0.3 − x Mg x Mn 0.7 O 2 ( x = 0.05, 0.1) Na- Ion Cathodes with Enhanced Stability and Rate Capability 

      Singh, Gurpreet; Tapia-Ruiz, Nuria; López del Amo, Juan Miguel; Maitra, Urmimala; Somerville, James W.; Armstrong, A. Robert; Martínez de Ilarduya, Jaione; Rojo Aparicio, Teófilo; Bruce, Peter G. (American Chemical Society, 2016-07-26)
      Magnesium substituted P2-structure Na0.67Ni0.3Mn0.7O2 materials have been prepared by a facile solid-state method and investigated as cathodes in sodium-ion batteries. The Mg-doped materials described here were characterized ...
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      High- fi delity non-adiabatic cutting and stitching of a spin chain via local control 

      Pyshkin, P. V.; Sherman, Evgeny; You, J. Q.; Wu, Lianao (IOP Publishing, 2018-10-18)
      We propose and analyze, focusing on non-adiabatic effects, a technique of manipulating quantum spin systems based on local 'cutting' and 'stitching' of the Heisenberg exchange coupling between the spins. This first operation ...
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      High-Altitude Cognitive Impairment Is Prevented by Enriched Environment Including Exercise via VEGF Signaling 

      Koester-Hegmann, Christina; Bengoetxea Odriozola, Harkaitz; Kosenkov, Dmitry; Thiersch, Markus; Haider, Thomas; Gassmann, Max; Schneider Gasser, Edith M. (Frontiers Media, 2019)
      Exposure to hypobaric hypoxia at high altitude (above 2500 m asl) causes cognitive impairment, mostly attributed to changes in brain perfusion and consequently neuronal death. Enriched environment and voluntary exercise ...
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      High-Throughput Sequencing of microRNAs in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells: Identification of Potential Weight Loss Biomarkers 

      Milagro Yoldi, Fermín I.; Miranda Gómez, Jonatan; Portillo Baquedano, María Puy; Fernández Quintela, Alfredo; Campión Zabalza, Javier; Martínez, José Alfredo (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2013)
      INTRODUCTION: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are being increasingly studied in relation to energy metabolism and body composition homeostasis. Indeed, the quantitative analysis of miRNAs expression in different adiposity conditions ...
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      Higher order vortex gyrotropic modes in circular ferromagnetic nanodots 

      Ding, Junjia; Kakazei, Gleb N.; Liu, Xinming; Gusliyenko, Kostyantyn; Adeyeye, Adekunle O. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-04-25)
      Magnetic vortex that consists of an in-plane curling magnetization configuration and a needle-like core region with out-of-plane magnetization is known to be the ground state of geometrically confined submicron soft magnetic ...
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      Higher-Order Topological Insulators 

      Schindler, Frank; Cook, Ashley M.; Vergniory, Maia G.; Wang, Zhijun; Parkin, Stuart S. P.; Bernevig, B. Andrei; Neupert, Titus (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2018-06)
      Three-dimensional topological (crystalline) insulators are materials with an insulating bulk but conducting surface states that are topologically protected by time-reversal (or spatial) symmetries. We extend the notion of ...
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      Highlights of the 2nd International Symposium on Tribbles and Diseases: Tribbles Tremble in Therapeutics for Immunity, Metabolism, Fundamental Cell Biology and Cancer 

      Cui, Bing; Eyers, Patrick A.; Dobens, Leonard L.; Tan, Nguan Soon; Mace, Peter D.; Link, Wolfgang A.; Kiss Toth, Endre; Keeshan, Karen; Nakamura, Takuro; Pear, Warren S.; Feseha, Yodit; Johnston, Jessica; Carracedo Pérez, Arkaitz; Scheideler, Marcel; llyas, Zabran; Bauer, Robert C.; Erusalimsky, Jorge D.; Grzesik, Dominika; Salamanca Viloria, Juan; Lv, Xiaoxi; Jin, Yishi; Li, Ke; Velasco, Guillermo; Shang, Shuang; Lizcano de Vega, José Miguel; Zhang, Xiaowei; Zhou, Jichao; Yu, Jiaojiao; Hua, Fang; Wang, Feng; Liu, Shanshan; Yu, Jinmei; Hu, Zhuowei (Institute of Materia Medica, 2019-03)
      The Tribbles (TRIB) family of pseudokinase proteins has been shown to play key roles in cell cycle, metabolic diseases, chronic inflammatory disease, and cancer development. A better understanding of the mechanisms of TRIB ...
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      Histogram-Based Descriptor Subset Selection for Visual Recognition of Industrial Parts 

      Merino Bermejo, Ibon; Azpiazu Lozano, Jon; Remazeilles, Anthony; Sierra, Basilio (MDPI, 2020-05-22)
      This article deals with the 2D image-based recognition of industrial parts. Methods based on histograms are well known and widely used, but it is hard to find the best combination of histograms, most distinctive for instance, ...
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      Histone deacetylase inhibitors induce invasion of human melanoma cells in vitro via differential regulation of N-cadherin expression and RhoA activity 

      Díaz Núñez, María; Díez Torre, Alejandro; De Wever, Olivier; Andrade Pocino, Ricardo; Arluzea de Jauregizar, Jon Andoni; Silió López, Margarita Rosa; Aréchaga Martínez, Juan Miguel (Biomed Central, 2016-08-22)
      Background: Histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi) exert multiple cytotoxic actions on cancer cells. Currently, different synthetic HDACi are in clinical use or clinical trials; nevertheless, since both pro-invasive and ...
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      La historia de la historia de las emociones: mapeo de debates en proceso 

      Hidalgo García, Sara (Associação Nacional de História - ANPUH, 2020-04)
      La emoción es una categoría analítica que ha irrumpido con fuerza en las ciencias sociales en general, y en el campo de la historiografía en particular, revelándose como especialmente útil para estudiar procesos de cambio ...