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      Designing High Performance Factory Automation Applications on Top of DDS 

      Calvo Gordillo, Isidro; Pérez González, Federico; Etxeberria Agiriano, Ismael; García de Albéniz López, Oier (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2013-04-22)
      DDS is a recent specification aimed at providing high-performance publisher/subscriber middleware solutions. Despite being a very powerful flexible technology, it may prove complex to use, especially for the inexperienced. ...
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      Sliding mode control law for a variable speedwind turbine 

      Barambones Caramazana, Oscar; González de Durana García, José María; Alkorta Egiguren, Patxi; Ramos Hernanz, José Antonio; De la Sen Parte, Manuel (WSEAS, 2011)
      Modern wind turbines are designed in order to work in variable speed operations. To perform this task, wind turbines are provided with adjustable speed generators, like the double feed induction generator. One of the main ...
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      Structural Synthesis of 3-DoF Spatial Fully Parallel Manipulators 

      Hernández Frías, Alfonso; Ibarreche Mendia, José ignacio; Petuya Arcocha, Víctor; Altuzarra Maestre, Oscar (Intech Europe, 2014-07-16)
      In this paper, the architectures of three degrees of freedom (3-DoF) spatial, fully parallel manipulators (PMs), whose limbs are structurally identical, are obtained systematically. To do this, the methodology followed ...
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      Towards a standard methodology to evaluate internal cluster validity indices 

      Gurrutxaga, Ibai; Muguerza Rivero, Javier Francisco; Arbelaiz Gallego, Olatz; Pérez, Jesús M.; Martín, José I. (Elsevier, 2011-02-01)
      The evaluation and comparison of internal cluster validity indices is a critical problem in the clustering area. The methodology used in most of the evaluations assumes that the clustering algorithms work correctly. We ...