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      Beyond the State of the Art: Novel Approaches for Thermal and Electrical Transport in Nanoscale Devices 

      Biele, Robert; D’Agosta, Roberto (MDPI, 2019-08)
      Almost any interaction between two physical entities can be described through the transfer of either charge, spin, momentum, or energy. Therefore, any theory able to describe these transport phenomena can shed light on a ...
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      Tunable Photodetectors via In Situ Thermal Conversion of TiS3 to TiO2 

      Ghasemi, Foad; Frisenda, Riccardo; Flores, Eduardo; Papadopoulos, Nikos; Biele, Robert; Perez de Lara, David; Van der Zant, Herre S. J.; Watanabe, Kenji; Taniguchi, Takashi; D’Agosta, Roberto; Ares, Jose R.; Sánchez, Carlos; Ferrer, Isabel J.; Castellanos-Gomez, Andres (MDPI, 2020-04-09)
      In two-dimensional materials research, oxidation is usually considered as a common source for the degradation of electronic and optoelectronic devices or even device failure. However, in some cases a controlled oxidation ...