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      A comprehensive method for the elastic calculation of the two-point wheel-rail contact 

      Santamaría Manrique, Javier; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Gómez López, Josu (Taylor & Francis, 2006)
      This work shows the method developed to solve the wheel-rail contact problem via a look-up table with a three-dimensional elastic model. This method enables introduction of the two contact point effect on vehicle movement ...
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      A rational fraction polynomials model to study vertical dynamic wheel-rail interaction 

      Correa García, Nekane; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Santamaría Manrique, Javier; Gómez López, Josu (Elsevier, 2012-04)
      This paper presents a model designed to study vertical interactions between wheel and rail when the wheel moves over a rail welding. The model focuses on the spatial domain, and is drawn up in a simple fashion from track ...
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      Chatter avoidance in the milling of thin floors with bull-nose end mills: Model and stability diagrams 

      Campa Gómez, Francisco Javier; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Celaya Egüen, Ainhoa (Elsevier, 2011-01)
      The milling of thin parts is a high added value operation where the machinist has to face the chatter problem. The study of the stability of these operations is a complex task due to the changing modal parameters as the ...
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      Design of an optimised wheel profile for rail vehicles operating on two track gauges 

      Santamaría Manrique, Javier; Herreros, Jesús; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Correa García, Nekane (Taylor & Francis, 2013-01)
      This paper sets out an optimum synthesis methodology for wheel profiles of railway vehicles in order to secure good dynamic behaviour with different track configurations. Specifically, the optimisation process has been ...
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      Dynamic comparison of different types of slab tracks and ballasted track using a flexible track model 

      Blanco-Lorenzo, Julio; Santamaría Manrique, Javier; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Oyarzabal de Celis, Olatz (Sage Publications, 2011-11)
      The dynamic performance of a ballasted track and three types of slab tracks is analysed and compared by means of a comprehensive dynamic model of the train-track system, generated using two commercial analysis software ...
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      Dynamic optimization of track components to minimize rail corrugation 

      Oyarzabal de Celis, Olatz; Gómez López, Josu; Santamaría Manrique, Javier; García Vadillo, Ernesto (Elsevier, 2009-01)
      In this paper, the influence on corrugation of the most significant track parameters has been examined. After this parametric study, the optimization of the track parameters to minimize the undulatory wear growth has been ...
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      Equivalent Conicity and Curve Radius Influence on Dynamical Performance of Unconventional Bogies. Comparison Analysis 

      Santamaría Manrique, Javier; García Vadillo, Ernesto (Taylor and Francis, 2004)
      In this paper the dynamic behaviour of several unconventional bogies is compared. The study takes into account the radius of the curve and the maximum level of wear allowed to the wheels. Ranges of conicities and curve ...
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      Influence of creep forces on the risk of derailment of railway vehicles 

      Santamaría Manrique, Javier; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Gómez López, Josu (Taylor & Francis, 2009)
      The derailment mechanism in a railway vehicle is a complex mechanical phenomenon which has been, and still is, the subject of intense research activity due to the serious consequences it can entail. Since Nadal deduced his ...
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      Modelling rail corrugation with specific track parameters focusing on ballasted track and slab track 

      Oyarzabal de Celis, Olatz; Correa García, Nekane; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Santamaría Manrique, Javier; Gómez López, Josu (Taylor & Francis, 2011-11)
      The objective of this paper is to compare 3 types of track (high performance ballasted track, STEDEF and AFTRAV) from the corrugation growth point of view. This work has considered different vehicle speeds and track ...
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      On the influence of conformity on wheel–rail rolling contact mechanics 

      Blanco-Lorenzo, Julio; Santamaría Manrique, Javier; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Correa García, Nekane (Elsevier, 2016-07)
      The aim of this work is to assess the effects of conformity on local contact related quantities at the wheel–rail interface such as traction distributions, subsurface stresses and frictional work distributions. For this ...
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      Porous self-protonating spiropyran-based NIPAAm gels with improved reswelling kinetics 

      Ziołkowski, Bartosz; Florea, Larisa; Jannick, Theobald; Benito López, Fernando; Diamond, Dermot (Springer, 2016-02)
      [EN] This study focuses on improving the speed ofactuation of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-based photoresponsive gels containing copolymerised spiropyran as the photoswitch and acrylic acid as the proton source. The improvement ...
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      Techniques for On-Line Diagnosis of Stator Shorted Turns in Induction Motors 

      Albizu Flórez, Igor; Zamora Belver, Inmaculada; Mazón Sainz-Maza, Angel Javier; Tapia Otaegui, María Aranzazu (Taylor & Francis, 2006-01)
      In low voltage induction motors, the first indication of a stator fault is the appearance of an inter-turn short circuit. For this reason, several attempts to diagnose reliably these short circuits have been made. Although ...