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      Simplified Formulae for the Estimation of Offshore Wind Turbines Clutter on Marine Radars 

      Grande Santamaría, Olatz; Cañizo Canales, Josune; Angulo Pita, Itziar; Jenn, David; Danoon, Laith R.; Guerra Pereda, David; De la Vega Moreno, David (Hindawi Publishing, 2014)
      The potential impact that offshore wind farms may cause on nearby marine radars should be considered before the wind farm is installed. Strong radar echoes from the turbines may degrade radars' detection capability in the ...
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      Towards Application of One-Class Classification Methods to Medical Data 

      Irigoyen Garbizu, Itziar; Sierra Araujo, Basilio; Arenas, Concepción (Hindawi Publishing, 2014)
      In the problem of one-class classification (OCC) one of the classes, the target class, has to be distinguished from all other possible objects, considered as nontargets. In many biomedical problems this situation arises, ...