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      Fine-Tuning of Sirtuin 1 Expression Is Essential to Protect the Liver From Cholestatic Liver Disease 

      Blokker, Britt A.; Maijo, Monica; Echeandia, Marta; Galduroz, Mikel; Patterson, Angela M.; Ten, Anna; Philo, Mark; Schungel, Rebecca; Gutierrez de Juan, Virginia; Halilbasic, Emina; Fuchs, Claudia; Le Gall, Gwenaelle; Milkiewicz, Malgorzata; Milkiewicz, Piotr; Bañales Asurmendi, Jesús María; Rushbrook, Simon M.; Mato, José M.; Trauner, Michael; Müller, Michael; Martínez-Chantar, María Luz; Varela Rey, Marta; Beraza, Naiara (Wiley, 2019-02)
      Cholestasis comprises aetiologically heterogeneous conditions characterized by accumulation of bile acids in the liver that actively contribute to liver damage. Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) regulates liver regeneration and bile acid ...