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      1-42 beta-Amyloid peptide requires PDK1/nPKC/Rac 1 pathway to induce neuronal death 

      Manterola, L.; Hernando Rodríguez, M.; Ruiz Núñez, Asier; Apraiz, A.; Arrizabalaga Uriarte, Oskar; Vellon, L.; Alberdi Alfonso, Elena María; Cavaliere, Fabio; Lacerda, Hadriano M.; Jimenez, S.; Parada, L. A.; Matute Almau, Carlos José; Zugaza Gurruchaga, José Luis (Nature Publishing Group, 2013-01)
      1-42 beta-Amyloid (A beta(1-42)) peptide is a key molecule involved in the development of Alzheimer's disease. Some of its effects are manifested at the neuronal morphological level. These morphological changes involve ...
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      18S rRNA V9 metabarcoding for diet characterization: a critical evaluation with two sympatric zooplanktivorous fish species 

      Albaina Vivanco, Aitor; Aguirre Rodrigo, Mikel; Abad García, David; Santos, María; Estomba Recalde, Miren Andone (Wiley Blackwell, 2016-03)
      The potential of the 18S rRNA V9 metabarcoding approach for diet assessment was explored using MiSeq paired-end (PE; 2 9 150 bp) technology. To critically evaluate the method's performance with degraded/digested DNA, the ...
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      A Customized Pigmentation SNP Array Identifies a Novel SNP Associated with Melanoma Predisposition in the SLC45A2 Gene 

      Ibarrola Villava, Maider; Fernandez, Lara P.; Alonso Alegre, Santos; Boyano López, María Dolores; Peña Chilet, María; Pita, Guillermo; Avilés, José A.; Mayor, Matias; Gómez Fernández, Cristina; Casado, Beatriz; Martín González, Manuel; Izagirre Arribalzaga, Neskuts; De la Rúa Vaca, Concepción; Asumendi Mallea, Aintzane; Pérez-Yarza Pérez-Irezabal, Gorka; Arroyo Berdugo, Yoana; Boldo, Enrique; Lozoya, Rafael; Torrijos Aguilar, Arantxa; Pitarch, Ana; Pitarch, Gerard; Sánchez Motilla, José M.; Valcuende Cavero, Francisca; Tomás Cabedo, Gloria; Pérez Pastor, Gemma; Díaz Pérez, José Luis; Gardeazabal García, Jesús; Martínez de Lizarduy, Iñigo; Sánchez Diez, Ana; Valdés, Carlos; Pizarro, Angel; Casado, Mariano; Carretero, Gregorio; Botella Estrada, Rafael; Nagore, Eduardo; Lázaro, Pablo; Lluch, Ana; Benítez, Javier; Martínez Cadenas, Conrado; Ribas, Gloria (Public Library of Science, 2011-04-29)
      As the incidence of Malignant Melanoma (MM) reflects an interaction between skin colour and UV exposure, variations in genes implicated in pigmentation and tanning response to UV may be associated with susceptibility to ...
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      A novel RT-QPCR-based assay for the relative quantification of residue specific m6A RNA methylation 

      Castellanos Rubio, Ainara; Santín Gómez, Izortze; Olazagoitia Garmendia, Ane; Romero Garmendia, Irati; Jauregi Miguel, Amaia; Legarda, Maria; Bilbao Catalá, José Ramón (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-12)
      N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is the most common and abundant RNA modification. Recent studies have shown its importance in the regulation of several biological processes, including the immune response, and different approaches ...
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      A Novel Transcriptome-Derived SNPs Array for Tench (Tinca Tinca L.) 

      Kumar, Girish; Langa Arranz, Jorge Eliseo; Montes Asperilla, Iratxe; Conklin, Darrell; Kocour, Martin; Kohlmann, Klaus; Estomba Recalde, Miren Andone (Public Library Science, 2019-03-19)
      Tench (Tinca tinca L.) has great economic potential due to its high rate of fecundity and long-life span. Population genetic studies based on allozymes, microsatellites, PCR-RFLP and sequence analysis of genes and DNA ...
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      A Recording Form for Differential Diagnosis of Arthropathies 

      García Ventades, Nerea; Martín Laza, Imanol; Hervella Afonso, Montserrat; De la Rúa Vaca, Concepción (Elsevier, 2018-03)
      The present study is focused on a group of arthropathies that may have very similar bone manifestations (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis and diffuse ...
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      A short in-frame deletion in NTRK1 tyrosine kinase domain caused by a novel splice site mutation in a patient with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis 

      Sarasola, Esther; Rodríguez Pérez, José Antonio; Garrote Llanos, María Isabel; Arístegui Fernández, Javier; García-Barcina, María J. (BioMed Central, 2011-06-27)
      Background: Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disease characterized by the lack of reaction to noxious stimuli and anhidrosis. It is caused by mutations in the ...
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      Accuracy in Copy Number Calling by qPCR and PRT : A Matter of DNA 

      Fernández-Jiménez, Nora; Castellanos Rubio, Ainara; Plaza-Izurieta, Leticia; Gutiérrez, Galder; Irastorza Terradillos, Iñaki Xarles; Castaño González, Luis Antonio; Vitoria Cormenzana, Juan Carlos; Bilbao Catalá, José Ramón (Public Library of Science, 2011-12-13)
      The possible implication of copy number variation (CNV) in the genetic susceptibility to human disease needs to be assessed using robust methods that can be applied at a population scale. In this report, we analyze the ...
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      An E2F7-Dependent Transcriptional Program Modulates DNA Damage Repair And Genomic Stability 

      Mitxelena Sánchez, Jone; Apraiz García, Aintzane; Vallejo Rodríguez, Jon; García Santisteban, Iraia; Fullaondo Elordui-Zapaterieche, Asier; Alvarez Fernández, Mónica; Marcos, Marcos; Zubiaga Elordieta, Ana María (Oxford University Press, 2018-05-18)
      The cellular response to DNA damage is essential for maintaining the integrity of the genome. Recent evidence has identified E2F7 as a key player in DNA damage-dependent transcriptional regulation of cell-cycle genes. ...
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      Ancient DNA from Hunter-Gatherer and Farmer Groups from Northern Spain Supports a Random Dispersion Model for the Neolithic Expansion into Europe 

      Hervella Afonso, Montserrat; Izagirre Arribalzaga, Neskuts; Alonso Alegre, Santos; Fregel, Rosa; Alonso, Antonio; Cabrera, Vicente M.; De la Rúa Vaca, Concepción (Public Library of Science, 2012-04-25)
      Background/Principal Findings: The phenomenon of Neolithisation refers to the transition of prehistoric populations from a hunter-gatherer to an agro-pastoralist lifestyle. Traditionally, the spread of an agro-pastoralist ...
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      Ancient DNA from South-East Europe Reveals Different Events during Early and Middle Neolithic Influencing the European Genetic Heritage 

      Hervella Afonso, Montserrat; Rotea, Mihai; Izagirre Arribalzaga, Neskuts; Constantinescu, Mihai; Alonso Alegre, Santos; Ioana, Mihai; Lazăr, Cătălin; Ridiche, Florin; Soficaru, Andrei Dorian; Netea, Mihai G.; De la Rúa Vaca, Concepción (Public Library Science, 2015-06-08)
      The importance of the process of Neolithization for the genetic make-up of European populations has been hotly debated, with shifting hypotheses from a demic diffusion (DD) to a cultural diffusion (CD) model. In this regard, ...
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      Association of Current and Former Smoking With Body Mass Index: a Study of Smoking Discordant Twin Pairs From 21 Twin Cohorts 

      Piirtola, Maarit; Jelenkovic Moreno, Aline; Latvala, Antti; Sund, Reijo; Honda, Chika; Inui, Fujio; Watanabe, Mikio; Tomizawa, Rie; Iwatani, Yoshinori; Ordoñana Martín, Juan Ramón; Sánchez Romera, Juan Francisco; Colodro Conde, Lucia; Tarnoki, Adam D.; Tarnoki, David L.; Martin, Nicholas G.; Montgomery, Grant W.; Medland, Sarah E.; Rasmussen, Finn; Tynelius, Per; Tan, Qihua; Zhang, Dongfeng; Pang, Zengchang; Rebato Ochoa, Esther Matilde; Stazi, Maria A.; Fagnani, Corrado; Brescianini, Sonia; Busjahn, Andreas; Harris, Jennifer R.; Brandt, Ingunn; Nilsen, Thomas Sevenius; Cutler, Tessa L.; Hopper, John L.; Corley, Robin P.; Huibregtse, Brooke M.; Sung, Joohon; Kim, Jina; Lee, Jooyeon; Lee, Sooji; Gatz, Margaret; Butler, David A.; Franz, Carol E.; Kremen, William S.; Lyons, Michael J.; Magnusson, Patrik K. E.; Pedersen, Nancy L.; Aslan, Anna K. Dahl; Oncel, Sevgi Y.; Aliev, Fazil; Derom, Catherine A.; Vlietinck, Robert F.; Loos, Ruth J. F.; Silberg, Judy L.; Maes, Hermine H.; Boomsma, Dorret I.; Sorensen, Thorkild I. A.; Korhonen, Tellervo; Kaprio, Jaakko; Silventoinen, Karri (Public Library Science, 2018-07-12)
      Background Smokers tend to weigh less than never smokers, while successful quitting leads to an increase in body weight. Because smokers and non-smokers may differ in genetic and environmental family background, we ...
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      Automatically exposing OpenLifeData via SADI semantic Web Services 

      Rodríguez González, Alejandro; Callahan, Alison; Cruz-Toledo, José; García, Adrián; Egaña Aranguren, Mikel; Dumontier, Michel; Wilkinson, Mark D. (Biomed Central, 2014-11-19)
      Background: Two distinct trends are emerging with respect to how data is shared, collected, and analyzed within the bioinformatics community. First, Linked Data, exposed as SPARQL endpoints, promises to make data easier ...
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      BRAFV600Emutationalloadasa prognosisbiomarkerinmalignantmelanoma 

      Sevilla Mambrilla, Arrate; Morales González, María Celia; Ezkurra, Pilar A.; Rasero, Javier; Velasco, Verónica; Cancho Galán, Goikoane; Sánchez Díez, Ana; Mujika, Karmele; Penas, Cristina; Smith Zubiaga, Isabel; Asumendi Mallea, Aintzane; Cortés Díaz, Jesús María; Boyano López, María Dolores; Alonso Alegre, Santos (Public Library Science, 2020-03-13)
      Analyzing the mutational load of driver mutations in melanoma could provide valuable information regarding its progression. We aimed at analyzing the heterogeneity of mutational load of BRAF V600E in biopsies of melanoma ...
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      Celiac disease in the Mediterranean area 

      Tucci, Francesca; Astarita, Luca; Abkari, Abdelhak; Abu-Zekry, Mona; Attard, Thomas; Ben Hariz, Mongi; Bilbao Catalá, José Ramón; Boudraa, Ghazalia; Boukthir, Samir; Costa, Stefano; Djurisic, Veselinka; Hugot, Jean-Pierre; Irastorza Terradillos, Iñaki Xarles; Kansu, Aydan; Kolacek, Sanja; Magazzu, Giuseppe; Micetic-Turk, Dusanka; Misak, Zrinjka; Roma, Eleftheria; Rossi, Pasqualino; Terzic, Selma; Velmishi, Virtut; Arcidiaco, Carmela; Auricchio, Renata; Greco, Luigi; (BioMed Central, 2014-02)
      Background: The World Gastroenterology Organization recommends developing national guidelines for the diagnosis of Celiac Disease (CD): hence a profile of the diagnosis of CD in each country is required. We aim to describe ...
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      Circulating MiRNAs As Biomarkers In Diffuse Large B-Cell lymphoma: A Systematic Review 

      López Santillán, María; Larrabeiti Etxebarria, Ane; Arzuaga Mendez, Javier; López López, Elixabet; García-Orad Carles, África (2018-04-27)
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      Combined Analysis of Methylation and Gene Expression Profiles in Separate Compartments of Small Bowel Mucosa Identified Celiac Disease Patients' Signatures 

      Cielo, D.; Galatola, M.; Fernández Jiménez, Nora; De Leo, L.; García Etxebarria, Koldo; Loganes, C.; Tommasini, A.; Not, T.; Auricchio, Renata; Greco, Luigi; Bilbao Catalá, José Ramón (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-07-10)
      By GWAS studies on celiac disease, gene expression was studied at the level of the whole intestinal mucosa, composed by two different compartments: epithelium and lamina propria. Our aim is to analyse the gene-expression ...
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      Combined Fluorescent-Chromogenic In Situ Hybridization for Identification and Laser Microdissection of Interphase Chromosomes 

      Paz Gandiaga, Nerea; Zabala, Amaia; Royo, Félix; García-Orad Carles, África; Zugaza Gurruchaga, José Luis; Parada, Luis A. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Chromosome territories constitute the most conspicuous feature of nuclear architecture, and they exhibit non-random distribution patterns in the interphase nucleus. We observed that in cell nuclei from humans with Down ...
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      Comparison of predicted body fat percentage from anthropometric methods and from impedance in university students 

      Arroyo Izaga, Marta; Rocandio Pablo, Ana María; Ansotegui Alday, Laura; Herrera, Héctor; Salces Beti, Itziar; Rebato Ochoa, Esther Matilde (Cambridge University Press, 2004-11)
      The objective of the present study was to compare different methods for evaluating body fat percentage (BF%) (anthropometric methods and bioelectrical impedance analysis) in university students. Subjects were 653 healthy ...
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      Comparison of the Transcriptional Profiles of Melanocytes from Dark and Light Skinned Individuals under Basal Conditions and Following Ultraviolet-B Irradiation 

      López López, Saioa; Smith Zubiaga, Isabel; García de Galdeano Zaldivar, María Alicia; Boyano López, María Dolores; García, Oscar; Gardeazábal, Jesús; Martinez-Cadenas, Conrado; Izagirre Arribalzaga, Neskuts; De la Rúa Vaca, Concepción; Alonso Alegre, Santos (Public Library Science, 2015-08-05)
      We analysed the whole-genome transcriptional profile of 6 cell lines of dark melanocytes (DM) and 6 of light melanocytes (LM) at basal conditions and after ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation at different time points to investigate ...