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      Photorelease of Pyridyl Esters in Organometallic Ru(II) Arene Complexes 

      Habtemariam, Abraha; Garino, Claudio; Ruggiero, Emmanuel; Alonso-de Castro, Silvia; Mareque-Rivas, Juan C.; Arriortua Marcaida, María Isabel; Salassa, Luca (MDPI, 2015-04)
      New Ru(II) arene complexes of formula [((6)-p-cym)Ru(N-N)(X)](2+) (where p-cym = para-cymene, N-N = 2,2'-bipyrimidine (bpm) or 2,2'-bipyridine (bpy) and X = m/p-COOMe-Py, 1-4) were synthesised and characterized, including ...