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      5 MW Wind Turbine Annual Energy Production Improvement by Flow Control Devices 

      Sáenz Aguirre, Aitor; Fernández Resines, Sergio; Aramendia Iradi, Iñigo; Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Zulueta Guerrero, Ekaitz; López Guede, José Manuel; Sancho Saiz, Javier (MDPI, 2018-11-06)
      Several flow control devices have been studied in recent years. Majority of them were designed firstly for aeronautical purposes. At present many research is aimed to introduce these devices in wind turbines (WTs) in order ...
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      Catalyst Deactivation And Regeneration Processes In Biogas Tri-Reforming Process. The Effect Of Hydrogen Sulfide Addition 

      Izquierdo Ereño, Urko; García García, Iker; Gutierrez, Ángel María; Arraibi Dañobeitia, Juan Ramón; Barrio Cagigal, Victoria Laura; Cambra Ibáñez, José Francisco; Arias Ergueta, Pedro Luis (MDPI AG, 2018-01-09)
      This work studies Ni-based catalyst deactivation and regeneration processes in the presence of H2S under a biogas tri-reforming process for hydrogen production, which is an energy vector of great interest. 25 ppm of hydrogen ...
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      Computational Characterization of a Rectangular Vortex Generator on a Flat Plate for Different Vane Heights and Angles 

      Ibarra Udaeta, Iosu; Errasti Arrieta, Iñigo; Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Zulueta Guerrero, Ekaitz; Sancho Saiz, Javier (MDPI, 2019-03-01)
      Vortex generators (VG) are passive flow control devices used for avoiding or delaying the separation of the boundary layer by bringing momentum from the higher layers of the fluid towards the surface. The Vortex generator ...
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      Computational Modeling of Gurney Flaps and Microtabs by POD Method 

      Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Gómez-Mármol, Macarena; Chacón-Rebollo, Tomás (MDPI, 2018-08)
      Gurney flaps (GFs) and microtabs (MTs) are two of the most frequently used passive flow control devices on wind turbines. They are small tabs situated close to the airfoil trailing edge and normal to the surface. A study ...
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      Computational Modelling of Rectangular Sub-Boundary Layer Vortex Generators 

      Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Errasti Arrieta, Iñigo; Gutiérrez Amo, Rubén; Boyano Murillo, Ana Isabel; Barambones Caramazana, Oscar (MDPI, 2018-01-19)
      Vortex generators (VGs) are increasingly used in the wind turbine manufacture industry as flow control devices to improve rotor blade aerodynamic performance. Nevertheless, VGs may produce excess residual drag in some ...
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      Computational Modelling of Three Different Sub-Boundary Layer Vortex Generators on a Flat Plate 

      Gutiérrez Amo, Rubén; Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Errasti Arrieta, Iñigo; Zulueta Guerrero, Ekaitz (MDPI, 2018-11-10)
      Flow separation is the source of several problems in a wind turbine including load fluctuations, lift losses, and vibrations. Vortex generators (VGs) are passive flow control devices used to delay flow separation, but their ...
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      Computational study of the vortex path variation with the VG height 

      Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Zamorano, G.; Zulueta Guerrero, Ekaitz (IOP Publishing, 2014)
      An extensive range of conventional, vane-type, passive vortex generators (VGs) are in use for successful applications of flow separation control. In most cases, the VG height is designed with the same thickness as the local ...
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      Downscaling of surface moisture flux and precipitation in the Ebro Valley (Spain) using analogues and analogues followed by random forests and multiple linear regression 

      Ibarra Berastegi, Gabriel; Sáenz Aguirre, Jon; Ezcurra Talegón, Agustín; Elías Saenz, Ana Josefina; Díaz de Argandoña González, Javier (Copernicus Gesellschaft, 2011)
      In this paper, reanalysis fields from the ECMWF have been statistically downscaled to predict from large-scale atmospheric fields, surface moisture flux and daily precipitation at two observatories (Zaragoza and Tortosa, ...
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      Electricity production, capacity factor, and plant efficiency index at the Mutriku wave farm (2014–2016) 

      Ibarra Berastegi, Gabriel; Sáenz Aguirre, Jon; Ulacia Manterola, Alain; Serras Malillos, Paula; Esnaola Aldanondo, Ganix; García-Soto, Carlos (Elsevier, 2018-01-01)
      Mutriku has recently become the first commercial wave farm to release its operating data. The plant has 14 OWC operating turbines, and this study has conducted an analysis of hourly data corresponding to the 2014–2016 ...
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      Evaluating Equity and Inclusion in Access toWater and Sanitation for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Wukro, Ethiopia 

      Jiménez Redal, Rubén; Holowko, Natalie; Almandoz Berrondo, Francisco Javier; Soriano, Javier; Arregui, Francisco; Magrinya, Francesc (MDPI, 2018-09)
      For more than a decade, foreign aid-supported water interventions focusing on an increase in household private connections have been implemented in the small urban center of Wukro. However, little has been investigated ...
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      Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Aerosol Delivery for Preterm Infants 

      Aramendia Iradi, Iñigo; Fernández Gámiz, Unai; López Arraiza, Alberto; Rey Santano, María Carmen; Mielgo, Victoria; Basterrechea Elguezabal, Francisco José; Sancho Saiz, Javier; Gómez Solaeche, Miguel Ángel (MDPI, 2018-03)
      Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) represents one of the major causes of mortality among preterm infants, and the best approach to treat it is an open research issue. The use of perfluorocarbons (PFC) along with non-invasive ...
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      Experimental Evaluation of Perfluorocarbon Aerosol Generation with Two Novel Nebulizer Prototypes 

      Aramendia Iradi, Iñigo; Fernández Gámiz, Unai; López Arraiza, Alberto; Rey Santano, María Carmen; Mielgo, Victoria; Basterrechea Elguezabal, Francisco José; Sancho Saiz, Javier; Gómez Solaeche, Miguel Ángel (MDPI, 2019-01-05)
      The potential of non-invasive ventilation procedures and new minimally invasive techniques has resulted in the research of alternative approaches as the aerosolization for the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome ...
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      Five MegawattWind Turbine Power Output Improvements by Passive Flow Control Devices 

      Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Zulueta Guerrero, Ekaitz; Boyano Murillo, Ana Isabel; Ansoategui Belategui, Igor; Uriarte Gallastegui, Irantzu (MDPI, 2017-06)
      The effects of two types of flow control devices, vortex generators (VGs) and Gurney flaps (GFs), on the power output performance of a multi-megawatt horizontal axis wind turbine is presented. To that end, an improved blade ...
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      Gurney Flap Implementation on a DU91W250 Airfoil 

      Aramendia Iradi, Iñigo; Sáenz Aguirre, Aitor; Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Zulueta Guerrero, Ekaitz; López Guede, José Manuel; Boyano Murillo, Ana Isabel; Sancho Saiz, Javier (MDPI, 2018-11-06)
      Abstract The increasing capability of Wind Turbine (WT) based power generation systems has derived in an increment of the WT rotor diameter, i.e., longer rotor blades. This results in an increase of the electrical power ...
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      Historical Evolution of theWave Resource and Energy Production off the Chilean Coast over the 20th Century 

      Ulacia Manterola, Alain; Peñalba Retes, Markel; Rabanal, Arkaitz; Ibarra Berastegi, Gabriel; Ringwood, John D.; Sáenz Aguirre, Jon (MDPI, 2018-09)
      The wave energy resource in the Chilean coast shows particularly profitable characteristics for wave energy production, with relatively high mean wave power and low inter-annual resource variability. This combination is ...
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      Magnetic properties of “thick” glass-coated Fe-rich microwires 

      Corte León, Paula; Zhukova Zhukova, Valentina; Ipatov, Mihail; Blanco Ilzarbe, Jesús María; González Estévez, Julián María; Zhukov Egorova, Arkady Pavlovich (American Institute of Physics, 2019-03)
      We report on preparation and magnetic properties of Fe71.7B13.4Si11Nb3Ni0.9 glass-coated microwire with metallic nucleus diameter d = 103 mu m and total diameter D = 158 mu m prepared by Taylor-Ulitovsky method. Amorphous ...
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      Microtab design and implementation on a 5MW wind turbine 

      Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Zulueta Guerrero, Ekaitz; Boyano Murillo, Ana Isabel; Ramos Hernanz, José Antonio; López Guede, José Manuel (MDPI, 2017-05-24)
      Microtabs (MT) consist of a small tab placed on the airfoil surface close to the trailing edge and perpendicular to the surface. A study to find the optimal position to improve airfoil aerodynamic performance is presented. ...
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      MIDAS: A Benchmarking Multi-Criteria Method for the Identification of Defective Anemometers in Wind Farms 

      Rabanal, Arkaitz; Ulacia Manterola, Alain; Ibarra Berastegi, Gabriel; Sáenz Aguirre, Jon; Elosegui, Unai (MDPI, 2018-12-22)
      A novel multi-criteria methodology for the identification of defective anemometers is shown in this paper with a benchmarking approach: it is called MIDAS: multi-technique identification of defective anemometers. The ...
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      Optical Tip Clearance Measurements as a Tool for Rotating Disk Characterization 

      García Esteban-Barcina, Iker; Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni; Beloki Perurena, Josu; Arrue Aramburu, Juan Antonio; Durana Apaolaza, Gaizka; Aldabaldetreku Etxeberria, Gotzon (MDPI, 2017-01)
      An experimental investigation on the vibrational behavior of a rotating disk by means of three optical fiber sensors is presented. The disk, which is a scale model of the real disk of an aircraft engine, was assembled in ...
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      Parametric Study of the Device Angle Dependency of a Single Vortex Generator on a Flat Plate 

      Fernández Gámiz, Unai; Réthoré, Pierre-Elouan; Sørensen, Niels N.; Velte, Clara Marika; Zahle, Frederik; Egusquiza Estévez, Eduard (2014-01-23)
      [EN] A detailed study of the device angle dependency of a single vortex generator (VG) is presented in this paper. A single Vortex Generator on a test section wall case, with four different positions of the device angle ...