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      A Computational Analysis of Protein-Protein Interaction Networks in Neurodegenerative Diseases 

      Goñi Cortés, Joaquín; Esteban Ruiz, Francisco J.; Vélez de Mendizábal, Nieves; Sepulcre, Jorge; Ardanza Trevijano, Sergio; Agirrezabal, Ion; Villoslada, Pablo (Biomed Central, 2008-06-20)
      Background: Recent developments have meant that network theory is making an important contribution to the topological study of biological networks, such as protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks. The identification of ...
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      A Featureless Approach to 3D Polyhedral Building Modeling from Aerial Images 

      Hammoudi, Karim; Dornaika, Fadi (MDPI, 2011)
      This paper presents a model-based approach for reconstructing 3D polyhedral building models from aerial images. The proposed approach exploits some geometric and photometric properties resulting from the perspective ...
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      A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Remote Sensing through Low-Cost UAVs 

      Calvario, Gabriela; Sierra Araujo, Basilio; Alarcón, Teresa E.; Hernández Gómez, María del Carmen; Dalmau, Oscar (MDPI, 2017-06)
      The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) based on remote sensing has generated low cost monitoring, since the data can be acquired quickly and easily. This paper reports the experience related to agave crop analysis with ...
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      A Review of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms in Bioinformatics 

      Armañanzas Arnedillo, Rubén; Inza Cano, Iñaki; Santana Hermida, Roberto; Saeys, Yvan; Flores Barroso, Jose Luis; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio; Van de Peer, Yves; Blanco, Rosa; Robles Forcada, Víctor; Bielza, Concha; Larrañaga Múgica, Pedro (Biomed Central, 2008-09-11)
      Evolutionary search algorithms have become an essential asset in the algorithmic toolbox for solving high-dimensional optimization problems in across a broad range of bioinformatics problems. Genetic algorithms, the most ...
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      Classification of neocortical interneurons using affinity propagation 

      Santana Hermida, Roberto; McGarry, Laura M.; Bielza, Concha; Larrañaga, Pedro; Yuste, Rafel (Frontiers Reseach Foundation, 2013-12)
      In spite of over a century of research on cortical circuits, it is still unknown how many classes of cortical neurons exist. Neuronal classification has been a difficult problem because it is unclear what a neuronal cell ...
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      Community structure in real-world networks from a non-parametrical synchronization-based dynamical approach 

      Moujahid, Abdelmalik; D Anjou, Alicia; Cases Gutiérrez, Blanca Rosa (Elsevier, 2012-07-20)
      [EN]This work analyzes the problem of community structure in real-world networks based on the synchronization of nonidentical coupled chaotic Rössler oscillators each one characterized by a defined natural frequency, and ...
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      Creative Chord Sequence Generation for Electronic Dance Music 

      Conklin, Darrell; Gasser, Martin; Oertl, Stefan (MDPI, 2018-09-19)
      This paper describes the theory and implementation of a digital audio workstation plug-in for chord sequence generation. The plug-in is intended to encourage and inspire a composer of electronic dance music to explore loops ...
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      Data Preprocessing and Model Design for Medicine Problems 

      Guillén, Alberto; Lendasse, Amaury; Barreto, Guilherme (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2013)
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      Detecting the presence-absence of bluefin tuna by automated analysis of medium-range sonars on fishing vessels 

      Uranga, Jon; Arrizabalaga de Mingo, Haritz; Boyra Eizaguirre, Guillermo; Hernández Gómez, Maria del Carmen; Goñi, Nicolás; Arregui, Igor; Fernandes, Jose A.; Yurramendi Mendizabal, Jesús María; Santiago, Josu (Public Library Science, 2017-02-02)
      This study presents a methodology for the automated analysis of commercial medium range sonar signals for detecting presence/absence of bluefin tuna (Tunnus thynnus) in the Bay of Biscay. The approach uses image processing ...
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      Differential Micro RNA Expression in PBMC from Multiple Sclerosis Patients 

      Otaegui Bichot, David; Baranzini, Sergio E.; Armañanzas Arnedillo, Rubén; Calvo Molinos, Borja; Muñoz-Culla, Maider; Khankhanian, Puya; Inza Cano, Iñaki; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio; Castillo Triviño, Tamara; Asensio, Ana; Olaskoaga, Javier; López de Munain Arregui, Adolfo José (Public Library of Science, 2009-07-20)
      Differences in gene expression patterns have been documented not only in Multiple Sclerosis patients versus healthy controls but also in the relapse of the disease. Recently a new gene expression modulator has been identified: ...
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      Efficient implementation of symplectic implicit Runge-Kutta schemes with simplified Newton iterations 

      Antoñana, Mikel; Makazaga Odria, Joseba; Murua, Ander (2017-03-30)
      We are concerned with the efficient implementation of symplectic implicit Runge-Kutta (IRK) methods applied to systems of (non-necessarily Hamiltonian) ordinary differential equations by means of Newton-like iterations. ...
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      Energy and information in Hodgkin-Huxley neurons 

      Moujahid, A.; D Anjou, A.; Torrealdea Folgado, Francisco Javier; Torrealdea, Francisco (American Physical Society, 2011-03-21)
      [EN]The generation of spikes by neurons is energetically a costly process and the evaluation of the metabolic energy required to maintain the signaling activity of neurons a challenge of practical interest. Neuron models ...
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      Energy demands of diverse spiking cells from the neocortex, hippocampus, and thalamus 

      Moujahid, Abdelmalik; D’Anjou, Alicia; Graña Romay, Manuel María (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2014-04-08)
      It has long been known that neurons in the brain are not physiologically homogeneous. In response to current stimulus, they can fire several distinct patterns of action potentials that are associated with different ...
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      Feature Selection for Speech Emotion Recognition in Spanish and Basque: On the Use of Machine Learning to Improve Human-Computer Interaction 

      Arruti Illarramendi, Andoni; Cearreta Urbieta, Idoia; Álvarez, Aitor; Lazkano Ortega, Elena; Sierra Araujo, Basilio (Public Library Science, 2014-10-03)
      Study of emotions in human-computer interaction is a growing research area. This paper shows an attempt to select the most significant features for emotion recognition in spoken Basque and Spanish Languages using different ...
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      Gene Expression Profiling in Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2A 

      Sáenz, Amets; Azpitarte, Margarita; Armañanzas Arnedillo, Rubén; Leturcq, France; Alzualde, Ainhoa; Inza Cano, Iñaki; García-Bragado, Federico; De la Herran Núñez, Gaspar; Corcuera, Julián; Cabello, Ana; Navarro, Carmen; De la Torre, Carolina; Gallardo, Eduard; Illa, Isabel; López de Munain Arregui, Adolfo José (Public Library of Science, 2008-11-18)
      Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A (LGMD2A) is a recessive genetic disorder caused by mutations in calpain 3 (CAPN3). Calpain 3 plays different roles in muscular cells, but little is known about its functions or in ...
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      ICGE: an R package for detecting relevant clusters and atypical units in gene expression 

      Irigoyen Garbizu, Itziar; Sierra Araujo, Basilio; Arenas, Concepción (BioMed Central, 2012-02)
      Background: Gene expression technologies have opened up new ways to diagnose and treat cancer and other diseases. Clustering algorithms are a useful approach with which to analyze genome expression data. They attempt to ...
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      Identification of a biomarker panel for colorectal cancer diagnosis 

      García Bilbao, Amaia; Armañanzas Arnedillo, Rubén; Ispizua, Ziortza; Calvo Hernaez, Begoña; Alonso Varona, Ana Isabel; Inza Cano, Iñaki; Larrañaga, Pedro; López Vivanco, Guillermo María; Suárez Merino, Blanca; Betanzos, Mónica (BioMed Central, 2012-01-26)
      Background: Malignancies arising in the large bowel cause the second largest number of deaths from cancer in the Western World. Despite progresses made during the last decades, colorectal cancer remains one of the most ...
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      Identification of differentially expressed genes by means of outlier detection 

      Irigoien Garbizu, Itziar; Arenas, Concepción (Biomed Central, 2018-09-10)
      Background: An important issue in microarray data is to select, from thousands of genes, a small number of informative differentially expressed (DE) genes which may be key elements for a disease. If each gene is analyzed ...
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      Image-Based Delineation and Classification of Built Heritage Masonry 

      Oses, Noelia; Dornaika, Fadi; Moujahid, Abdelmalik (MDPI, 2014-03)
      Fundacion Zain is developing new built heritage assessment protocols. The goal is to objectivize and standardize the analysis and decision process that leads to determining the degree of protection of built heritage in the ...
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      Image-based delineation and classification of built heritage masonry 

      Oses, Noelia; Dornaika, Fadi; Moujahid, Abdelmalik (MDPI, 2014-02-28)
      [EN]Fundación Zain is developing new built heritage assessment protocols. The goal is to objectivize and standardize the analysis and decision process that leads to determining the degree of protection of built heritage ...