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      A Consistent Procedure Using Response Surface Methodology to Identify Stiffness Properties of Connections in Machine Tools 

      Hernández Vázquez, Jesús María; Garitaonandia Areitio, Iker; Fernandes Rodrigues, María Helena; Muñoa, Jokin; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2018-07)
      Accurate finite element models of mechanical systems are fundamental resources to perform structural analyses at the design stage. However, uncertainties in material properties, boundary conditions, or connections give ...
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      A Methodology to Evaluate the Reliability Impact of the Replacement of Welded Components by Additive Manufacturing Spare Parts 

      Coro Gallego, Armando; Macareno Ramos, Luis María; Aguirrebeitia Celaya, Josu; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2019-08-26)
      This article shows a method for inspection scheduling of structures made by additive manufacturing, derived from reliability function evaluations and overhaul inspection findings. The routine was an adaption of an existing ...
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      A reliable turning process by the early use of a deep simulation model at several manufacturing stages 

      Urbicain Pelayo, Gorka; Álvarez, Alvaro; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Arsuaga Berrueta, Mikel; Alonso, Miguel A.; Veiga Suárez, Fernando (MDPI, 2017-05-02)
      The future of machine tools will be dominated by highly flexible and interconnected systems, in order to achieve the required productivity, accuracy, and reliability. Nowadays, distortion and vibration problems are easily ...
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      Abrasive Disc Performance in Dry-Cutting of Medium-Carbon Steel 

      Ortega Rodríguez, Naiara; Martynenko, Vitaliy; Pérez, Daniela; Martínez Krahmer, Daniel; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Ukar Arrien, Eneko (2020-04-19)
      Abrasive-cutting processes are widely used to obtain semi-finished products from metal bars, slabs, or tubes. Thus, the abrasive cutting-off process is applied when requiring precision cutting and productivity at a moderate ...
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      Advanced Manufacturing Centres, Practical Model to Boost Technology Transfer in Manufacturing 

      Sastoque Pinilla, Edwar Leonardo; Llorente Rodríguez, Raúl; Toledo Gandarias, Nerea; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Farokhad, Mahboobeh Ramezani (MDPI, 2019-09)
      Establishing collaboration strategies with interdisciplinary networks in research is a crucial success factor for the companies in any sector, especially in manufacturing for aeronautics. In the aeronautical supply chain, ...
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      Chatter avoidance in the milling of thin floors with bull-nose end mills: Model and stability diagrams 

      Campa Gómez, Francisco Javier; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Celaya Egüen, Ainhoa (Elsevier, 2011-01)
      The milling of thin parts is a high added value operation where the machinist has to face the chatter problem. The study of the stability of these operations is a complex task due to the changing modal parameters as the ...
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      Comparison of Flank Super Abrasive Machining vs. Flank Milling on Inconel® 718 Surfaces 

      González Barrio, Haizea; Pereira Neto, Octavio Manuel; Fernández Valdivielso, Asier; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Calleja Ochoa, Amaia (MDPI, 2018-09)
      Thermoresistant superalloys present many challenges in terms of machinability, which leads to finding new alternatives to conventional manufacturing processes. In order to face this issue, super abrasive machining (SAM) ...
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      Drilling Process in γ-TiAl Intermetallic Alloys 

      Beranoagirre Imaz, Aitor; Urbicain Pelayo, Gorka; Calleja Ochoa, Amaia; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2018-11-26)
      Gamma titanium aluminides (gamma-TiAl) present an excellent behavior under high temperature conditions, being a feasible alternative to nickel-based superalloy components in the aeroengine sector. However, considered as a ...
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      Failure-Analysis Based Redesign of Furnace Conveyor System Components: A Case Study 

      González Ciordia, Beatriz; Fernández-d'Arlas Bidegain, Borja; Artola Beobide, Garikoitz; Muro Larisgoitia, Maider; Sanz, Ángel; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2019-08)
      Any manufacturing equipment designed from scratch requires a detailed follow-up of the performance for the first units placed in service during the production ramp-up, so that lessons learned are immediately implemented ...
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      Five-Axis Milling of Large Spiral Bevel Gears: Toolpath Definition, Finishing, and Shape Errors 

      Álvarez, Álvaro; Calleja Ochoa, Amaia; Ortega Rodríguez, Naiara; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2018-05)
      In this paper, a five-axis machining process is analyzed for large spiral-bevel gears, an interesting process for one-of-kind manufacturing. The work is focused on large sized spiral bevel gears manufacturing using universal ...
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      Flexible Abrasive Tools for the Deburring and Finishing of Holes in Superalloys 

      Rodríguez Ezquerro, Adrián; Fernández Valdivielso, Asier; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Sastoque Pinilla, Edwar Leonardo (MDPI, 2018-12-06)
      Many manufacturing sectors require high surface finishing. After machining operations such as milling or drilling, undesirable burrs or insufficient edge finishing may be generated. For decades, many finishing processes ...
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      Hole Making by Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) of -TiAl Intermetallic Alloys 

      Beranoagirre Imaz, Aitor; Urbicain Pelayo, Gorka; Calleja Ochoa, Amaia; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2018-07)
      Due to their excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion and wear resistance, gamma-TiAl alloys are selected for aerospace and automotive applications. Since these materials are difficult to cut and machine by ...
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      Improving Stability Prediction in Peripheral Milling of Al7075T6 

      Olvera, Daniel; Urbicain Pelayo, Gorka; Elías Zuñiga, Alex; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2018-08)
      Chatter is an old enemy to machinists but, even today, is far from being defeated. Current requirements around aerospace components call for stronger and thinner workpieces which are more prone to vibrations. This study ...
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      Inspection scheduling based onreliability updating of gas turbinewelded structures 

      Coro Gallego, Armando; Abasolo Bilbao, Mikel; Aguirrebeitia Celaya, Josu; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (Sage, 2019-01-28)
      This article presents a novel methodology for the inspection scheduling of gas turbine welded structures, based on reliability calculations and overhaul findings. The model was based on a probabilistic crack propagation ...
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      Machining Stresses and Initial Geometry on Bulk Residual Stresses Characterization by On-Machine Layer Removal 

      Aurrekoetxea, Maria; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Llanos, Iñigo (MDPI, 2020-03-22)
      Prediction and control of machining distortion is a primary concern when manufacturing monolithic components due to the high scrap and rework costs involved. Bulk residual stresses, which vary from blank to blank, are a ...
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      Manufacturing Processes of Integral Blade Rotors for Turbomachinery, Processes and New Approaches 

      González Barrio, Haizea; Calleja Ochoa, Amaia; Lamikiz Mentxaka, Aitzol; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2020-04-28)
      Manufacturing techniques applied to turbomachinery components represent a challenge in the aeronautical sector. These components are commonly composed of high resistant super-alloys; in order to satisfy the extreme working ...
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      Multi-Response Optimization of WEDM Process Parameters for Machining of Superelastic Nitinol Shape-Memory Alloy Using a Heat-Transfer Search Algorithm 

      Chaudhari, Rakesh; Vora, Jay J.; Mani Prabu, S. S.; Palani, I. A.; Patel, Vivek K.; Parikh, D. M.; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2019-04-18)
      Nitinol, a shape-memory alloy (SMA), is gaining popularity for use in various applications. Machining of these SMAs poses a challenge during conventional machining. Henceforth, in the current study, the wire-electric ...
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      Multiple Sensor Monitoring of CFRP Drilling to Define Cutting Parameters Sensitivity on Surface Roughness, Cylindricity and Diameter 

      Álvarez Alcón, Miguel; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Fernández Zacarías, Francisco (MDPI, 2020-06-21)
      Machining parameters affects the final quality of components made in carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) composite materials. In this framework, the work here presented aims at studying the right combination of cutting ...
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      New Processes and Machine Tools for Advanced Metal Alloys 

      López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Celaya Egüen, Ainhoa (2020-02-06)
      Advanced materials are crucial for the development of many industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, energy, among others. These materials show superior mechanical characteristics of strength, hardness, toughness, ...
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      On the Cutting Performance of Segmented Diamond Blades when Dry-Cutting Concrete 

      Sánchez Egea, Antonio José; Martynenko, V.; Martínez Krahmer, D.; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto; Benítez, A.; Genovese, G. (MDPI, 2018-02-09)
      The objective of the present study is to analyze and compare the cutting performance of segmented diamond blades when dry-cutting concrete. A cutting criteria is proposed to characterize the wear of the blades by measuring ...