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      Multicolor multiscale brain imaging with chromatic multiphoton serial microscopy 

      Abdeladim, Lamiae; Matho, Katherine S.; Clavreul, Solène; Mahou, Pierre; Sintes, Jean Marc; Solinas, Xavier; Arganda Carreras, Ignacio; Turney, Stephen G.; Lichtman, Jeff W.; Chessel, Anatole; Bemelmans, Alexis Pierre; Loulier, Karine; Supatto, Willy; Livet, Jean; Beaurepaire, Emmanuel (Nature Publishing, 2019-04-10)
      Large-scale microscopy approaches are transforming brain imaging, but currently lack efficient multicolor contrast modalities. We introduce chromatic multiphoton serial (ChroMS) microscopy, a method integrating one-shot ...