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      A colorectal cancer genome-wide association study in a Spanish cohort identifies two variants associated with colorectal cancer risk at 1p33 and 8p12 

      Fernández Rozadilla, Ceres; Cazier, Jean-Baptiste; Tomlinson, Ian P.; Carvajal Carmona, Luis G.; Palles, Claire; Lamas, María J.; Baiget, Montserrat; López Fernández, Luis A.; Brea Fernández, Alejandro; Abulí, Anna; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis; Clofent, Juan; González, Dolors; Xicola, Rosa; Andreu, Montserrat; Bessa, Xavier; Jover, Rodrigo; Llor, Xavier; Moreno, Víctor; Castells, Antoni; Carracedo, Angel; Castellvi Bel, Sergi; Ruiz Ponte, Clara; EPICOLON Consortium (BioMed Central, 2013-01)
      Background: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a disease of complex aetiology, with much of the expected inherited risk being due to several common low risk variants. Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) have identified 20 CRC ...
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      A High Degree of LINE-1 Hypomethylation Is a Unique Feature of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer 

      Antelo, Marina; Balaguer, Francesc; Shia, Jinru; Shen, Yan; Hur, Keun; Moreira, Leticia; Cuatrecasas, Miriam; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis; Giraldez, María Dolores; Takahashi, Masanobu; Cabanne, Ana; Barugel, Mario Edmund; Arnold, Mildred; Roca, Enrique Luis; Andreu, Montserrat; Castellvi-Bel, Sergi; Llor, Xavier; Jover, Rodrigo; Castells, Antoni; Boland, C. Richard; Goel, Ajay (Public Library of Science, 2012-09-25)
      Objective: Early-onset colorectal cancer (CRC) represents a clinically distinct form of CRC that is often associated with a poor prognosis. Methylation levels of genomic repeats such as LINE-1 elements have been recognized ...
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      A new approach to epigenome-wide discovery of non-invasive methylation biomarkers for colorectal cancer screening in circulating cell-free DNA using pooled samples 

      Gallardo-Gómez, María; Moran, Sebastian; Páez de la Cadena, María; Martínez-Zorzano, Vicenta Soledad; Rodríguez-Berrocal, Francisco Javier; Rodríguez-Girondo, Mar; Esteller, Manel; Cubiella, Joaquín; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis; Castells, Antoni; Balaguer, Francesc; Jover, Rodrigo; De Chiara, Loretta (Biomed Central, 2018-04-16)
      Background: Colorectal cancer is the fourth cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, though detection at early stages associates with good prognosis. Thus, there is a clear demand for novel non-invasive tests for the early ...
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      Acute depletion of diacylglycerol from the cis -Golgi affects localized nuclear envelope morphology during mitosis 

      Chung, Gary Hong Chun; Domart, Marie-Charlotte; Peddie, Christopher; Mantell, Judith; Mclaverty, Kieran; Arabiotorre, Angela; Hodgson, Lorna; Byrne, Richard D.; Verkade, Paul; Arkill, Kenton; Collinson, Lucy M.; Larijani, Banafshé (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2018-08)
      Dysregulation of nuclear envelope (NE) assembly results in various cancers; for example, renal and some lung carcinomas ensue due to NE malformation. The NE is a dynamic membrane compartment and its completion during mitosis ...
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      Adaptive Downregulation of Cl-/HCO3- Exchange Activity in Rat Hepatocytes under Experimental Obstructive Cholestasis 

      Miszczuk, Gisel S.; Bañales Asurmendi, Jesús María; Zucchetti, Andrés E.; Pisani, Gerardo B.; Boaglio, Andrea C.; Sáez, Elena; Medina, Juan F.; Roma, Marcelo G.; Crocenzi, Fernando A. (Public Library Science, 2019-02-21)
      In obstructive cholestasis, there is an integral adaptive response aimed to diminish the bile flow and minimize the injury of bile ducts caused by increased intraluminal pressure and harmful levels of bile salts and ...
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      Analysis of Plasminogen Genetic Variants in Multiple Sclerosis Patients 

      Sadovnick, A. Dessa; Traboulsee, Anthony L.; Bernales, Cecily Q.; Ross, Jay P.; Forwell, Amanda L.; Yee, Irene M.; Guillot-Noel, Lena; Fontaine, Bertrand; Cournu-Rebeix, Isabelle; Alcina, Antonio; Fedetz, María; Izquierdo, Guillermo; Matesanz, Fuencisla; Hilven, Kelly; Goris, An; Astobiza Pérez, Janire; Alloza Moral, Iraide; Rodríguez-Antigüedad Zarranz, Alfredo; Vandenbroeck, Koen; Akkad, Denis A.; Aktas, Orhan; Blaschke, Paul; Buttmann, Mathias; Chan, Andrew; Epplen, Joerg T.; Gerdes, Lisa-Ann; Kroner, Antje; Kubisch, Christian; Kümpfel, Tania; Lohse, Peter; Rieckmann, Peter; Zettl, Uwe K.; Zipp, Frauke; Bertram, Lars; Lill, Christina M.; Fernández, Oscar; Urbaneja, Patricia; Leyva, Laura; Alvarez-Cermeño, José Carlos; Arroyo, Rafael; Garagorri, Aroa M.; García-Martínez, Angel; Villar, Luisa M.; Urcelay, Elena; Malhotra, Sunny; Montalbán, Xavier; Comabella, Manuel; Berger, Thomas; Fazekas, Franz; Reindl, Markus; Schmied, Mascha C.; Zimprich, Alexander; Vilariño-Güell, Carles (Genetics Society of America, 2016-07-01)
      Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a prevalent neurological disease of complex etiology. Here, we describe the characterization of a multi-incident MS family that nominated a rare missense variant (p.G420D) in plasminogen (PLG) ...
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      Anti-Inflammatory and Immunosuppressive Drugs and Reproduction 

      Ostensen, Monika; Khamashta, Munther; Lockshin, Michael; Parke, Ann; Brucato, Antonio; Carp, Howard; Doria, Andrea; Rai, Raj; Meroni, Pierluigi; Cetin, Irene; Derksen, Ronald; Branch, Ware; Motta, Mario; Gordon, Caroline; Ruiz Irastorza, Guillermo; Spinillo, Arsenio; Friedman, Deborah; Cimaz, Rolando; Czeizel, Andrew; Piette, Charles Piette; Cervera, Ricard; Levy, Roger A.; Clementi, Maurizio; De Carolis, Sara; Petri, Michelle; Shoenfeld, Yehuda; Faden, David; Valesini, Guido; Tincani, Angela (Biomed Central, 2006-05-11)
      Rheumatic diseases in women of childbearing years may necessitate drug treatment during a pregnancy, to control maternal disease activity and to ensure a successful pregnancy outcome. This survey is based on a consensus ...
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      Antimicrobial susceptibility testing before first-line treatment for Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with dual or triple antibiotic resistance 

      Cosme Jiménez, Ángel; Montes, Milagrosa; Ibarra, Begoña; Tamayo, Esther; Alonso Galán, Horacio; Mendarte, Usua; Lizasoain Urcola, Jacobo María; Herreros Villanueva, Marta; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis (Baishideng Publishing, 2017-05-14)
      AIM To evaluate the efficacy of antimicrobial susceptibility-guided therapy before first-line treatment for infection in patients with dual or triple antibiotic resistance. METHODS A total of 1034 patients infected ...
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      Assessment of the consequences of caregiving in psychosis: a psychometric comparison of the Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI) and the Involvement Evaluation Questionnaire (IEQ) 

      Gonçalves-Pereira, Manuel; González-Fraile, Eduardo; Santos Zorrozúa, Borja; Martín-Carrasco, Manuel; Fernández-Catalina, Paola; Domínguez-Panchón, Ana I.; Muñoz-Hermoso, Paula; Ballesteros, Javier (Biomed Central, 2017-04-05)
      Background: The Zarit Burden Interview ( ZBI) was originally developed to assess the level of subjective burden in caregivers of people with dementia. The Involvement Evaluation Questionnaire ( IEQ) is amongst the leading ...
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      Association between CASP8-652 6N Del Polymorphism (rs3834129) and Colorectal Cancer Risk: Results from a Multi-Centric Study 

      Pardini, Barbara; Verderio, Paolo; Pizzamiglio, Sara; Nici, Carmela; Maiorana, Maria Valeria; Naccarati, Alessio; Vodickova, Ludmila; Vymetalkova, Veronika; Veneroni, Silvia; Daidone, Maria Grazia; Ravagnani, Fernando; Bianchi, Tiziana; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis; Carracedo, Angel; Castells, Antoni; Ruiz Ponte, Clara; Morreau, Hans; Howarth, Kimberley; Jones, Angela; Castellvi Bel, Sergi; Li, Li; Tomlinson, Ian; Van Wezel, Tom; Vodicka, Pavel; Radice, Paolo; Peterlongo, Paolo; EPICOLON Consortium (Public Library Science, 2014-01)
      The common 2652 6N del variant in the CASP8 promoter (rs3834129) has been described as a putative low-penetrance risk factor for different cancer types. In particular, some studies suggested that the deleted allele (del) ...
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      Colorectal cancer molecular classification using BRAF, KRAS, microsatellite instability and CIMP status: Prognostic implications and response to chemotherapy 

      Murcia, Oscar; Juárez, Míriam; Rodríguez Soler, María; Hernández Illán, Eva; Giner Calabuig, Mar; Alustiza, Miren; Egoavil, Cecilia; Castillejo, Adela; Alenda, Cristina; Barberá, Víctor; Mangas Sanjuan, Carolina; Yuste, Ana; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis; Clofent, Joan; Andreu, Montserrat; Castells, Antoni; Llor, Xavier; Zapater, Pedro; Jover, Rodrigo (Public Library of Science, 2018-09-06)
      Objective The aim of this study was to validate a molecular classification of colorectal cancer (CRC) based on microsatellite instability (MSI), CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP) status, BRAF, and KRAS and investigate ...
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      Correlative super-resolution fluorescence and electron microscopy using conventional fluorescent proteins in vacuo 

      Peddie, Christopher J.; Domart, Marie-Charlotte; Snetkov, Xenia; O'Toole, Peter; Larijani, Banafshe; Way, Michael; Cox, Susan; Collinson, Lucy M. (Elsevier, 2017-08)
      Super-resolution light microscopy, correlative light and electron microscopy, and volume electron microscopy are revolutionising the way in which biological samples are examined and understood. Here, we combine these ...
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      Current Approaches for Predicting a Lack of Response to Anti-EGFR Therapy in KRAS Wild-Type Patients 

      Er, Tze-Kiong; Chen, Chih-Chieh; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis; Herreros Villanueva, Marta (Hindawi Publishing, 2014)
      Targeting epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) has been one of the most effective colorectal cancer strategies. Anti-EGFR antibodies function by binding to the extracellular domain of EGFR, preventing its activation, ...
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      Development and external validation of a faecal immunochemical test-based prediction model for colorectal cancer detection in symptomatic patients 

      Cubiella, Joaquín; Vega, Pablo; Salve, María; Díaz-Ondina, Marta; Alves, Maria Teresa; Quintero, Enrique; Álvarez-Sánchez, Victoria; Fernández-Bañares, Fernando; Boadas, Jaume; Campo, Rafel; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis; Clofent, Joan; Ferrandez, Ángel; Torrealba, Leyanira; Piñol, Virginia; Rodríguez-Alcalde, Daniel; Hernández, Vicent; Fernández-Seara, Javier; COLONPREDICT study investigators (Biomed Central, 2016-08-31)
      Background: Risk prediction models for colorectal cancer (CRC) detection in symptomatic patients based on available biomarkers may improve CRC diagnosis. Our aim was to develop, compare with the NICE referral criteria and ...
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      Diastolic Dysfunction and Exercise Capacity in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome and Overweight/Obesity 

      Alonso Gómez, Ángel María; Tojal Sierra, Lucas; Fortuny Frau, Elena; Goicolea Güemez, Leire; Aboitiz Uribarri, Ane; Portillo Baquedano, María Puy; Toledo, Estefanía; Schröder, Helmut; Salas Salvadó, Jordi; Arós Borau, Luis Fernando (Elsevier, 2019-03)
      Background: Left ventricle diastolic dysfunction (LVDD) is a common finding in high risk individuals, its presence being associated with reduced exercise capacity (EC). We assessed the prevalence of LVDD, applying the 2016 ...
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      Dietary Diversity and Nutritional Adequacy among an Older Spanish Population with Metabolic Syndrome in the PREDIMED-Pl us Study:A Cross-Sectional Analysis 

      Cano Ibáñez, Naomi; Gea, Alfredo; Martínez González, Miguel Ángel; Salas Salvadó, Jordi; Corella, Dolores; Zomeño Blanquerna, María Dolores; Romaguera, Dora; Vioque, Jesús; Arós Borau, Luis Fernando; Warnberg, Julia; Martínez, J. Alfredo; Serra Majem, Lluís; Estruch, Ramón; Tinahones, Francisco J.; Lapetra, José; Pintó, Xavier; Tur, Josep A.; García Ríos, Antonio; Riquelme Gallego, Blanca; Delgado Rodríguez, Miguel; Matía Martín, Pilar; Daimiel, Lidia; Martín, Vicente; Vidal, Josep; Vázquez, Clotilde; Ros, Emilio; Buil Cosiales, Pilar; Díaz López, Andrés; Fernández Carrión, Rebeca; Fitó, Montserrat; Konieczna, Jadwiga; Notario Barandiaran, Leyre; Alonso Gómez, Ángel María; Contreras Fernández, Eugenio; Abete, Itziar; Sánchez Villegas, Almudena; Casas, Rosa; Muñoz Garach, Araceli; Santos Lozano, José Manuel; Gallardo Alfaro, Laura; Basora, Josep; Portoles, Olga; Muñoz, Miguel Ángel; Moñino, Manuel; Miralles Gisbert, Salvador; Moreno Rodríguez, Anai; Ruiz Canela, Miguel; Palau Galindo, Antoni; Pérez Vega, Karla Alejandra; Bueno Cavanillas, Aurora (MDPI, 2019-04-26)
      Dietary guidelines emphasize the importance of a varied diet to provide an adequate nutrient intake. However, an older age is often associated with consumption of monotonous diets that can be nutritionally inadequate, ...
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      Dietary Intake in Population with Metabolic Syndrome: Is the Prevalence of Inadequate Intake Influenced by Geographical Area? Cross-Sectional Analysis from PREDIMED-Plus Study 

      Cano Ibáñez, Naomi; Bueno Cavanillas, Aurora; Martínez González, Miguel Ángel; Corella, Dolores; Salas Salvadó, Jordi; Zomeño Blanquerna, María Dolores; García de la Hera, Manoli; Romaguera, Dora; Martínez, J. Alfredo; Barón López, F. Javier; García Ríos, Antonio; Estruch, Ramón; García Molina, Laura; Alonso Gómez, Ángel María; Tur, Josep A.; Tinahones, Francisco J.; Serra Majem, Lluís; Cubelos Fernández, Naiara; Lapetra, José; Vázquez, Clotilde; Pintó, Xavier; Vidal, Josep; Daimiel, Lidia; Gaforio, José Juan; Matía Martín, Pilar; Ros, Emilio; Díez Espino, Javier; Fernández Carrión, Rebeca; Basora, Josep; Fitó, Montserrat; Zazo, Juan Manuel; Colom, Antoni; Toledo, Estefanía; Díaz López, Andrés; Muñoz, Miguel Ángel; Ruiz Canela, Miguel; Gea, Alfredo (MDPI, 2018-11-04)
      Inadequate diet influences chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading cause of death in Spain. CVD figures vary from one geographical region to another; this could be associated with different food ...
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      Differential activity of GSK-3 isoforms regulates NF-kappa B and TRAIL- or TNF alpha induced apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells 

      Zhang, J.S.; Herreros Villanueva, Marta; Koenig, A.; Deng, Z.; M De Narvajas, A. A.; Gómez, T. S.; Meng, X.; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis; Ellenrieder, V.; Li, X. K.; Kaufmann, S. H.; Billadeau, D. D. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-03)
      While TRAIL is a promising anticancer agent due to its ability to selectively induce apoptosis in neoplastic cells, many tumors, including pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA), display intrinsic resistance, highlighting ...
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      Effectiveness of the physical activity intervention program in the PREDIMED-Plus study: a randomized controlled trial 

      Schröder, Helmut; Cárdenas Fuentes, Gabriela; Martínez González, Miguel Ángel; Corella, Dolores; Vioque, Jesús; Romaguera, Dora; Martínez, J. Alfredo; Tinahones, Francisco J.; López Miranda, José; Estruch, Ramón; Bueno Cavanillas, Aurora; Arós Borau, Luis Fernando; Marcos, Ascensión; Tur, Josep A.; Warnberg, Julia; Serra Majem, Lluís; Martín, Vicente; Vázquez, Clotilde; Lapetra, José; Pintó, Xavier; Vidal, Josep; Daimiel, Lidia; Gaforio, José Juan; Matía Martín, Pilar; Ros, Emilio; Castañer, Olga; Lassale, Camille; Ruiz Canela, Miguel; Asensio, Eva M.; Basora, Josep; Torres Collado, Laura; García Ríos, Antonio; Abete, Itziar; Toledo, Estefanía; Buil Cosiales, Pilar; Bullo, Mònica; Goday, Albert; Fitó, Montserrat; Salas Salvadó, Jordi; PREDIMED-Plus investigator (Biomed Central, 2018-11-13)
      BackgroundThe development and implementation of effective physical activity (PA) intervention programs is challenging, particularly in older adults. After the first year of the intervention program used in the ongoing ...
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      Eficacia de un Programa Multidisciplinar de Gestión de Cuidados en Pacientes que Ingresan por Insuficiencia Cardiaca (ProMIC) 

      Grupo PROMIC; Domingo, Cristina; Arós Borau, Luis Fernando; Otxandategi Sarrionandia, Agurtzane; Beistegui, Idoia; Besga Basterra, Ariadna; Latorre García, Pedro María (Doyma, 2019-03)
      Objetivo: Evaluar la eficacia de « ProMIC » , programa multidisciplinar de atención a pacientes con insuficiencia cardiaca (IC), para reducir de la tasa de reingresos por IC. Dise ̃ no: En ...