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      Dynamic comparison of different types of slab tracks and ballasted track using a flexible track model 

      Blanco-Lorenzo, Julio; Santamaría Manrique, Javier; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Oyarzabal de Celis, Olatz (Sage Publications, 2011-11)
      The dynamic performance of a ballasted track and three types of slab tracks is analysed and compared by means of a comprehensive dynamic model of the train-track system, generated using two commercial analysis software ...
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      Dynamic optimization of track components to minimize rail corrugation 

      Oyarzabal de Celis, Olatz; Gómez López, Josu; Santamaría Manrique, Javier; García Vadillo, Ernesto (Elsevier, 2009-01)
      In this paper, the influence on corrugation of the most significant track parameters has been examined. After this parametric study, the optimization of the track parameters to minimize the undulatory wear growth has been ...
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      Modelling rail corrugation with specific track parameters focusing on ballasted track and slab track 

      Oyarzabal de Celis, Olatz; Correa García, Nekane; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Santamaría Manrique, Javier; Gómez López, Josu (Taylor & Francis, 2011-11)
      The objective of this paper is to compare 3 types of track (high performance ballasted track, STEDEF and AFTRAV) from the corrugation growth point of view. This work has considered different vehicle speeds and track ...
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      Wheel-rail wear index prediction considering multiple contact patches 

      Santamaría Manrique, Javier; García Vadillo, Ernesto; Oyarzabal de Celis, Olatz (Elsevier, 2009-06)
      This paper shows a new wheel-rail contact model specially suited to obtain wear indexes between wheel and rail when the vehicle negotiates tight curves. The model presented in the paper enables introduction of the two ...