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      A Sterically Congested Nitrogenated Benzodipentaphene with a Double π-Expanded Helicene Structure 

      Chen, Fengkun; Gu, Wenting; Saeki, Akinori; Melle Franco, Manuel; Mateo Alonso, Aurelio (American Chemical Society, 2020-05-01)
      Herein, we describe a series of three sterically congested nitrogenated benzodipentaphenes, one of which shows a highly distorted aromatic backbone with an unprecedented double π-expanded helicene structure.
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      A Wavy Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Framework from Core- Twisted Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 

      Martínez Abadía, Marta; Stoppiello, Craig T.; Strutynski, Karol; Lerma Berlanga, Belén; Martí Gastaldo, Carlos; Saeki, Akinori; Melle Franco, Manuel; Mateo Alonso, Aurelio (ACS, 2019-09-11)
      A high degree of crystallinity is an essential aspect in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks, as many properties depend strongly on the structural arrangement of the different layers and their constituents. We ...
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      Charge transport modulation in pseudorotaxane 1D stacks of acene and azaacene derivatives 

      Gozalvez, Cristian; Zafra, Jose L.; Saeki, Akinori; Melle Franco, Manuel; Casado, Juan; Mateo Alonso, Aurelio (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019-03-07)
      Acenes have received a lot of attention because of their inherent and tunable absorbing, emissive, and charge transport properties for electronic, photovoltaic, and singlet fission applications, among others. Such properties ...
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      Monodisperse N‐Doped Graphene Nanoribbons Reaching 7.7 Nanometers in Length 

      Cortizo Lacalle, Diego; Mora Fuentes, Juan Pedro; Strutynski, Karol; Saeki, Akinori; Melle Franco, Manuel; Mateo Alonso, Aurelio (Wiley VCH, 2018-01-15)
      The properties of graphene nanoribbons are highly dependent on structural variables such as width, length, edge structure, and heteroatom doping. Therefore, atomic precision over all these variables is necessary for ...