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      Increased opioid dependence in a mouse model of panic disorder 

      Gallego, Xabier; Murtra, Patricia; Zamalloa Echevarría, Teresa; Canals, Josep Maria; Pineda Ortíz, Joseba Gotzon; Amador Arjona, Alejandro; Maldonado, Rafael; Dierssen, Mara (Frontiers Research Fundation, 2010-02-22)
      [EN] Panic disorder is a highly prevalent neuropsychiatric disorder that shows co-occurrence with substance abuse. Here, we demonstrate that TrkC, the high-affinity receptor for neurotrophin-3, is a key molecule involved ...
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      Kv7 Channels Can Function without Constitutive Calmodulin Tethering 

      Gómez Posada, Juan Camilo; Aivar, Paloma; Alberdi González, Araitz; Alaimo Campi, Alessandro; Etxeberria, Ainhoa; Fernández-Orth, Juncal; Zamalloa Echevarría, Teresa; Roura-Ferrer, Meritxell; Villace Lozano, Patricia; Areso Goiricelaya, María Pilar; Casis Sáenz, Oscar; Villarroel Muñoz, Álvaro (Public Library of Science, 2011-09-28)
      M-channels are voltage-gated potassium channels composed of Kv7.2-7.5 subunits that serve as important regulators of neuronal excitability. Calmodulin binding is required for Kv7 channel function and mutations in Kv7.2 ...