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    "Heroes" and "Villains" of World History across Cultures 

    Hanke, Katja; Liu, James H.; Sibley, Chris G.; Paez Rovira, Darío; Gaines Jr., Stanley O.; Moloney, Gail; Leong, Chan-Hoong; Wagner, Wolfgang; Licata, Laurent; Klein, Olivier; Garber, Ilya; Böhm, Gisela; Hilton, Denis J.; Valchev, Velichko; Khan, Sammyh S.; Cabecinhas, Rosa (Public Library Science, 2015-02-04)
    Emergent properties of global political culture were examined using data from the World History Survey (WHS) involving 6,902 university students in 37 countries evaluating 40 figures from world history. Multidimensional ...
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    Mindfulness training for reducing anger, anxiety, and depression in fibromyalgia patients 

    Amutio Careaga, Alberto; Franco, Clemente; Pérez Fuentes, María de Carmen; Gáquez, José Jesús; Mercader, Isabel (Frontiers Reseach Foundation, 2015-01-12)
    Fibromyalgia is a disabling syndrome. Results obtained with different therapies are very limited to date.The goal of this study was to verify whether the application of a mindfulnessbased training program was effective in ...
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    Judgmental-analytical procedures for adapting tests: Adaptation to Spanish of the Reasoning Tests Battery 

    Elosua Oliden, Paula; Mugica Lizaso, Josu; Almeida, Leandro A.; Hermosilla Pérez, Daniel (Foundation Advancement Psychology, 2014-11)
    Adapting a test between cultures or languages requires taking into account legal, linguistic, metric, and use-related considerations. Significantly more attention has been paid to the methodological aspects involved in the ...
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    Religious Coping, Social Support and Subjective Severity as Predictors of Posttraumatic Growth in People Affected by the Earthquake in Chile on 27/2/2010 

    García, Felipe E.; Páez Rovira, Darío; Cartes Zurtia, Giordana; Neira Martel, Héctor; Reyes Reyes, Alejandro (MDPI, 2014-12)
    The aim of this research is to study the impact of religious coping, social support and subjective severity on Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) in people who lost their homes after the earthquake in Chile in 2010 and who now ...

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