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    Forecast Ratio and Security Analysis of Rating Forecasting Methods in an Overhead Line 

    Albizu Flórez, Igor; Fernández Herrero, Elvira; Mazón Sainz-Maza, Angel Javier; Alberdi, Rafael (The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2017-01-26)
    The actual line rating in overhead lines varies with weather conditions. When a utility defines a rating value for the operation of the line, it takes into account both the security and the forecast ratio. The defined ...
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    Gain Scheduling Control of an Islanded Microgrid Voltage 

    Camblong Ruiz, Aritza; Etxeberria Urkia, Aitor; Ugartemendia de la Iglesia, Juan José; Curea, Octavian (MDPI, 2014-07)
    The aim of this research study has been to design a gain scheduling (GS) digital controller in order to control the voltage of an islanded microgrid in the presence of fast varying loads (FVLs), and to compare it to a ...
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    A Real-Time Sliding Mode Control for a Wind Energy System Based on a Doubly Fed Induction Generator 

    Barambones Caramazana, Oscar; Cortajarena Echeverria, José Antonio; Alkorta Egiguren, Patxi; González de Durana García, José María (MDPI, 2014-10)
    In this paper, a real time sliding mode control scheme for a variable speed wind turbine that incorporates a doubly feed induction generator is described. In this design, the so-called vector control theory is applied, in ...
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    Tension and Ampacity Monitoring System for Overhead Lines 

    Albizu Flórez, Igor; Fernández Herrero, Elvira; Eguía López, Pablo; Torres Iglesias, Esther; Mazón Sainz-Maza, Angel Javier (IEEE, 2013-01-01)
    Real time monitoring allows the determination of the line state and the calculation of the actual rating value. The real time monitoring systems measure sag, conductor tension, conductor temperature or weather related ...

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