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    Entanglement and extreme spin squeezing of unpolarized states 

    Vitagliano, Giuseppe; Apellániz Asategui, Jagoba; Kleinmann, Matthias; Lücke, Bernd; Klempt, Carsten; Tóth, Géza (IOP Publishing, 2017-01-20)
    We present criteria to detect the depth of entanglement in macroscopic ensembles of spin-j particles using the variance and second moments of the collective spin components. The class of states detected goes beyond traditional ...
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    Vacuum state of the Dirac field in de Sitter space and entanglement entropy 

    Kanno, Sugumi; Sasaki, Misao; Tanaka, Takahiro (Springer, 2017-03-13)
    We compute the entanglement entropy of a free massive Dirac field between two causally disconnected open charts in de Sitter space. We first derive the Bunch-Davies vacuum mode functions of the Dirac field. We find there ...
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    Recent HERMES results from inclusive and semi-inclusive hadron production 

    Van Hulse, Charlotte Barbara; HERMES (EDP Sciences, 2015)
    HERMES collected a wealth of data using the 27.6 GeV polarized HERA lepton beam and various pure, polarized and unpolarized, gaseous targets. This unique data set opens the door to various measurements sensitive to the ...
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    Monte Carlo methods for TMD analyses 

    Schnell, Gunar (EDP Sciences, 2015)
    Monte Carlo simulations are an indispensable tool in experimental high-energy physics. Indeed, many discoveries rely on realistic modeling of background processes. In the field of transverse-momentum-dependent parton ...

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